All In One Day

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All In One Day

By: Gladstone_ OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jack Harvey was an orphan who was looked down upon by the society. He won a scholarship to study at one of the biggest university in the country, he thought that would make his life better but it only made it far worse. Just when his life was about to take a turn for the worse, he met a man who told him about his real father. Turns out his real father was a billionaire and he was the one to inherit all his wealth Then Jack’s life changed completely from that day. All in one day, he became a wealthy person. All in one day, he became one of the youngest billionaires. All in one day, his life took a complete turn around. Join my discord for more information about the novel. —————- The cover isn’t mine, I only edited it. If the owner wants me to take it down, tell me and I’ll do that.


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Jack Harvey
A young male figure could be seen packing his books from a table. He had blonde hair and also light brown eyes, his appearance could be said to be quite handsome if it was not overshadowed by the faded and poor clothes he was putting on. He had a height of 1.9 meters which could be considered tall, and he also had a lean frame. The first impression one would have of him when looking at him is that he’s very poor. This figure was Jack Harvey, he was known as the peasant In the school. He attended Hanford university which was one of the top universities in the city of Narville, the university is mainly consisted of students from rich and wealthy homes and Jack being the only peasant in the university made things worse for him. Jack grew up in an orphanage all his life, he was a very brilliant person and that was the only reason he was able to further his education up to the tertiary stage. Since he grew up in an orphanage and also had no idea about who his parents was a
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Jack Harvey(2)
Jack clenched his fists even harder as he looked at this scene in anger. 'Just ignore them and do what you wanted to do before', he said to himself inwardly as he tried to ignore the scene in front of him but his legs wouldn't budge, it was as if all part of his body, most especially his eyes were glued to the couple some distance away from him. The both of them held hands, while walking towards the university in graceful steps. The male had a height of about 1.8 meters, which made him slightly shorter then Jack. He was putting on a white jacket with golden coloured designs all around it, a gold necklace could be seen dangling around his neck and chest with every step he was making. A diamond earring could also be seen glittering on his ear, from his dressing alone, it was obvious that he was quite rich and also loves flaunting his wealth. He was basically giving off the bad boy vibe with his striking black hair along with deep black eyes, something which most of
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The sound of the door opening broke him off his thoughts, a young man with black hair came into the room. “Hey Jack, what’s up!?” he said immediately he noticed Jack’s presence. This was Roy, he was one of Jack’s dorm mates and also friends. He had short black hair, along with black eyes. He was shorter than Jack with a height of 1.7 meters. He wasn’t as poor as Jack but couldn’t be called rich either, his parents were well-to-do, which is obvious from his dressing which were far more decent than Jack’s. Most of the students from wealthy homes preferred to buy or rent a house rather than staying at the school dormitory, while some of the students whose parents aren’t rich enough to buy or rent a house, preferred to stay in the dormitory. “Roy, how are you doing?” Jack finally replied after breaking out of his thoughts. “Fine.” Roy said while going over to his side of the room, setting up his bed before lying down; he fell asleep almost immediately. Jack simply smiled when he saw
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New job information
“Hey Jack. That reminds me, I heard about a waiter job offer by a restaurant not too far from the school.” Roy said, he then continued when he noticed that he got Jack’s attention, “it’s not really a big restaurant but the pay is good and I think you should try to apply for the job.” Immediately Jack heard this, all sign of drowsiness vanished from his eyes as he he immediately sat up while staring at Roy. “Which restaurant?” He said. He had done a lot of part-time jobs, but the pay(salary) are always low when compared to the ones gotten from full-time jobs—which he didn’t have the luxury of doing. So for Roy to say the salary was good, it means it would definitely be better than his current per time job. “Well, I think the name of the restaurant is Harmony, and lucky for you; it is quite close to the university. The offer was released yesterday, and the salary was said to be $2000 per month, since you’d be working per time.” Roy said while running his chin. “
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Is that really you?
The interview was to take place at the restaurant—the one closer to the university—in the next two days. Jack sighed, he pushed all his worries to the back of his head and also pushed all matters related to Cassidy out of his mind before finally closing his eyes, silently drifting into the sweet embrace of his dreams. TWO DAYS LATERA blonde-haired figure with light brown eyes could be seen buttoning his shirt. The figure which was obviously Harry sighed while turning around to face his friends.“Seriously Jack? There’s no need for you to get so tensed up over a simple job like this.” Ken said. “I just keep having this feeling tha—” Jack paused. He did the last button on his shirt and then continued, “Never mind.” There had been this nagging feeling in his mind that keeps on telling him, or rather warning him that something would—“That’s okay. There’s no need to get so riled up. You’re only going to an interview, not a battlefield.” Roy said while giving his dressing a nod of appro
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Meeting an old friend
Hearing that same voice again, Jack finally remembered who she was. “Sarah?” He muttered but his voice was still audible enough for the woman to hear. Sarah Henderson was an old friend of Jack, they attended the same high school. Sarah was a very nice person as she didn’t look down on anyone regardless of their status. Even though her family wasn’t as rich as most of the families in Nirville, they could still be said to be comfortable—or even rich to an extent. She became friends with Jack because of his attitude, she also became friends with Jack because he was very easy to get along with. Although a lot of people antagonized their friendship saying someone of her caliber shouldn’t be friends with someone like Jack whose education was sponsored by an orphanage, she didn’t pay any attention to them. According to her, everyone’s equal; no matter the class, she also knew Jack was a very nice person so she found no reason to hate him or anything of the sort. E
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