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By: Supreme king OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Willam Ethan was in a contracted marriage where he was despised and disdained because of his financial condition . Then , everything changed when the system awakened . [Ding! Invest in sky shares : 20% increase in 3 hours ] [Ding! Congrats host : + 100 million dollars ] William made use of the system to climb to the peak of the world and became the richest man that ever existed . Note: The MC did not outrightly became a billionaire but worked towards it .



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My life
"Useless fool !!! , how dare you use my cup to drink your filthy coffee ". A shrill voice sounded from the kitchen . Bang!!! The cup in my hand was snatched away and the contents in the cup was poured on my white polo . I looked at the cloth that was now stained by coffee and sighed gently , it was not the first time or second time such incident have occurred . "Enough!! , Emily ". A cold voice sounded from the sitting room as a beautiful woman with well sculpted face , blue eyes and a curvy figure that seemed to accentuate in her pyjamas slowly walked into the kitchen . "But sister....". A young girl around 18 years and had a striking resemblance to the woman that just walked in pouted her mouth and protested . "Emily !!!". The woman shot a Stern gaze at the young girl and she pouted and looked away . "Good morning ". I turned and looked at my wife who was looking at me with indifferent and cold face . She nodded slightly and looked at her younger sister's direction .
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The system
I was startled when I heard the electronic sound in my head . Was this an illusion or what ? . [Ding!: host am real ] . The voice sounded in my head again . Sigh!! it seems like I am going to have a mental break down . Beep ! beep !! my phone vibrated and I took it out and checked the content of the message . The message was from my bank and it seemed to be a credit alert . I saw the balance of a million and three thousand dollars . I was totally astonished that I had to run my eyes again to check whether it was real . "System !". I called out. [Ding! : Yes host ] Wow !! so this was not a dream or an illusion , I am now a million dollar richer . The bar was still empty and void of customer because it was quite early in the morning and customers are usually rare during that period . "How are you doing , Willam ?". The slender female waiter walked in and waved at me . "Hi , Carol ". I smiled at her . "My day can't be any better ". I took a deep breath to calm do
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The blueprints
Rose Tech company , A black Mercedes Benz G-class was entering the entrance of Rose tech company with a black Rolls Royce phantom following behind it in an entourage . The G-class was still slowly driving in when three men in Black suit immediately opened the door of the car and rushed out . They hurried over to the Rolls Royce and protected it from all sides . The two cars stopped and the door of the Rolls-Royce was opened by one of the guards . Click! click! sounds of hurried footsteps sounded as a blonde haired woman in black suite , looking elegant and beautiful stood respectfully in front of the car . Long straight legs that was well sculpted like a divine art stretched out of the car as the figure of Chloe slowly emerged . Dressed in white suite with golden lacing , she was simply too beautiful to look at . "Good morning, ma'am". The lady in the front bowed and immediately collected the suitcase from her . "How are you , Eva ?". Chloe said calmly as she adjusted h
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The company's crisis
Rose tech company, "The sales return of the newly produced K-12 pro max have rapidly decreasing and the profit that the phone is generating is now in negative ". Eva who was the director of operations in the company and also the personal assistant to Chloe scrolled through the tablet in her hand as she read out the contents in it . The board room that was used for executive meetings was filled to the brim and the individuals seated there all had frowns In their faces when they heard the report of Eva . Chloe who was sitting in the centre chair had a calm expression on her face when she heard the report . "Due to the latest incident that happened last week and that was the issue of one of our phones exploding and injuring the phone user . The reputation of the phone have severely plummeted since then ". Eva continued her report . "The production process of the phone was done by groups of experts so how was it possible that it was faulty ". A bald man with receding hairline and
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