An Undeniable Strength

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An Undeniable Strength

By: Zephyr North OngoingSystem

Language: English

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After traveling to a new dimension, Xavier Mason is now a mere high school graduate. With the activation of the Protagonist System, he begins a completely brand-new life.


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30 chapters
Chapter 1
Xavier was confused as he looked out the window at the traffic and then back at the woman in bed beside him.As he was deep in thought, the woman woke up. “Ah!” The woman pulled the sheets up to cover her chest in shock. Xavier was stunned after he turned around and had a look at the woman. She was beautiful. She had long brown curls, which made her look very elegant. She was pretty cold-tempered if he had to point out a flaw. “Turn around!” the woman commanded Xavier icily. He heard some rustling, and the woman got dressed.“Forget about what happened yesterday.” The sound of the door closing followed after she finished her words. His head hurt as images flashed in Xavier’s mind. He had traveled dimensions while he got into a car accident at work. Then, he turned out here. He was now in the body of a young man who had just graduated from high school. He had gone to a bar to celebrate, but Xavier arrived after the young man had drunk too much.After merging his memories
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Chapter 2
The lady was shocked by Xavier’s appearance. She felt sorry for him and wanted to send a bottle of cold water, but she witnessed him open the Lamborghini with the extravagant door. “Is there anything wrong with the delivery?” Xavier turned around. Although he received his reward, he would gladly help with any problems.“No. There’s no problem. I just wanted to bring you a bottle of water because you were sweating so much.” The lady handed the mineral water to Xavier.He smiled and took it. “Thanks, Miss.” After waving his hand, Xavier got into the driver’s seat of the Lamborghini, started the car, and left the neighborhood.As he approached the main gates, he wound down the windows and waved to the security guard.He was shocked when he realized it was Xavier. “Wasn’t he a delivery guy? Why is he driving a Lamborghini now?” the security guard wondered.The security guard knew from experience that Xavier’s ride cost millions.Xavier reached out his hand to the security guard.
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Chapter 3
As Xavier pressed the car keys, the Lamborghini’s lights flashed, followed by a few beeps. The people taking pictures withdrew, and the woman in heavy makeup who had planned to sit on the hood became startled. She shot up and quickly backed away.“Aren’t you going to take a picture? Let’s go!” Xavier stretched out his hand and waved it in front of the dazed woman beside him.“Uh... So it’s your car!” The woman holding the camera blushed. It turned out that she had asked the car’s owner to take a picture of the car. She felt a little awkward. As she stood before him, her heart began to race.“Let’s go!” Xavier smiled. He guided the woman to his car and let her sit in the passenger seat.Sitting in the driver’s seat, Xavier helped the nervous woman fasten her seat belt. Then, he stepped on the accelerator, and the car sped out.The Lamborghini’s powerful performance, combined with Xavier’s professional driving skills, enabled the Lamborghini to travel smoothly through the streets.
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Chapter 4
Viola shook her head as she looked at Xavier. She didn’t want him to be embarrassed when he entered the live stream. After all, her top fan had contributed 80 thousand dollars. Xavier would feel dejected if he joined her live stream. Furthermore, if he sent her money, she would be too embarrassed to refuse his requests.“Come on! I’m sentimental. I don’t have any requirements.” Seeing Viola’s hesitation, Xavier grabbed her wrist, looked at the room ID of the live stream on the phone, and then joined the stream.This mission was unimportant to Xavier because he had no use for coins, but it could be helpful for the previous mission. If he spent the coins on Viola, getting her phone number would be easy.After entering the stream and exploring the platform, Xavier clicked on the tier system and checked the amount to unlock each tier. Unlocking the tiers required coins, but he would also receive coins in return. This was similar to the broadcasting platform he had used before he tr
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Chapter 5
At this moment, Xavier was still checking out his reward! He received his reward—five million dollars in cash—as well as the investment card, which he greatly valued—after obtaining Viola’s contact information. The five million dollars in cash was a fixed reward, and the profit from the investment card was still unknown. Due to his current financial situation and how it would affect his future earnings, Xavier did not intend to use it right away.Should he sell his car? He could save the money and use the investment card to make more money later. On the other hand, Xavier was still a little hesitant and planned to think about it later.With everything going relatively smoothly initially, Xavier was in a good mood as he strolled the street, learning about this new world.He found a café after strolling around, ordered a cup of coffee, and sat down to think about his future. His thoughts were mostly on investment using some start-up capital. The System awarded rewards, but it was unre
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Chapter 6
After leaving the pastry shop, Celeste took Xavier to an exclusive restaurant. “I’ve been here a few times, and it’s terrific. Order anything you want!” Celeste requested a private booth. Then she asked the waiter to give Xavier the menu. Xavier waved his hand, “Since you’ve been here several times, you must be very familiar with the dishes here. Just order a few of your favorites.”After some thought, she asked if Xavier had any food allergies. She ordered a few dishes she thought were good after getting his response. “Do you want a drink?” Celeste asked. “We both drove here, so let’s not.” Xavier shook his head.After the waiter left, the atmosphere between them became slightly awkward, so Xavier initiated the conversation.“I was rude because I felt misunderstood today. Since you’ve apologized for the misunderstanding, I also want to apologize for my bad attitude.” Xavier poured her a cup of water. “I don’t blame you. I just had a lot going on recently that caused me t
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Chapter 7
Xavier served her the tea and asked, “How should I address you? Please have a seat!” “Hello, Mr. Mason. My name is Cathleen Piper. You can call me Cathy.” She sat across from Xavier and crossed her legs gracefully. “Have some tea, and tell me about the scope of your business.” Xavier used the Detection Technique on Cathy after pouring her tea.“Cathleen Piper, 24 years oldOccupation: Property manager at Sunset Bay Attraction: 45%Value: 92%”He had a 45% attraction toward her. It was good, but not to the extent of being friends. “I’m in charge of the villa’s upkeep, sanitization, and housekeeping services for the bedrooms. I’ll accommodate your request as long as it’s reasonable. You can give us a list of your preferences and requests, Mr. Mason. I’ll make a note of it,” Cathy said, opening a file to record Xavier’s requests.“Just do what you normally do. I also want to pay an advance for the property management fee,” Xavier informed her.“Mr. Mason, the property manageme
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Chapter 8
“You’re welcome. I’ve already reloaded the coins in the account and don’t use them often. You can thank me by treating me to a meal when you’re free,” Xavier said with a smile. He had obtained five million dollars in cash and that valuable investment card the last time he had helped Viola, so he was very willing to help her. They arrived at the restaurant recommended by Viola’s friend and left with a very satisfying meal. “Where do you live? I’ll send you home,” Xavier asked as they approached the Lamborghini. “We live near each other in the same neighborhood, but I share the rent with my roommate. I’ve just returned from a part-time job, so I decided to meet around Sunset Bay,” Viola answered gladly.Xavier knew Viola was renting a room near his old house, but he no longer lived there since he had a villa. Who in their right mind would continue living in such a run-down place? After sending Viola home, Xavier went to the supermarket to buy some groceries and returned to the
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Chapter 9
Xavier immediately sent an array of rockets, which confused the other live streamer. “The opponent is a newly registered platinum tier user. Today is his second login.” “He’s so bold! He is sending so many rockets immediately. You should stop. The opponent is a beast.” The viewer who joined Viola’s stream to scope out the situation brought back the information he gained regarding Xavier. “What… What’s the situation?” the live streamer asked in a daze. At this point, another viewer from Viola’s live stream arrived to provide an update, stating that a strong opponent had defeated them.After hearing the news, the live streamer understood why she was overwhelmed by rockets as feelings were at play. However, she could not say anything as she had accepted the rockets from Win-storm. She could only laugh it off awkwardly. The challenge was over when the time was up, and Viola won a crushing victory.Xavier joined the opponent’s stream and sent two rockets. Then, he returned
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Chapter 10
“You can do better?” Viola was stunned.The comments instantly went wild. “He looked down on Vivi.” “You have no talent, and you even live-stream barefaced. You won’t be able to keep him interested in you.”“She’s going to get ignored.” “Why don’t you sing? I’ll give 50 rockets to Vivi if it sounds acceptable.” A colorful comment popped up, and it was The Devil. She was also a platinum-tier user since she always sent gifts to other streamers. “How should I sing?” Xavier was shocked. Did he really have to? “It’s simple. Just co-stream with Vivi,” The Devil commented before Viola could say anything.“How can a successful person be looked down on? Sing a song and surprise the fans in the stream. The reward for completion is the gift of singing and an unknown amount of cash. It is to be noted that you can first receive the gift of singing. The amount of money will be determined by your performance. The specifics are unknown.”As Xavier was in a daze, he heard the System speak
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