2246: Reaper and the Ghost Eyes

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2246: Reaper and the Ghost Eyes

By: Pjjordan OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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If you were to die today and offered a second chance, would you take it? Unfortuneately for Jordan being reborn comes with a price and a blood thirsty demon that attached itself to her during her transition. Now tasked with being a soul collector, Jordan soon realize that the job isn't so easy and there are things that not even the devil or God themselves can control. Jordan also has to juggle a normal life, where her mother keeps a watchful eye, high school and a girl she suspects to be the ghost eyes.

1 chapters
"Oh no,'' Jordan exclaimed. She removed her glasses, slammed her laptop close, then stuffed it and her books in her bag."Shit,'' she hissed when the zipper broke."I guess I have to carry this now,'' she said to herself.Jordan carried her bag in one hand, then hurried from the library. She then had to hug her bag to her chest when one of her book threaten to fall out.'Mom is going to skin me,' She thought.For the fourth day in a row, she forgot to pick up her little sister from school, plus she was responsible for making dinner tonight.''Crap, crap, crap,'' she panicked after checking her watch and seeing that it was half past seven.She hadn't realised that the time had gone by so fast, because she was busy doing a group project herself.To make matters worst, it was raining. Forcing Jordan to break into a jog to get to the lonely bus stop. Only being five hundred feet away, she slowed down after hearing her name being called."Hello,'' she called out while looking around, onl
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