Alpha's Regret-My Luna Has A Son

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Alpha's Regret-My Luna Has A Son

By: Jessicahall CompletedWerewolf

Language: English

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Everly is the Alpha’s daughter and next in line to become Alpha. That all changes when she learns she is pregnant with the notorious Blood Alpha’s son. Alpha Valen denies ever being with her, and her father refuses to have a betrayer for a daughter. Everly is shunned from the pack for not aborting her child, stripping her of her title, and forcing her to be rogue with her newborn son. After finally thinking her life was going back to normal and making something of herself, she felt she could finally be free of everyone suppressing her; only then she discovers the Blood Alpha is her mate. After years of being on her own, he has come to claim her and his son. Everly has no interest in being with the man that denied her son and shamed her. She has no interest in the man that helped cause her suffering, but can she resist the bond and protect herself and her son, or will she give in and become his Luna?


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155 chapters
Chapter 1
Everly POV   My head spun as I looked around at my surroundings, my head was pounding, and I instantly regretted drinking so much; panic courses through me when I don’t recognize my surroundings. I am in a room; the light coming in through the window was blinding as I tried to figure out where the heck I was. The last thing I remember is the annual Alpha meet-up, a costume party I attended with my family. My sister and I snuck off to meet with the other future Alphas after my father insisted I needed to get in good with, seeing as I will be the next in line and am to have the pack handed over to me at the end of the year when I turn eighteen. Yet, I have no memory of coming to this room.    I groan, rubbing my eyes, praying I am seeing shit, and the alcohol burning in my system is still making me confused, except when I go to mo
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Chapter 2
8 months Later Loved ones came and visited the other mothers on the ward, excitedly gushing over their new bundles of joy. Excitedly talking about their new additions to the family. My heart twisted painfully, knowing no one was excited to meet my son. No one was coming to check on me or offer support. No one cared for the boy suckling at my breast. No one was coming, it was him and me against the world, but that was ok. I would make it work. How could anything so tiny and sweet be called a mistake? How could you throw your flesh and blood away, your own daughter, over her falling pregnant?    It was a difficult labor, 34 hours and 45 five minutes of pure agony and no comfort, not even from the midwives. They were nothing but rude and mean, telling me to quit my crying as I begged them to make the pain stop. I had never felt so vulnerable or alon
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Chapter 3
 2 weeks later.   Tap, Tap, Tap. I look up and see a man tapping on my car window, his flashlight shining in the window of my car before he moves it around, looking in the back of it. I put my hand up when the torch flashes across my face blindingly. He quickly moves it to the side.   “Ma’am, you can’t stay here,” the middle-aged man tells me; he has to be council security because of his uniform. My son Valarian stirs, the bright light waking him, and he lets out an irritated cry. The man moves his torch away entirely, shining it at the ground, and Valarian stops.    “Look, I have noticed your car here for nearly two weeks; this is a train station,” he sighs as I pick up my son out of his fruit box bed and roll down the window a bit so he doesn’t k
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Chapter 4
My son cries louder, and I reach for him. The man’s eyes dart to him before he sniffs the air. Staring at him oddly, and I tuck him into my chest.   “It’s only temporary; please don’t call child services,” I tell him, and he cocks his head to the side; his gaze appeared to be more thoughtful than scrutinizing.    “Does your car run?” He asks, looking at it before he kicks a tire.    “I have no fuel; I will leave tomorrow, I promise,” I tell him, panicking. Maybe he was a council worker? I doubted it because of his expensive suit.   He looks at me, “you smell familiar,” he mutters.    I swallow, wondering if he remembers me, but he doesn’t app
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Chapter 5
 Stepping inside, Marcus flicks the hallway light, and I can see better. The entire place is spotless. White Marble floors and a massive staircase led up to the next level. I couldn't see in the rooms off the side because he didn't turn those lights on, but if the foyer was anything to go by, the rest of the house would be breathtaking. It was way over the top, nothing I wouldn’t expect of the Blood Alpha. They are the wealthiest Pack and have half the City under its claim.    "This way," he says, motioning for me to follow. I follow him up two flights of stairs before he stops at a black door. He pushes it open to reveal a king-size bed with a canopy. Mahogany furniture and a large black rug sat on the floor. A flat-screen TV was built into the wall, and he turned it on before turning the volume down a bit. I could also see a door leading to a balcony.   Read more
Chapter 6
Quietly sneaking up the side of the house, I stop at my sister's bedroom window. Looking in, I see her asleep in her bed.  I tap on the window before I see movement; she flicks her lamp on, squinting around the room before looking at the window. Waving at her, my sister's mouth opens, and she becomes immediately alert before she rushes over. Ava throws her window open, and I pass her my bag, which she places on the floor before taking Valarian from me, so I can climb through the window.   "Sis!" She cries, hugging me. I inhale her scent, tears flowing down my cheeks, before pulling back to look at her. She clutched her mouth before a sob escaped her.  "He's beautiful," she chokes out. I gently closed the window, and she hugged Valarian close, smelling his tiny head. I was soaked, my hair dripping from the rain.Read more
Chapter 7
What was there to celebrate? My failures, the fact I am pack-less and homeless, that I am raising a baby on my own because the father refused to believe he got with a seventeen-year-old because he couldn’t recognize me as his mate.     “Shift! Please, Everly. I can’t watch you suffer in the rain, please,” My mother begs, sucking in a deep breath. “You can do this, Everly,” I whisper to myself. It isn’t how you imagined shifting, but you need to put your big girl panties on and do what’s required. I tell myself that nobody will be celebrating for you, not anymore, before stripping my saturated shirt off. I hang it over a railing along the far wall before shredding the pajama pants. I look around; it is late at night no one will see me. Even if they did, they wouldn't pay any attention to the disgraced Alpha’s daughter.   &nb
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Chapter 8
I had to hold my son on my lap in the back as the taxi driver drove us to the train station. We drove past a rundown hotel on the way to the station, and I think I may just have enough fuel to get my car there; hopefully, I did. After spending the entire night in the rain, I wanted a hot shower, wanted something warm in my belly, but most of all, I wanted the safety of four walls, even if it was only for one night.    I tell myself that one night is all I need to let it out, then I can suck it up and figure something out. I handed the taxi driver some cash from the wad my father gave me. I had no idea how much my sister snuck into the bag, but getting my keys from the baby bag, I unlocked my car and climbed in, pulling the hatchback down when I realized I no longer had a car seat.    Shit! I think knowing how long I saved f
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Chapter 9
Valen POV    The sun was searing my eyes out of my head as it lit up the back of my eyelids. I was just about to force myself up when Marcus burst into my room, the door slamming into the wall loudly, the noise rattling my already pounding headache.   "Ah, good you're up," he says just as I sit up, rubbing my eyes. I wave him off, but he doesn't leave. Instead, leaning on the wall beside my dresser.   "What?" I ask, my head pounding in my skull. I look around my room to find some redhead in my bed and groan, praying I used a rubber. She was tangled in the sheets, and just seeing her there irritated me. Stupid dick; why does it always pick bimbos.    "The rogue girl in my room, where did she go?" Huh? What the fuck is he talking
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Chapter 10
Everly POV   We settled in the room, and I washed Valerian down with a wet cloth. It was a little too cold today for me to give him a bath right now. Once Valarian had settled and was napping, I had the longest, hottest shower in ages. Trying to wash the memories of last night away.    I found my mate, saw him, and he didn't recognize me. But worse still was knowing he was with another woman. The agony that it caused as I ran home was heartbreaking as well as painful. When Marcus took me there, I hoped that he would recognize our son and get the help we needed, that maybe everything could be fixed, especially once I  realized he was my mate. Allowing hope for the first time in ages, and I caught a glimmer of it only for it to be taken away, and now I was failing my son once again, that much I did know.  
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