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By: tobih daniels Updated just nowMystery/Thriller

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Working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for nearly 20 years, it always goes ride or die with Ben John. Even after the death of his wife and his son cutting him off his well-being, Ben never stopped working even when he was faced with a big task. This time, another day begins for Ben as a group of terrorists are attempting to release bioweapons into the city. Ben with the help of the FBI must do all in its power to stop the attack and also make sure the peace treaty between the government of Nigeria and ghana goes smoothly, however, Ben is faced with good and bad decisions to make...


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#Chractersfrom24hours BEN JOHNBen John is a one-time Field Agent who has worked for the FBI for a minimum of 20 years. Ben being the best in his team had the privilege to work with and for many governments and ministries. He prevented a nuclear bomb from being detonated in the city of Port-Harcourt and also prevented the assassination of ex-president Chukwu Abel... He has faced many challenges and made many bad decisions working for the government. Due to working on a particular case, he lost his most beautiful treasure, his wife - Anita Johnson murdered by his worst enemy Fayad... After apprehending Fayad; he executed him as a payback for what he did to his wife. The only consolation he had was his only son - Sam Johnson, who later became his only emotional tie for him, giving him something to live for even as he had terrible day after terrible day.KENDRA DANIELS Kendra Orlando daniels originally Kendra Orlando is a Nigerian born in the city of las vegas, America. She is a big-ti
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#TheBegining #Preface #BenJohn7:45:59 AM...Walking through the stairs, everything looks blurry and odd. Seeing a figure lying in a pool of blood, he ran towards her and tried to save her. All of a sudden, he spotted two heavy goons right in front of him pointing a gun, cackling in such a mischievous way. Immediately, two loud bangs were heard, which jolted Ben from his sleep with a fearful look.He was sweating profusely and panting at the same time. Ben looked a bit scared and at the same time confused with his eyebrows furrowed together. Still thinking about what nightmare he had, he couldn't due to the noise that came out of his phone. An alarmHe leapt and tapped the stop icon and realized the time was 7:50 which means time for work... He also found out that he had missed some calls and messages. Messages like "call me back" and "it's very urgent"Tossing his phone on his table, Ben walked out of his bed and moved straight to the bathroom to clean up. He stared at his mirror see
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#DAY 1-2 The Following takes place between 8 AM and 10 AM. Events occur in real-time...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time: 08:05:15 AMLagos... Lagos is a major African financial centre and is the economic hub of Lagos state and Nigeria at large. The megacity has the fourth-highest GDP in Africa and houses one of the largest and busiest seaports on the continent. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.A BMW vehicle skids through palm groove road projecting straight down to Maryland with its engine roaring so loud like that of a tiger. Suddenly there appeared to be slow movement of vehicles due to a traffic light which turned red. Left and right could be seen filled with buildings; companies and billboards showing advertisements for things like Pepsi; baby's diapers; artists advertising their concerts and many more. People also could be seen walking along both sides of the road; some were on their way to work, some standing beside their buses calling for passengers and a
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CHAPTER TWO - The Presidential Villa
#AsoRockTime: 08:25:32AMLocation: ASO ROCKAso Rock is a large outcrop of granitic rock located on the outskirts of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The Aso Rock is a 400-metre (1,300 ft) prominent monolith with a peak height of 936-metre (3,071 ft) above sea level. It is one of the city's most noticeable features. The level of security is high consisting of more than 200 surfeits of security agents like police, army, DSS and many others.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The President's office is a well-arranged room with features like his portrait on the wall, and a shelf which contains different books because he appears to be an educationist. A resolute desk was found at the end of the room and also a bulletproof glass window was located in the three south windows of the office. The walls are made of concrete which is known as a bomb barrier.Mr President is seen in official wear, a black designer suit with an expensive tie knotted on his white shirt rounded up with his black favorite I
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#Fbi #Lagos #lead #Billwilliams #KendraDanielsTime: 8:34:23 AMLocation: Federal Bureau of Investigation branch situated in the capital of Lagos.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Fbi's branch is a large building across the Allen axis. It has 2,800,876 square feet (260,210 m2) of internal space, numerous amenities, and a special, secure system of elevators and corridors to keep public tours separate from the rest of the building. The building has three floors below ground and an underground parking garage. The structure is built in a way that it is eight stories high on the northwest side, and 11 stories high on the southeast side. Two wings connect the two main buildings, forming an open-air, trapezoidal courtyard. The exterior is buff-coloured precast and cast-in-place concrete with repetitive, square, bronze-tinted windows set deep in concrete frames. All of these surround the cortex which is found at the centre of the building which appears to be the first floor. The director's offic
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CHAPTER FOUR - Crime Scene
#Crimescene #AlbdulMuiz #Hakeem #Kelvin*Subtitled In English and Hausa Language*Time: 08:56:44 AMLocation: radiography warehouse - Plot 32 YabaEven though the tall huge walls barricaded the entire warehouse, the wide compound appeared to be guarded with at least 5 armed men and speaking of armed men, they had on their hands real sophisticated weapons. One was placed at the gate with a rifle gun, two others at the entrance of the industrial large gate that leads to the inside of the warehouse and the last two men were ordered to patrol the compound, meaning they were to walk to and fro, observing suspicious movement.Inside the warehouse, many dangerous weapons could be listed lying either inside wooden boxes or lying on an object.Weapons like axe, knives, daggers, grenades, pistols, bolt and lever action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, revolvers, shotguns, both ak 47 and 49, Snipers and most of all - sets of Bazookas.Not just that, guys who by appearance look like religious men d
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CHAPTER FIVE - Crime Scene 2
#Crimescene #FBI #Jumia #Attack #AmbiushTime: 9:25:32 AMLocation: Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI is a bit busy and noisy as many of the workers appears to be walking to and fro with files in their hand, some are spotted on their system either talking on the phone or typing on the keyboard while other sets are scattered across some entrances acting as a guard, wearing an identical uniform - a wine shirt on black trousers.Bill walked out of his office and down the stairs, he placed his hands on both railings for support. Getting to the middle of the stairs he stopped facing everyone in the cortex who didn't even notice him."Can I get everyone's attention pls" his voice went across the room and surprisingly everywhere was quiet and all eyes focused on him. Some sat on the chair while others were on their feet."Thank you" He adjusted his position before continuing "As we all know; we are facing a situation in this country particularly in this state and in our jurisdiction we've
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CHAPTER SIX - Previously on 24
Previously on 24The president seems to be worried about the attack that happened last week at Shoprite. The Chief of staff assures him that the security agencies are working on it but it would take time. Meanwhile, Bill (The director of the FBI's branch) has been given an ultimatum of an hour to catch those behind the attacks and down to his family he seems to have an issue with his daughter but luckily for him, they (FBI) got a hit on Muiz's location. Muiz, on the other hand, works on phase two of his plan but without seeing Ben and his team coming, he was attacked leaving his son Jakeem on the run with his so-called plan 2. When Ben figured out his so-called plan 2, he phones the aso rock.The following takes place between 10 AM and 12 PM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time: 10:03:20AMLocation: Outside the radiography warehouseSirens of both ambulance & police vehicles could be heard all over the yaba axis.A couple of vehicles in form of ambulances went in and out of the warehouse,
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CHAPTER SEVEN - Information.
#Information #Chapter7 #Livemeeting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time: 10:15:02AMLocation: Federal Bureau of Investigation Everyone as usual is seen working on their system, some walking, some talking to themselves and even at past nine someone just decided to get to work.Hakeem rushes as fast as his leg could carry him into the building. After clearing the security point, he walked towards the passage that leads to the cortex with a white cup of coffee in his left hand and a pile of paperwork given to him at the security post on the other hand. He also had a brown handbag which he wore on his shoulder.Hakeem has the look of a Lagos boy but actually hails from katsina state, just like a Canadian actress who comes from Pakistan.Getting to the entrance of the cortex, he realized there was no guard on the other side, he had no choice but to push the glass door with his shoulder instead of his hand. He tried to walk so fast to his seat so as not to be seen by Bill but accidentally he
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#Chaptereight #thevirus #meeting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Chief of Army Staff tries to bring back his question to the conversation as it was waved off some seconds ago "Mr John, you have not answered my question yet. what kind of virus are we talking about?" his question brought silence for some seconds amidst Bill and his co-workers.Bill sighed before responding "sir I'm sorry to say but we're dealing with something we all know as the corona Virus" By saying that, Mr President and his cabinets all stared at themselves with disbelief. The chief of army staff who leaned forward with his fingers interlocked slowly rested on his chair with a narrow look.Still, in shock at what was on ground, the governor who stared at his tv said: "Mr John if I could hear you clearly, you're saying there's a deadly virus known to be the coronavirus here in our city, ready to be released?""Yes, Mr Governor" Ben's sharp reply made the cabinets more disturbed as the chief of staff wipes his face with
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