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By: Becky Anyanwu OngoingFantasy

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A Ruthless parent, a banjaxed son, a decayed brother and an admirer; play each of their roles well in this novel. Drina Cox, a young lady from a poor family got accepted into the Snyder family, to work as a servant. Meeting the two sons of the wealthy Reginald Snyder, her heart fell for one. Philip Snyder, the first son of Reginald Synder was the confident type, a young man who suffered a psychological trauma as a result of his training under his father. He was the guy who controlled the internal activities of the Snyder family without showcasing his dominance. He was the possessor of the forbidden level of magic in the Snyder history. Arold Snyder, the brother to Philip Snyder. He was the last son of Reginald Snyder, a wealthy entrepreneur and a crafty young man. His lips were like a trap and his tongue served as the bait. He excercised an obsessive desire for ladies. Reginald Snyder, the father of Philip and Arold. He was the man who controlled over the affairs of Fergus city and he was the most feared in his family. What happens when Drina falls in love with one of the sons? Will Reginald kill her? What happens when Philip's forbidden powers come to light? What will the shadow-fire group do to him? Will he be able to manipulate his way in order to save Fergus City from the Lethal Night Attackers? Inspired by William Shakespeare's quote; "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." Cover design by @d4rk 4lice.


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17 chapters
The visions of an admirer, a lady who specialized in giving services to her people in return for nothing. Her personality was like a flower with an intense beautiful scent. No male could deny the fact that she was meant to belong to one of them or at most, none. She was the pride of her mother, the angel of her family, and a God-sent that could not be sent back. Her dream was to serve in a place filled with great minds and great people. Instead, she found herself in a place filled with maleficent beings, saturated with humans perpetrating heinous acts, through their authority. Despite her hatred for the situation she had found herself in, she fell in love. She fell in love with a young man who possessed a phlegm personality and an unquenchable peckishness for blood. No, he wasn't a vampire, he was a living human lacking a heart; An Acardiac.
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Chapter 1
The environment was serene and the night was lit up by the moon in the sky. The door of every house was made of solid wood, which they trusted to protect them from the Night Attackers. Though it had been long since they had experienced any attack from those beings, it still paid well to be careful.Inside a house, lay a young lady, her mother, and her sister. The young lady's eyes opened wide and she got up slowly from the floor. The large cloth on the floor served as a bed for them. The interior of the house was incomplete, but it seemed like it didn't matter to the small family. They were comfortable where they were.The young lady walked to the kitchen to get some water and before she could grab the cup, she heard screams from the house opposite theirs. Curious, she ran to the window and saw a man dragging a child outside. Some other men were behind holding a medium-sized sharp object, shaped like a star. It didn't take so long for her to figure out that they were the Night Attacke
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Chapter 2
Reginald Snyder walked outside his room and sat on a chair, somewhere on the balcony. The breeze that blew past him was refreshing and it brought back memories of when his wife was still alive. He missed her smell and presence more than life itself. The times when they sat together under the moonlight, on the balcony, the evenings when they walked through the rosy garden holding hands; their two sons running around them with so much ecstasy. Just as soon as the good memories presented themselves, the bad memories flooded in with so much force that it almost caused his mind to go blank for a second. The day his wife died, was the day everything in him died. She had promised on their wedding night to be with him every day of his life but that promise was broken when she died and since that day, he had failed to see the good in anyone, including his two sons. While he was still farther away in his thoughts, a voice from the physical seemed to draw him back to reality. When he turned, i
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Chapter 3
Philip sat down on a chair, which was next to where his father was sitting. Listening to all the petty talks from the Mayor's cabinet made him sick. As usual, all they knew how to do was talk and make empty noises with no means of executing them. Getting tired of the boring talks, he glanced at his father who was listening attentively. The middle-aged man loved to hear people talk but he despised hearing the voices of his two sons; the only family he had. The death of their mother drove his father to a dark corner and made him unleash whatever hatred he was feeling on the first of his sons. His brother, Arold wasn't the least affected by their father's madness but he as the first son of the family endured and carried all the abuse and torture that his father had disgorged on him over the years, and up till now, it didn't end.Philip adjusted his position on his seat and relaxed a bit before he heard a certain man's voice called Mr. Friga. For some reason, he was laying serious accus
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Chapter 4
The journey to Fergus' central city was exhausting, and Drina hoped that it would be worth it. She gave the rider some coins and walked towards a mansion with a handbag. The skirt she was wearing was rumpled, containing some kind of dirty spots on it. Her shirt was also rumpled and had some tiny holes that were hard to be recognized as holes. They looked more like spots on the shirt.Seeing the other ladies of her age being permitted by the security guards, she felt ashamed of herself. Everything she wore was borrowed including the shoes and bag. Though, she made sure to brush her hair well to avoid looking like a pauper. When she crossed the open gate, the guard rested his eyes on her and took a step back, as if avoiding too much contact with her, "Your entry card," he said and she brought it out of her bag."Here it is," she said, giving it to him. The man read what was on the card and gave it back to her."You can go in," The guard stretched his hands, directing her to go in throu
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Chapter 5
Philip was looking out from his window when he heard the door creak open. Risan's voice resounded in his ears, and he turned back to look at the next candidate. To be honest, he was getting tired of seeing different ladies in one day but his friend, Risan encouraged him. The weariness crawled into him when he saw the young lady standing in front of them. Her clothes were fairly shabby and he could notice the small tears on her shirt. The shoes she wore were undoubtedly borrowed as she didn't look like someone who could afford a grain of rice. All the same, he sat down on the same sofa as Risan but some distance away from him. Philip could feel Risan glancing at him and then back at the lady who just stood with her bag, waiting for a command or something. Out of exhaustion, Philip said nothing and crossed his legs. It was as if the lady got what he was trying to say and she sat down on the chair made for the candidates.Risan took his pen and glanced at the lady, "What's your name?"
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Chapter 6
Drina made an effort to hold her tears till she got outside the gate of the mansion. The guards standing at the gate suspected nothing when they let her go. On her way to the bus stop, tears began to well out of her eyes uncontrollably. The way everybody despised her at the mansion made her heart bleed out of shame. Sitting down on a chair at the bus stop, she covered her face with her hands and sobbed. Nothing was working for her at that moment and it felt like the universe was against her. In the middle of her sobbing, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Not knowing who it was, she looked up at the person and saw the woman who she temporarily stayed with, "Darling," the woman said as she sat down beside Drina. "Marianne, I wasn't even given a chance to prove myself," Drina said with wet red eyes. "That's all right, Darling. That was only one opportunity, you didn't ignore it so many more will come," Marianne said with a smooth voice."Where am I going to stay? How am I going to surv
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Chapter 7
Philip sat on his chair and glanced at the report on his table. His first course of action was to shift his glance to Damita, “What is this?” He asked. His mood had been sour since the past weeks and he didn’t want anything to extend the sourness.“I was told to give you the reports concerning the Hamptun village situation,” She replied firmly. She had been working for them for three years and Philip wasn’t surprised at her boldness.“Didn’t you tell whoever sent this, that the supplies needed were still on the way?”“The report was given to your father and he sent me to give it to you,” Damita replied. On hearing that, he sighed and relaxed back on his seat before deciding to take up the file. He glanced through the paper, flipping each one angrily. The anxiety and frustration he felt surged higher till he closed the file and exhaled deeply.“What should I report back to your father?” she asked.Philip took up the file, “Give it back to him. Tell him that I will work on it,” he said
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Chapter 8
Philip was invited to a party by his father’s long time friend, Firman Vilon the father of his girl-friend, Cindra. The man was in his sixties and was a very successful entrepreneur in Fergus City. He was the one who taught Arold to be a successful business man. Philip had to agree to stay by Cindra’s side because his father kept ringing the good deeds of Firman in his ears.He walked into a hall filled with many people and suddenly wished he could go home. It was better for him to face the hell of work at home than greet the men who knew his father well enough to ask him for anything. The only thing that kept him from leaving was the thought of disgracing his father and disappointing the renowned men that attended the party. Just as he picked a glass of wine to drink, he heard a female’s voice behind him;“My father told me that you would come but I didn’t believe it,” Cindra smiled as she took her own glass of wine.“I also didn't believe I would be here today. I rescheduled a lot o
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Chapter 9
Drina prepared dinner and set it on the table. She and Marianne were the only people living in the house, so she could only prepare food for two. As she set the food on the table, Marianne came out of her room and sat down on a chair with a smile, “I wish I knew your mother. She must have taught you a great deal about being a good girl,” Marianne said and Drina was forced to giggle shyly.“She was the busy type,” Drina said as she sat down to eat, “I never knew she was so sensitive to things until the day we got attacked.”“Back when I was a child, I had a mom who never acted like a mother. Instead of taking care of us, she delighted in taking care of her addiction to drinking.”“I’m so sorry.”“No need to be sorry. Every one of us faces our consequences when it is time and her time was sooner than expected.”“What about your father?” Drina asked.“My father left us for another woman because my mother was a drunkard who never wanted to change,” Marianne drank a little from her glass o
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