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By: TRINIOKATU23 OngoingFantasy

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A swordsman finds himself cursed after being attacked by a nine-tailed fox. Now he must hunt down and eliminated the shape-shifting fox in order to relieve himself of her curse. With danger around every corner and with no one to trust, he must put an end to her madness before he succumbs to it and joys her in her evil empire.


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The loud scraping of stone to iron as a man sharps his long-forgotten but faithful swords. Even though they were decades old, they were still sharp enough to cut through the thickest of amour. The man, a veteran long out of the game war of combat, straps the two swords to his waist as he finishes gathering the rest of his weapons and gear. His hands were shaky and damaged due to years of combat and old age. As he leaves his home, he wraps his long black and grey hair in a ponytail as his mostly grey long beard blows in the wind.As he leaves his home, he places flowers on three rocks and lights incense next to them before proceeding on his way. As he traverses through the jungle to his destination, he pulls out a letter written for him which states. " You have forgotten about me for too long now. You paid the ultimate price. Find me, my darling, so we can have our last dance." As he reads over the letter, he sighs heavily as his old body and bones force their way up the rough terrain
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As the mysterious woman walked slowly towards them. Her red, orange, and blackish hair flowed gently down her back as she covered her mouth with her hands as she approached them. She smelled of cherry blossom and plum wine as the scent filled the area, overpowering the noses of the hunting party. Her seductive, dark brown eyes lured the minds, bodies, and souls of most of the hunters, causing them to let their guard down.With everyone captivated by the mysterious beauty lurking in the cave, they had all but forgotten why they were in this dangerous place in the first place. The hunters to maintain focus were Jin and an old veteran name Rex. "What is a beautiful woman like you doing in an evil place like this?" Asked Rex as he gripped his board sword tightly awaiting an answer."I got lost. Something chased be down here and managed to survive by riding out here." the young lady replied as Rex continued to stare at her unsure of her motives and claims. "So you're telling me, after all,
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Jin awoke to find himself in a bed surrounded by four white walls and a window on the left side of him. He wonders to himself what is he doing here and why he is wrapped in bandages. As he can't remember what happened, but he knows he wasn't anywhere near a house or any buildings. That was when a sharp pain hit took over him from his feet straight to the back of his head. And with the pain, Jin began getting flashbacks.He remembers being in a cave and he wasn't alone. There were several of them but he can't see their faces in the flashbacks, but he knows he wasn't alone but can't remember why either. As the pain intensifies, Jin bends over, holding everything in not to scream as he is still not sure about his whereabouts and whether or not who brought him here is friend or foe. But with the intense pain, he begins to remember everything that led up to this point.He remembers walking into an opening and meeting a beautiful but mysterious woman. That is when everything came flooding i
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