A writer's journey

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A writer's journey

By: Dark Sovereign Updated just nowFantasy

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I'm a writer who devoted all his life into building his home and serving my country in the little way that I can. I enjoyed peaceful and blissful life with my darling wife and precious daughter. That moment of Peace only lasted for a while before disaster struck and we were kidnapped by ritualists (devil worshippers), one thing led to another and I was separated from my wife and little kid. I had no choice but to search the whole universe (if possible) in search of my lost family.


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A writer's journey
A writer’s journeyLife they say is full of ups and downs and I enjoyed all the good things life could offer for the first thirty years of my Life. Wealth, riches, happiness, and prosperity, I had my fair share of it all.Everything was all thanks to God and the beautiful woman I took in as a wife. I must have done some good deeds in my past life, for God to bless me with such a beautiful, caring, understanding, and loyal wife.I wouldn’t be shameless enough to admit that I’m the most handsome human in the whole universe, but I’ll proudly say that if I should claim to be the second most handsome human on Earth, nobody will have the guts to claim to be the first.I married my wife at a ‘tender’ age, she was 22 when I married her, while I was 25 at that time.On the night of our wedding, we consumed the – I wouldn’t call it the forbidden fruit—but I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say. Nine months after, she gave me the most precious of all my possession.…A handsome man was walking
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inhumane act
18+inhuman actJohn was previously clueless about what was happening before, but as he saw the burly man who reeks of alcohol touch his wife in the place everyone considered to be Private, it sets in his mind that he had fell into the hands of the one and only bandit groups in town.…" See how this one fine like Mami water! I no know say person wey fine like this go dey buleria oh!!" (1) The burly man exclaimed while slapping my wife's buttocks. The two slaps affected me as if a blacksmith's hammer was smashed on my head, but I couldn't do anything.How would you expect me to fight, with a gun pointed at my head in case I do anything that'll require them to pull the trigger and nicely send me off to the world beyond." Na your wife abi? Abeg hold am make I do him wife as he dey look…" the burly illiterate spoke some words that sounds neither English, nor jargons as he moved closer to my wife who was now shivering from anger and fear.He motioned for one of the soldiers to hold me ti
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Curiousity killed the cat
?I've only been hearing of the instant noodles man. But I never came across one ( I'm not gay and I don't like porn or any of those strange fetishes ). After one minute of deep penetration, and a sprinkling of his seed inside my wife, and got off Selena and the next in line inherited his position.Selena was on the verge of passing out when the heavens finally listened to my prayers, their boss finally came and caught them in the act."Hey! Audu!! What are you guys performing, do you want to kill her?" He neared Selena, picked her up from the ground, gently caressed her cheeks, and dusted off the dirt sticking to her face."who is he and what is he doing here?" he asked while pointing at me."he's the husband" one of the bandits answered. He's the fourth man, he's the one doing it before the big boss came to disrupt the 'game'.The man ordered them to take us inside, he then said something about preserving our blood for sacrifice. I was happy when he asked them to release us and I saw
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who's the bride
Who's the bride?I don't know why the two monsters got angry immediately after they saw me with the 'skirt' of their leader still in my hand.One of them rushed towards me with a big club in hand, aiming for my head with a powerful strike. But he was repealed by An invincible wall erected before me, the force with which he used to launch the attack was rebounded and he was sent flying like a kite with a broken string."You don't have to do that, he's protected by the ancestors' vows. You wouldn't be able to do anything to harm him, since he's the future king of our kingdom." An old voice sounded from behind us, signifying the presence of the fourth monster in this evil forest."Welcome grand protector!!" all monsters in this evil forest shouted in unison, except for one d*ck-headed monster who snorted and landed the old monster a series of abuses."Huh!? Who is it? It's my great uncle who doesn't know anything than to follow me around and babysit a grown-up monster like me." Said the
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i'm not ready for this
Imagine yourself standing on a strange land, surrounded by a group of people who have their private parts where their head is supposed to be positioned, and their heads located between their thighs. Most of these monsters were looking at you as if they’ll bite your head off if they were given the chance. Others were looking at you like mad scientists who discovered a new test subject…a single monster, only one out of all these monsters was looking at you with eyes filled with love and care. How would you feel? What would be your reaction? If you’d feel like waking up from this strange dream? Or mistakenly find the hidden camera and discover that you’re featuring in a horror movie? Well, I felt worse than that each time I set my eyes on the green thing on Diana’s “head”. … I don’t know how, but I found myself in a completely different world after Diana and the rest of her groups walked into the tree. I felt refreshed by inhaling the fresh air in this strange World. I even felt l
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the challenge 1
Episode 6I looked up at the towering giant before me, and cold sweat drenched my back. Even if I was to fight with this shameless bully whose legs are as big as a pair of sturdy pillars, how can I defeat him?I didn’t plan for this!Why don’t you come to take the mark or whatever it is that identifies me as a prince consort!!Just let me go home!My mind was in turmoil, but I didn’t show it on my face. Within a split second, I had already found a way to get out of this mess.I called back my courage and slightly raised my head to look that bastard bully in the eyes ( that’s to show how tall he is) and talked.“Who are you to challenge me? What has it got to do with you if I’m the prince consort or I’m not?”Then I held my head high with my nose nearly touching the sky, and I shouted to everyone hearing.“ if any of you feel that me being the prince consort is a shame to the green monster tribe and the monster race in general, and wants to challenge me for the title… step out now, or
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The welcome party
Chapter 7The green monster king was strangely sitting on his throne. His back was resting on the seat of the throne, and his arms were placed on the slightly raised armrest on the throne. His legs were raised in the air, and a golden crown inlaid with diamonds was on his head.For him to be able to sit comfortably without hitting his head, the monster king was sitting upside down.‘it is not polite to remain standing while the others are greeting the king with a bow'While I was still looking at the monster king in a daze, princess Diana came forward to whisper something in my ear. I quickly adjusted myself and copied the others in bowing to the green king.“hahaha!! I can now put my mind at rest since my beautiful daughter has found a brave man who could lift off her veil after 200 years of searching!” the green king laughed heartily before looking at me with a puzzled expression.Yes, I was also laughing hard! They said opportunity only comes but once, so I ceased the chance to le
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secret exposed?
Chapter 8Selina was resting on a feather bed when we got there. A huge ape was standing near her bed checking her pulse while mumbling something under its breath.The ape has brown colored fur and he was wearing a headband made from feathers of different sizes and colors stringed together. The brown ape glanced at us for a second before he picked up the seven cowries near Selina’s bed and he starts to dance around the bed while shaking the cowries in the hollow of his hands vigorously.“The secrets of heavensLaid bare before my eyesThe door of mysteryConceals nothing from meReveal it to meWhat was hiddenShed light to the darkness That Shields my eyesPtui!!!”The brown ape shouted an incantation and spat at the cowries in his hands before gently spreading it on the ground.The seven cowries lay scattered on the ground and the brown ape paused for a few minutes and glanced at me and my sick wife on the bed before sighing heavily.“sigh! Can someone please help me call his Majes
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