Billionaire With A Mysterious Past

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Billionaire With A Mysterious Past

By: John Parrish OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Klay was from a wealthy family who had lots of enemies because of their wealth. They couldn't really trust anybody not even their relatives especially them because they were wolves. His parents died in a car accident which only he survived. Unknown to him it wasn't just a mere accident. Over the years he investigated and found out what really happened that day and swore to avenge the death of his parent’s. That way he moved away from the family house and married into another family who he believed had a hand in their murder. They maltreated him because they thought he was poor not knowing he was the one that set up the business deal and included the marriage if they didn't meet up with their end of the deal. Over the years, he helps a lady in a cemetery to treat her grandfather who later helps in uncovering the link between the family he married into and his own relatives responsible for the death of his parents and brings justice to their doorsteps their by exposing a big plot that could affect the entire country.


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Chapter 1
Who are you?It was a fine morning, which the radiant sun blazed the sky in its golden touch, passing through the foliage. The summer breeze blew gently carrying dust particles and the musky sweet smell of decayed fallen leaves around Klay Green who was visiting his parent’s tomb in Burberry Town.They died almost four years ago in a ghastly car accident he survived but barely, in the most bizarre of circumstances because the wreckage from the car wasn’t something one could walk out from. The lead investigator always told him “you should be thankful always because, you been here is impossible after that type of accident.”Klay always had a bad feeling remembering that day ,he always felt the accident was rigged because everything seemed to work against them that day, the traffic lights didn’t work, the car brakes failed, and even the auto-detection system for a smart car to fail like that the chances were too slim and the police didn’t investigate the so called accident.The most sh
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Chapter 2
The hospital Klay arrived at the hospital premise and quickly tossed his keys to the security man nearby and dashed in quickly, while the security man Andre parked his car. His wife Kathleen was waiting for him in the lobby with hands akimbo. Upon sighting him from afar she started yelling “where the hell have you been” to Klay who was now embarrassed.Klay looking at the crowd watching them quickly walked towards her and apologized to her,” sorry there was an issue that required my attention” so I had to attend it before coming here it was very urgent. What happened to her? have you spoken to the doctor?Kathleen hearing this flared up “required your attention? so my grandmother is now useless or what? Her nostrils became wider as she was ranting. “I didn’t want to marry you because you were broke, I am the one that bought your clothes and provided for the family while you were running around doing house chores with the maid and you dare say that to my face” she continued without ca
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Chapter 3
who is that man?“Hi I am Mr. Bryce, I’m the sole CEO of Bryce communication conglomerate,” he said to Aunt Renee and Mr. Paul extending his hands to shake them.” Is Kathleen here? he asked searching frantically with his eyes looking for the most beautiful woman in the world in his words. He always had a special liking for Kathleen over the years but couldn’t bring himself to her due to his inferiority complex back then but now things were different, he had status, wealth and the cars.Mr. Bryce was Kathleen's high school crush, who always tried to win her affection but couldn’t. Then Bryce was just a spoilt kid living off his parents’ wealth like the majority of the kids then but he was a slob, a dirty kid. Kathleen was the direct opposite of him, she always hated and despised him.Kathleen being attractive had sort of admirers back then, but Bryce’s was nothing short of creepy, even to the extent of taking her pictures without her permission and stalking her. Bryce changed school a
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Chapter 4
Dr.Suess at workThe whole family watched as Dr Suess worked on her with awe. He worked so diligently on her, taking notes of the veins on her arms, and arteries. He told the family and Mr Bryce to go to the next room behind them while they watch from a glass that separated them while he works to avoid disturbances as this was the hospital policy.The family and Mr. Bryce quickly obliged and went to the other and watched keenly while worked. One person who was paying more attention than the rest was Klay. Klay was skilled in medicine, a closely kept secret which nobody knew and he wanted it that way moved to the front where he wouldn’t get an interrupted view of Dr Suess performing.Dr. Suess unclipped Kathleen grandmother gown, and gently massaged her backs moving towards her shoulders. Seeing this Mr Paul told Kevin, Kelly and Charles to go out and get some chocolate bars for themselves from the vending machine downstairs. Dr Suess moved up to her shoulders now, carefully tracing ru
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Chapter 5
“I TOLD YOU SO”Camellia called her granddaughter Kathleen aside and asked her “what are you still doing with that useless husband of yours Klay, why don’t you leave him and marry that cute man friend of yours that invited Dr Suess over for my treatment? Now, don’t you give me that look as if I don’t know what I am talking about” she chided Kathleen?“I don’t know what you are talking about replied her grandmother. Mr. Bryce is just an old friend, who happens to have a lot of money. I don’t even have any feelings for him in general at all” she tried replying.“Shush! The little girl I am telling you what to do, see dear I am telling you what is best for you now. He seems like a reasonable young man why not give him a chance or do you think he won’t do any better than that useless fellow you have for a husband” she interrupted Kathleen who was trying to speak. “I just don’t like him and remember you can’t force love” she responded to her grandmom while waiting for a reply. She turned
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* Klay the savior*Klay running into the room at full speed barged into Dr. Suess who was standing at the entrance of the room. They both fell after the collision, immediately Klay stood up and stretch his hands and help doctor Suess get on his feet. After helping Dr. Suess to stand he told him to come inside the room and take responsibility.“In the room, Dr. Amelia looked surprised when Klay entered and took a pair of sutures, and a scalpel from the table beside her and walked towards Mrs. Burgess. Hey what do you think you are doing here and why are you holding that” she asked him. “Relax he is with me” replied a familiar voice from the back, it was the voice of Dr. Arshad who was coming in with Dr. Suess. “He has an idea on how to save her and also stop the bleeding and yes the almighty Dr. Suess made a mistake so can we continue or do you want to argue about ethics when you can save someone from dying,” he told her when he saw her bewildered facing showing disapproval.Then Dr.
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Chapter 7
The AftermathHey Linda, Mr. Paul chased after his wife who ran out of the room quickly, while everyone looked on, it wasn’t their business even if it were a family matter this was just between them. Well Dr. Arshad, did you see how Mr. Klay managed to do it? Dr. Amelia asked him. Dr. Arshad looked at her and smiled well guess I can tell you but when I am writing my report, I would mention that you were present when the session was ongoing and you also participated. You know you can’t have your cake and eat it, so what is going to be? He asked smiling, he knew curiosity would get the best of her. Must you make me say it? you know I want to know why you have been hard to get the asked okay to make things right I will read over your thesis for your third book the one you are about to publish. please Dr. Amelia pleaded with him.“Okay I will tell you during the lunch break but we would trade shifts agreed?” he looked at her with a grin on his face.” Okay, we will but just for a day on
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