My Billionaire Twins

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My Billionaire Twins

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"I fall in love with men on TV series and you're nothing like them" she smiled "You can make me one" he whispered in her ears "Love? Not my thing" she shook her head as she left his room. Pearl Jason happens to land the job of a nanny to two grown, handsome and interesting twins. Despite being younger than the twins, she tries to maintain a respectful and disciplined relationship between them, but will they forever remain and maintain a nanny/boss relationship???


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East Chinatown, Toronto, Canada..."gosh I hate her!" The girl spat"She disgusts me" said another"A slut, that's what she is" yet another said"And ugly too" the first scoffed and the toilet flushed as Pearl stepped out graciously."This bitch got more tips than you, try working on your face, hips, lips, and attitude, they all scream stay away" she smiled at them and they blocked her path."What? Oh my? Are you gon' beat me up now" Pearl gasped"I really don't lay fingers on ugly ducklings" one of them sneered"There's a duckling here?" Pearl's eye lit up as she searched for the duckling, "wait I see one" she smiled pointing a finger at the girls."You're too ugly to be a human" the girl retorted"I'm ugly? Well, that makes the two of us, too bad you're way worse, you take things quite seriously" Pearl grinned and tried to pass but they pushed her back."That's why you make no money from tips, you spend time on useless issues like this" Pearl said begining to get angry
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"don't tell me, you're just waking up" Mrs Anderson gasped "I'm not then" Noah smiled descending the stairs"Where's leo?" He asked"He left already sir" a maid replied him"And you were still in bed" his mom nagged him"Maybe Leo has insomnia or something, come on mum, once in a while I get to sleep in, please" he pouted."Up to your room now and prepare for work" the woman glared at him."Can I skip...... Breakfast?" He completed when he glared intensified"Just don't skip showering too""Yikes, mom, what'd you take me for?" He cringed in disgust as he ascended the stairs to his room."Arrggghhh, I'm really tired today" he sighed falling on his bed."That's why you should bathe" his mom smiled walking into his room"I'm beginning to fear you more than I fear God" he smiled as he stood"I doubt you know him" she smiled pointing towards the bathroom"I'm going" he scoffed and went in."Noah" she sighed and left his room.Few minutes later, Noah was done and came down for breakfast"Y
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"get the car ready Mel" Leo said to Melanie and Noah walked in"Noah" Melanie smiled while Leo just rolled his eyes"And morning to you too brother" Noah laughed"I pity you" Leo scoffed and entered his office"A date?" Noah asked"Nope, our wedding ceremony, you're cordially invited" Melanie replied with a huge smile"How many babies?""Noah, do you even realize how late you are?""You're going to punish me now""Yes, maybe I will, when I'm free""Have a blessed marriage" Noah smiled before entering his."I really don't know what to do with these boys" Melanie sighed"Is the car ready?" Leo asked as he came out"Huh? No sir""Mel""I'm sorry sir""So you can actually speak formally" he scoffed walking away"Hey wait up" she rushed behind him as they entered the elevator."It'd probably take an hour or two""I get to determine the time span""Whatever""And Cooper?" Leo asked"Oh, so you wanna talk now""Forget it""He's fine" Melanie answered swiftly"You're still this difficult" she
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Nighttime...Wearing a big smile, Pearl walked around in her waiter's uniform as she served drinks and others.The bar was wrecking of smoke, sweats and all others. She could sight some making out, some drinking their lives out and others dancing crazily to the beat."Hey Pearl" Crown yelled"Yeah?" Pearl rushed over."You're asked to join us in the VIP" he told her"VIP?""Nice, you heard me once" he smiled and handed her another tray with glasses of wine on it."Let's go" he smiled and she sighed following him reluctantly.As they got the VIP section, Pearl took in a big breath and put on a big smile before entering. She could see old men and young and girls too."I'd rather mop the streets than do this" she said to herself as she approached the old ones."Isn't she so pretty" Crown whispered to the men."Surely" one replied and made to touch her but Pearl turned immediately,handing him a glass of wine before heading to the other side of the room.Noah was seated at the other side o
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There was much deliveries to make today as they loitered the place."Here" Cody handed her a bottled water."Thanks" Pearl smiled"You look pale" he said"I should.. I'm tired" she smiled"You smile too much" he poked her forehead."Ouch" she winced holding the head, "you just said I looked pale""That was a mistake" Cody smiled staring at her as she gulped down her water.She is so beautiful!She's in his head, but one thing is sure, she's either pretending not to know or completely ignorant of his feelings"Hey!" She snapped and he blinked"Did you get into trouble?" She asked"Huh?" Confused Cody stared at her"You looked worried""Worried that you might be far away from me soon" he muttered but she heard him"What?""In the hospital" he smiled, "you really look sick"."If she's weak, she should stop coming and probably die" Emma hissed as she passed but tripped over and fell."Says a weakling" Pearl laughed at Emma who was too embarrassed to even stand."I'm off" Pearl smiled and
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