Alchemism Samsara

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Alchemism Samsara

By: Kaimen Yingke1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Lin Tianya, the successor of the Saint Douglas, was betrayed by his beloved Senior Sister Mo Lian. As a result, he was accidentally swallowed by the God Medn with Mo Lian.The crippled Xia Chuan lived in Qing Yang City's Ye Family, and after he obtained Lin Tianya's Samsara Divine Soul, he used his crippled body to subdue the waste planet, search for the secrets of his origins, take control of the universe, kill his enemies with his own hands, deal with numerous schemes, possess countless lovers, and become a supreme exalt...


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400 chapters
Chapter 1
In the Domain of Heaven, the Heaven Peak was thousands of meters high which like a sharp sword soaring to the sky.The peak pierced through the thick clouds, and there was still a several hundred meters to the clouds.On the cliff on one side of the peak, a thin man was leaning against the cliff. His limbs were nailed by four long swords on the cliff, making him unable to move.The blood flowed down the cliff. The hundred foot long bloody scar was a ghastly sight that no one could bear to look at.That man appeared to only be in his thirties. He wore a cyan gown and was tall. He had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. His long hair trailed over his shoulders. His appearance was truly extraordinary.However, at that instant, over half of the man’s azure clothes were dyed red by blood and his aura was extremely weak.The man in green looked ahead with a ferocious expression. In front of him, a man and a woman were floating in the air. The man was tall, and there was a cruel smile
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Chapter 2
Lin Lang's hands formed a seal. ""Retrieve...""The Great Cauldron was immediately sucked in the Woad Star. Then, it flew out from his line of sight.Mo Lian withdrew her hand, and the image in midair completely disappeared.In next to no time, the Great Cauldron had flown back to them from the starry sky in the distance. However, at this moment, a water-blue star was faintly visible within the Great Cauldron.Lin Lang and Mo Lian greedily stared at the illusionary planet within the cauldron.“Mo Lian, I’ll go first.”After Lin Lang finished speaking, he extended his hand without waiting for Mo Lian to reply. A hot Fire flew towards the Great Cauldron.Lin Lang made a hand-seal, ""Refine...""The Fire surrounded the Great Cauldron in an instant. Countless evil spirits emerged from the cauldron and soared to the sky.Inside the Great Cauldron, miserable cries that came from the burning of one’s soul could be heard.Lin Tianya looked at the billions of souls being burned in the Great Cauldr
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Chapter 3
In Qingyang City of the Yan Kingdom, a grey-clothed youth was lying in a shabby woodshed in the mixed courtyard where the servants of the Ye Family lived.The youth’s face was pale, and there was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. No one knew if he was dead or alive.After a moment of silence, the youth suddenly opened his eyes with a trace of perplexity in them.""Lin Tianya... the Heaven Peak... Lin Lang... Mo Lian... the Saint Douglas... Great Cauldron... tier ninth medn...""“Am I dreaming?” The young man slowly sat up and looked around, and another memory appeared in his soul sea.“Xia Chuan, the grandson of the Ye Family’s Guardian Elder Xia Ye. He started cultivating at the age of seven, a genius who reached rank 9 at the age of nine, but he failed while trying to break into the realm of Martial Masters and lost all his inner strength.”He started from scratch at the age of nine. This time, it only took him a short year to reach the ninth level of the Martial Expert Real
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Chapter 4
The Ye Family’s Book Collection Hall was located in the middle of the Ye Family’s manor. It was a small three story building.The first level of the Book Collection Hall was open to all the children of the Ye Family. Although Xia Chuan’s surname was not Ye, he had a good grandfather who could easily enter the first level.Just as Xia Chuan arrived in front of the Book Collection Hall, he bumped into Ye Mei.Ye Mei was wearing a long pale-blue dress. Her long hair was draped over her shoulders. She had an oval face and eyebrows shaped like the shape of willow leaves. Her white skin might be tender but it already possessed some enchantment.“She’s quite a beauty.” Xia Chuan silently evaluated.Ye Mei saw Xia Chuan frown slightly, then stopped to speak.Xia Chuan walked past her without even a greeting.“Did this dog take the wrong medicine today?” Ye Mei suppressed the anger in her heart and turned her head, “Wait a minute.”“What is it?” Xia Chuan turned around and looked at Ye Mei. His
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Chapter 5
Xia Chuan had reached ninth phase martial artist nine times. Eighty-one strands of True Qi were scattered in his 360 tendons. Although they were thin, he could at least tendon his True Qi.However, the 360 tendons formed an internal circulation, preventing the true Qi from condensing.Normal people could condense their true Qi into their fists and palms to practice their fist techniques.However, Xia Chuan’s primary energy formed an internal circulation within his body, rendering him incapable of condensing his energy.Unless he cultivated all 360 tendons in his body to be full of Genuine Qi, reached Core Formation, and entered the Martial King Realm.“True energy is no match for spiritual power. Maybe after using medns to temper the body, the body can take it.”Xia Chuan thought back and forth and felt that it was inappropriate. He had spent nine years to train eighty one tendons true Qi, and if he wanted to train three hundred and sixty tendons true Qi, it would take at least thirty
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Chapter 6
“Two hundred sixty.” Ye Muzhou countered.""Okay, 260 taels of gold. Third Master, you can take it."" The middle-aged man gritted his teeth and agreed, but his face was pale and he felt distressed.Ye Muzhou paid the bill and left with the lucid ganaderma. Ling’er glared at Xia Chuan and followed him.Xia Chuan was about to leave when the middle-aged uncle stopped him.“Boy, are you doing this on purpose?” The middle-aged uncle’s face darkened as he glared fiercely at Xia Chuan.As soon as the true third master left, the fake third master’s presence soared.“Do you know who I am?” Xia Chuan grinned cheekily at the middle-aged man.“Who are you?” The middle-aged man looked Xia Chuan up and down warily.Judging from his clothes, he was dressed in coarse grey clothes, and she was dressed like a servant. However, when Miss Ling'er quarreled with this guy just now, Third Master Ye scolded her, which made the middle-aged man have to treat her seriously.Xia Chuan said, ""Let me give you a hint.
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Chapter 7
“If there’s nothing else, Mr. Ge, I’ll take my leave.”Xia Chuan was worried that it would be difficult to answer their questions, so he decided to leave.Mr. Ge asked, ""Xia Chuan, are you interested in coming to the Hundred-grass Hall to help me?""Mr. Ge wasn’t looking at Xia Chuan after his question, but at Ye Muzhou instead.Ye Muzhou had long understood Mr. Ge’s intention. The old man was looking for a successor for the Hundred-grass Hall. The younger generation of the Ye Family were all focused on cultivation and no one wanted to run an herbal hall. Meanwhile, Xia Chuan couldn’t cultivate because of his tendons. Moreover, he was also very good at identifying herbs, so he was naturally the best candidate to take over the hall.“Xia Chuan, you’re already at your late twenties, and it’s time for you to contribute to the family. It’s rare for Mr. Ge to take a fancy to you, so why aren’t you agreeing?” Ye Muzhou persuaded.Xia Chuan thought for a moment and replied, “Okay!”The reason
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Chapter 8
“Don’t think too much about useless things. With your talent in identifying herbs, I recommend you study hard. You’ll have a good future ahead of you.” Mr. Ge spoke like an old man, but he was thinking for Xia Chuan’s sake.Xia Chuan said, “I understand. Thank you, Mr. Ge.”Mr. Ge said, “It’s late, go home. Come early tomorrow.”Xia Chuan asked, ""Master Ge, can you give me a few herbs?""“What kind of herbs?” Mr. Ge asked.Xia Chuan picked up a pen and paper from the table beside him and wrote down more than twenty medicinal ingredients in one go. According to the efficacy of these medicinal ingredients, he could make a low-order version of the Body Tempering Medn and Marrow Cleansing Medn.“That’s all.” Xia Chuan handed the paper to Mr. Ge after he was done writing.Mr. Ge looked at the herbs written on the paper and his mouth twitched. The lowest grade of these herbs was 200 years old, and some of them were 800 years old. He calculated and found that their total value exceeded 7,000 g
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Chapter 9
The Medn furnace Xia Chuan had drawn was refined meticulously. The measurements were professional, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to make.The Physique Medn could be casually refined in a hot pot. After all, the medicinal materials were worthless, but the medicinal materials for the Cosmetic Cultivation Medn were still worth a lot of money. It would be better to use professional Medn furnaces to achieve better results.What’s more, he would have to refine Body Tempering Medns and Marrow Cleansing Medns in the future, so a furnace was essential.The blacksmith seemed uncertain. He hesitated for a moment and said, “I haven’t made this before. I’ll call the boss over.”Xia Chuan nodded and urged, “Okay, hurry up.”The blacksmith very quickly called over a middle-aged man. It was the blacksmith store’s owner.The smithy owner glanced at the diagram. “You want to forge this furnace?”Obviously, the shop owner had never seen a Medn furnace before.Xia Chuan said, “Yes, we must use the bes
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Chapter 10
Xia Chuan didn’t know that he had drawn the attention of the Castellan Manor. He returned to his room.The ingredients for the Cosmetic Cultivation Medn had been gathered and the Medn furnace had been prepared. Xia Chuan thought about it and went to the woodshed to get some high-quality charcoal. The charcoal’s temperature was much higher than the wood, so its effects were naturally better. Xia Chuan also threw the iron hot pot he had used earlier into the woodshed.After everything was done, Xia Chuan closed the door carefully and started refining the Cosmetic Cultivation Medn. He took a third of the godness and threw her into the furnace, leaving the other two thirds for the Marrow Cleansing Medn.As medicinal materials were thrown into the alchemy furnace, a medicinal fragrance wafted out of the room. It had to be said that themedn furnace was much better than the iron pot. In less than an hour, all the medicinal herbs had been refined. All that remained was to fuse them together an
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