Am I married?

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Am I married?

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Samara comes closer to me, now studying my face. Her eyes are wandering all over my facial features. I contort my face in confusion at her weird stares, "Umm, hey-" "Listen, can you wear my wedding dress and be a bride at my place?" She questions. Ec-excuse me? I give her a long stare. I think she is joking and would burst into laughter any minute...but she doesn't. Her face has no trace of humour. "What?" I quirk up my brow. "You've to be a bride at my place." She repeats with no hesitation. Cold shiver trickles through me. .... Sanaya Frances, 18 years old, an orphan is finding ways to earn more to gather money for her college tuition fee. She gets a chance to work as a house cook for Hobsons - one of the richest families in New York City. At the job interview, she finds that Hobsons's second son, Ashar Hobsons is getting married within a month. On the wedding day, the bride disappears, asks Sanaya to be at her place until her return. The real bride hides Sanaya's face with a veil, so that no one can recognize the different face. She comes back, but it was too late. The rings were already EXCHANGED. 25 years old, Ashar Hobsons, a successful businessman, decides to marry his childhood friend and a daughter of close business ally. On the wedding day, he is utterly unaware that the girl behind the veil who is taking marriage vows with him is not his fiancee, but a new, young cook. His bride-to-be deceived him and the worst part is she made him married to a teenager he barely remembered. Two complete strangers. Accidental marriage and their confused marital status. This doesn't sound easy and surely doesn't sound romantic.


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1. The Blueberries
"Let's have some fun tonight." Carol, my high school friend and my roommate speaks on call. "What's the occasion?" I hear myself asking. She sighs, "It's weekend, Sanaya." "You're right. I need a break too." I muse. She is asking me to hang out at some posh night club. She has the passes. I knew she won't take no for an answer. Whole week she blabbered about this club that how swanky that place is. I'm not curious, though. I agree to go there to freshen up my brains. Tossing my phone on my bed, I rush towards bathroom with my clothes. I change into short silk top with ankle-length, skin-tight pants. The top has some diamonds around the neckline. My attire is not posh like that place because I'm not a fashion person plus I don't have enough budget to buy pretty dresses for special occasions. I have kept few pairs for nights like today and normally I put them on without much grieving about my collection. I used to have complexes about my sense of style
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2. The Cooking Test
Just a thought of working in the large, sumptuous mansion is enough to give me creeps. My mind is giving me alerts that I have taken a wrong decision. The neighborhood of the Hobsons Mansion is quiet and calm and has only few residential houses. The Mansion itself looks like a modern-day royal castle with the magnificent architectural work, palladian windows and warm brown bricks. I see array of beautiful maple trees at the opposite side of the house, long palm trees are standing. Their branches are moving back and forth due to light breeze. "Yes?" Sudden male voice disturbs my sightseeing. The person is in uniform, older than me, probably a household staff, standing at the entrance of main gate. I clear my throat, "I'm Sanaya Frances. I came here for the interview for the house cook job. I've already talked with Mr. Brooke." He pauses for a moment, then says, "Please come inside." I nod and start taking miniature steps, following him. The patio of the ma
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3. The Wedding Secret
Andrew gave me advance payment for the job. The salary he offered me is larger than the amount I used to earn through those part-times. I was right. Wealthy people keep their employees happy. I resigned from all the places in order to fully focus on my cooking. If I would make myself stay longer at Hobsons as their cook, my financial burdens will soon ease. With my savings and this new amount altogether, I'm able to pay my first college semester. It's confirm I'm going college this year. Hobsons saved me. Andrew told me that Katherine and his husband would see me in person soon. They want to meet me at the day of interview, but due to their upcoming big event, they both are occupied with a lot of work. Whatever, I don't mind. I'm nervous to see them in person. They are big people. A week later, I decide to visit my foster home and thank my teachers for raising me, especially Mother whose cooking lessons are now my source of income. I'm going to tell her about my
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4. The Female Billionaire
My foster home told me I was found in empty apartment when I was around two weeks old. That apartment was not registered under anyone's name. It was open for sale for like two to three months. The next-door neighbor found me there and contacted the foster home right away and they took me in. They told me no one came for me. Orphanage tried like they do for every kid who have fate like me, but nothing worked. The identity of my parents is a forever mystery. And I'm not curious anymore. I have passed that stage. It's not easy to live this way. Things about my family and why they left me kept bugging me during my growing years. But, other orphans around me who had similar stories somehow motivated me to move on and live and dream like normal people. "Do you know the cost of the wedding ring of Samara Elizabeth?" Carol questions, lying on her own side of bed while scrolling her social profile. "I'm not interested." Who cares about the ring and it's worth when bride a
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5. The Wedding Day
I search for some fresh clothes in my small wardrobe. Carol has invited me to join the discussion about our final exams at the library. All of her friends decided to study together so she also asked me to come over. The discussion is exam related so I should join them too. My eyes catch the silk blouse that was blemished by that suited-booted man. I take it out and stare the stain on it. The whole scene of that night replays in my head, bringing smile on my face. I didn't plan to go to that club again. We can't go there without passes and I can't afford to buy them. Disappointment wells up as I recall the blue-eyed man's lack of interest in me. Maybe I should change my style of clothing, get a new haircut and learn some good makeup techniques. Maybe my appearance is a problem. My phone rings. I throw my silk top back in the wardrobe and reach to my device. Caller is Ryan; my friend since my early days. "Hey, hi." "Hey, how are you doing?" He asks.
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6. The Fraud
My mind suggests me to ignore that woman who is certainly out of her mind. After all, no sensible bride would say such a thing on her own wedding day. "I don't think you're in your senses right now. Whatever it is, not my concern. I'm leaving." I turn around with an intention to storm out of this room, but she comes forward and blocks my way, "First hear me out. I'm not asking you to get married at my place." Her voice is panicky, "I'm only asking you to wear my dress and pretend to be me just for an hour. I've to go somewhere right now. It's urgent." My nostrils flare as I give her angry look, crossing my arms under my chest, "Are you dumb? Or you're just acting like one? I'm not your twin. People can easily recognize me that I'm not You. You can just call your fiance or someone and delay the wedding and finish whatever work you need to." I can't believe I'm even arguing with her about this. Something is definitely wrong with her. What a pain. <
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7. The Wedding Dress
"Remember everything I told you. Follow my instructions. When lights go off at the Church, hide somewhere or runaway, okay?" Samara reminds me, while arranging heavy veil on my head. I barely nod. I'm almost ready in her wedding dress, ready to be at her place. She covers my face once she is done fixing the veil, "We both are trusting each other. I chose you to handle everything here so don't let anything bad happen. I'm trusting you, Sanaya. I hope you won't get caught." I'm still unable to form words from my mouth. My body, my muscles are jammed and my mind is no more working. It's blank like black screen. Samara is forcing me to be a part of her fraud. I'm still not willing, still not sure that I would come out of this situation safe and sound. She moves away from me, takes her purse from the bed and wishes me luck one last time and afterwards leaves the room, leaves me all alone. Hesitantly, I turn towards the mirror to see my reflection.<
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8. The Legal Papers
He bends down and picks up the file folder from the bed. He opens it and flips through some pages.Creases form between his brows as he looks up, "I told you I need to submit them to the court today. It will take only few seconds of yours to sign them."I understood who he is. He is Samara's father. I can now observe the resemblance of his features with hers. Samara inherited most of the features except the hair color from her father. His hair color is more like dark chocolates."You told me you'll sign them once you'll be free. That's why I've sent Sara away. But these papers are still blank."He brings the file in front of my face and takes out the pen from his suit's front pocket, "Just do it. Lawyer is waiting outside."I fist my palms, clutching my dress with them. "I'll d-o later." I slur."Are you kidding me?" His brows lift up, "I told you lawyer is outside. I need to hand over this to him. Come on, Samara. We're getting late."<
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9. The Fake Bride
As soon as I come out of the car, lights of cameras begin flashing on my face, hurting my eyes. My bare arms tremble every time someone clicks my picture. A group of reporters encircle me and Samara's father. Some young girls come forward and help me straightening my dress. They spread my long dress behind me on the ground."Congratulations, Sam. You finally made it." One of the girls whispers in my ear, making my blood run cold.The other one giggles, "Your dress is beautiful."My heart leaps into my throat as I observe my surrounding. Sun is almost setting. The sky is showing orangish-red hues, slowly increasing the brightness of the lanterns and other fancy lights. Many posh cars are parked around the area – the kind of cars I had only seen on G****e images. Reporters around me are congratulating me and wishing me a good married life. There are other people as well who are not reporters, but might be Samara's acquaintances. They are smiling and waving their hands at me.<
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10. The Fake Vows
The officiant starts reciting the verses of the Bible loudly, silencing the whole crowd. Ashar also moves back. I sigh in relief. The officiant's voice echoes. All the guests settle down on their seats and are now silently watching the ceremony. Wandering my gaze around, I try to locate Samara with a hope that she would've been back by now. But she is not there. My heart starts pounding rapidly against my chest wall. I don't know how I should delay the wedding. My mind is giving me warnings that Samara would be late tonight. She promised me she would be back in an hour. But an hour has passed already and she is still not here. What more she wanted that now I should take vows on her name? I will get married to Ashar in next few minutes, for God's sake. Officiant proclaims aloud, "Since it is your intention to enter into the covenant of Holy Matrimony, join your right hands and declare your consent before God and his Church." Ashar and I both face each other. H
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