Bitten By A Rogue Alpha

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Bitten By A Rogue Alpha

By: Zuxian OngoingWerewolf

Language: English

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Elvies, a 16 years old loser fell in love with the hottest girl, not only in her class, but in the school. Claudia, a girl who dates only the most powerful and richest of the kids. He loves her so much but she seems to be way out of his league. One day, their history teacher got sick and they got a substitute. A substitute who taught them about Lycanthropy, and the history of his state which once was the home of Werewolves. Since all Claudia wanted was a powerful person, his curiosity urged him into finding more until he discovers the greatest secret. But will power be enough to win Claudia over? What if after getting the power, she yet rejects him? What if she accepts but he discovers later that being powerful goes beyond getting bitten by an Alpha! What if he doesn't turn into a Werewolf but something else which will plunge everyone he loves into danger?; his mother and bestfriend, Ella. And complicate his life more than help! What will a poor 16 years old do?!

1 chapters
He crept into the dark room and closed the door gently, his face to the door. He switched on the light and turned. He gasped at the middle aged woman seated on the sofa with a stern gaze fixed on him. He freaked out..."Hell... You can't just do that, mom."She stood up,"One thing I won't understand is why you crept into your own room.""Maybe because..."Words eluded him."I'll help you. Maybe because you didn't want to explain where you're coming from at this hour of the day. Check your time. It's 11Pm Elvies. Where did hell are you coming from?""Pub --""You're drinking? Do I need to remind you that you're just 16...""No, I mean school."She squinched her eyes,"You were being taught how to turn into a Werewolf on a full moon?"He grunted and hurried to her. He hugged her tightly, squeezing her wide frame in his 16 years old, skinny chest."I love you Mom. I'll just go to sleep now."
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