Against the Absolutes

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Against the Absolutes

By: The Neotainment OngoingFantasy

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Asuran has led a life filled with misfortune and trouble. A drunken father, mother, and sister who were on deathbed, in heavy debt, a hard life that was his life background. But after he met up with one of the unfortunate events that crippled him and in the aftermath, everything changed. He lost the ability to walk and see. Being frustrated after losing his family he cursed at the heavens as a means to subside his anger. However, surprisingly one of the gods arrived in front of him. Unfortunately, he was there just to communicate that his life span has expired. But there was a chance for him to oppose the absolute certainty called death. To not rot in hell and suffer for eternity he must fulfill one of the three trials under the gods' command in order to safely ascend. After choosing the toughest of all the trails Asura embarks on a journey once again as a peasant in a world that was already filled with heroes who are going against the wicked king. Will he outshine the heroes and the villains? What is the reason behind is unfortunate life?


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13 chapters
1. The golden flash
"Hah! Hah!" A man was pushing his bike up the hill straight toward the burning sun in the distance. Ring! Ring! The phone in his pocket continuously rang. He gritted his teeth and picked up his phone "Hello!" The man replied. "Where the fuck are you? It's been over an hour for fuck sake... where the hell are you?" The lady in the call yelled at him. "Will be there within five minutes mam." The man replied politely. "Nah I canceling the order!" The lady yelled and disconnected the call. "Hah..." The man sighed and slid the phone into his pocket and looked up at the sky frustratingly. 'Why is this happening to me?' He muttered gritting his teeth. His name is Asuran a man in his mid-twenties who was striving to survive. He works as a delivery boy in the evenings and as an office employee during the night. To top it off he works in a local departmental store and on weekends he works on construction sites. Asuran is a man of passion and sheer will. He is the breadwinner of
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2. Three trails
"Yes, my child..."The god said in an ominous voice."Who are you kidding? Why should I believe you?"Asuran frowned at the man.Though the aura alone immensely pressured Asuran he spoke out his mind naturally.The god smiled at him and said, "I am Janon, the god of beginnings. And I am here to retribute you, one of the unfortunates.""one of the Unfortunates?""Yes... There's a belief among some of you humans, 'A mortal lives seven times.' It is indeed true. You mortals carry the sins of your past to your present life.""What does that have to do with me?"Asuran intervened Janon yet, he ignored his word and continued to explain."And, those that are living their seventh life which is accumulated by sins of their past lives is called the unfortunates."It was a concept designed by the gods to cleanse the souls that ascend to the heavens. The unfortunates are those who committed grave sins and those sins taint the purity of the soul. Some souls are purified in the first instance while
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3. The Triad
"We greet the great, Asuran the wicked,"All the men bowed as the man in the middle did so.'The wicked?'Asuran uttered in a daze it seems to carry a profound meaning that he cannot comprehend. Asuran bowed in return staring at the man in the middle. It appeared to be that he was the leader since there was a golden insignia attached to the left side of his coat.Auran couldn't help but feel uncomfortable, never in his life had he been respected like this. It was certainly an odd scene when viewed from an outsider's point of view. In fact, a few people were staring at Asuran who was on the hospital's rooftop for a while after noticing the appearance of the men in black suits."Mommy is that man a gangster?"A kid said pointing at Asuran standing on the balcony who has been peeking at him with his mother for a while now.It seems they've misunderstood Asuran as some boss of a gang. "My name is Shahid, one of the representatives of the council of the triad."Asuran's eyebrows shot up
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4. The Cliche System trope
[Details: The key of the covenant has finally reached your hands. You made an agreement with the three gods to pass down your wealth to your reincarnations. This key will open the vault of the wicked to inherit the mantle of powers left behind.]"Reincarnation... Then there is a big story behind my title."However, there is no way for him to unravel the truth behind his past lives. There was a deal between him and the three gods so, it could be really hard to obtain the story behind the key.He didn't recover from his family's solvency yet. But the sudden swarm of events made him forget everything momentarily.He smiled and inserted the key into the doorknob and opened the room.Suddenly it floated toward the ceiling slipping out of his hand. There was no ceiling actually. There was only the boundless sky. The key flew toward the distance and disappeared into the sky."Goddammit!"He yelled frustrated by the sudden change that's when it happened.-Hi there!An energetic voice entered
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5. The Book of the Lost world
He slowly rolled and tried to move his body and felt pleasantly surprised as his legs twitched reacting to his command. "Yesss!" He yelled at the top of his lungs and rose from the ground. -Fufufu, looks like someone is happy. The system giggled. "Hell yeah! Wouldn't you feel the same if you gained something you lost?" Asuran asked. -I wouldn't know since I am not a human. "Bah, Whatever" He shrugged and began to stretch and test his capabilities with a smile, only to stop in the middle of testing himself. [The key of the covenant has turned into your inventory!] It was a notification window that appeared in mid-air. "Open inventory" As he ordered another window opened up as the notification faded out. There were a few items on the display. There was black armor, a silver axe, and then a metal ball with an eye in it. When he tried to select the item he was perplexed. [Warning!] [The user level is too low to wear the equipment] "Oi System! Then why is it in my invento
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6. The past and the present
"Need anything, sir?"Shahid bowed to Asuran who was busy savoring the crab and the seasoned salmon on the table. Asuran left his room to eat since he felt a heavy appetite."No! No, it's enough" Asuran replied while rubbing his bloated belly wearing a satisfied smile.There were only a few people inside the Tranisence hotel. It was said that only those of higher status in the council of Heroes can stay in the hotel. It is located in a distorted space between the middle world and the heavenly realm.Most of the heroes were immortals. This didn't mean that the heroes are invincible. They were just mortals with high immunity and skills that provided them to safeguard their vitality. Hence it was not a big deal to meet men who are aging over a hundred years like Vamsi or Shahid. It is certainly hard to survive in the heroes' business but those two are certainly a special kind to be able to survive long years of endeavor."Tell me, Man, why am I the only one who is in the dark about my o
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7. Expectations
"Calm down! Why are you in a hurry?" Asuran comforted Vamsi by patting his back which was bent down as he panted for air. "Hah!" Shahid began to talk as Asuran drifted his attention toward him with doubt as he had a similar look on his face akin to Vamsi's. "Sir... It seems even the heroes are dispatched for the same quest you were given." "Isn't that rather good news?" "The problem is that the Abadon is not under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly realms and the realm of abandon is not afflicted to the laws of nature. It's a wild realm infested and savaged by demons. This means we will be fighting without magic or mana. No ordinary weapon can inflict damage on the serpent of the inferno. This test was meant to be initially taken only by the Unfortunates but, the heavenly realm has decided to send both Heroes and the unfortunates... This means the gods are filtering the elites of elites to send them to the Lost realm." Hearing Shahid's explanation Asuran's face stiffened. "Ho
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8. Spawning in the tutorial Village
The man on the stage was too bright that his aura covered the entire ground. Just similar to Janon the god of beginnings but he didn't let out that divine aura, unlike the god. He was just similar. "Why were we given this mission all of sudden?" One of the heroes who were gathered in the crowd said. [The constellation's paths have changed... This means the absolutes have a chance to climb the echelons. I believe I don't need to explain anymore?] The man said looking down at the crowd floating on the stage. It was too crowded to identify individuals in the crowd from his location, But still, the man's eye accurately laid on the three men who were busy conversing between themselves. *** "Who are the absolutes?" Asuran asked Shahid, However, Vamsi spoke in his stead. "They are beings that surpass laws of nature and the rules of the heavens." [My dear heroes all the information has been sent to your devices. Return with victory!] As the man yelled the floor's intricate engraving
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9. Evil vs Evil [1]
First, he needed a map for him to know where his standing was. Then he has to come up with a strategy, it is not simple for a normal man who's never wielded a weapon in his entire life to go on a killing spree. "Miss Loreena, what's the name of your village?" "Epier of velor," "I see thank you. Do you have any map about where the goblins might be at?" "Yess, wait a minute. I'll get them." Loreena left to find the map while the child was still there. "Mr. Asuran, will you beat us if we don't obey you?" The child asked hiding behind the entrance door. It was a weird question for him."Why would I?" "Because father used to." Asuran quickly understood why she was scared or shy. "No, I won't"Asuran smiled and rubbed her hair resulting in disheveling her neatly aligned hairstyle. "Uhhh ahhh" She shook and smiled at him as he tickled her playfully. "Mr.Asuran here's the map."Loreena said stretching a small piece of paper with a bright smile watching Asuran playing with her kid
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10. Evil vs Evil [2]
His form was shabby as he looked at the demon's eyes."Those are some deadly eyes you've got there."The demon said giggling at Asuran.-This demon is weak that's why it didn't want to face you. Don't fall for its con. You can kill it.The system reassured Asuran. It knew his feelings more than anyone. A man who had never held a weapon has to obliterate a life now.Strangely the already heavy weapon was heavier than it normally used to be.The moment the demon kid jumped toward him Asuran closed his eyes and blinding thrust his spear."Ahhh!"The feeling of his spear clearly piercing through a soft body permeated him. When he realized and opened his eyes he found that demon piked onto the spear.Strange dark strides seeped through him as another message appeared before him.[You have leveled up][New skill thrust has been unlocked]Hah! Hah!-Next time don't close your eyes when you are fighting.Everything happened in a blink of an eye that Loreena couldn't even react. But when she r
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