All of the End

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All of the End

By: Solomon Cliff OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In the lowest depths of the worlds, on Zino's 17th birthday, he finds the Legend, and it granted him his one wish.


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2 chapters
Chapter 01 - Better late
Deedroth, the greatest of the dragons, opened his eyes, being awoken by the sound of two heavy thuds, not unlike the sound of metal hitting the ground.In front of him stood a boy, a teenager dressed in raggedy black clothes, a bit thin with an unusuality about his hair. Split down in the middle it was parted by color, white and black. The boy was grinning ear to ear, “Deed, I’ve brought some food."What was brought were two molten newts, one of them was missing its head.Their skin was as hard as steel and they were even resistant to dragon’s fire to survive their home of the rivers and oceans of molten stone which were strewn throughout this world of fire and ash.Standing up the dragon swept up clouds of dust with his wings and impaled one of the newts onto his claw, holding it up close to his eye to inspect it.The dragon’s curiosity was awoken when he noticed that this one was not killed in the way that had been usual for the boy.No cuts were made, no wounds made by blunt object
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Chaper 02 - Than Never
Igni Ashenworth, the man who was the representative of the magic world in Arkstead and the clan head of the fire mages jumped up and fell from his seat after he had fallen asleep on his desk when an overwhelming sense of dread rushed over him.Something had just entered the city, something which could be very dangerous but what it actually was he had no idea, just a vague sense.He went to his window and scanned the area and waited for just a moment to see if he could hear anything.But no, there were no horrified screams of innocent victims being preyed upon by an evil beast nor light coming from the sky as a sign that some being has arrived.Compared to most, Igni was an excellent sensory mage but even that didn’t mean he knew what he was sensing.He paced around his study. Only recently he had taken over as leader and that responsibility meant that he had to protect his clan, but he panicked.“Oh jeez, oh god. What the actual hell am I gonna do?” He thought but then quickly an ide
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