Black Card

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Black Card

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Steal the CEO's Black Card or his cold heart? "Please... Please sir I'm begging you, I didn't steal the card. Please believe me" Belle hopelessly begged, tears welling her already messy face. "You deserve to be in prison...fraud!" the store manager exclaimed in pure disdain, glaring as he snickered. Belle was an orphan from a young age, struggling for her dream. A dream of becoming a great doctor. A dream she weaved together with her late parents. For several years, a tiny room in a dilapidated building served her humble home, living at the mercy of others. Most of the time she has empty pockets and an empty stomach. She endured the ridicule from wearing worn-out clothes and torn shoes for medical school. Life is a struggle for her but never did she think of stealing, especially the BLACK CARD of the famous and cold CEO, Ethan DelValle.


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Chapter 1 - Black Card
Belle hesitated to go to the counter to pay for the things inside her cart. She took a deep breath as sweat formed on her forehead. Knowing it would cost so much but she had no choice. She needed all of what was inside for her hospital internship. She has spent all her savings on other school requirements and she still needed more. Her salary from her part-time work is still on the weekend and she doesn't want to touch the remaining money she has from her parents' insurance.  With a remaining year to finish her medical school, she has to stretch every resource she has, to survive.  Staring at her cart again, she took another deep breath to ease the tension constricting her chest since earlier. Wanting to end her predicament, she mindlessly rushed towards th
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Chapter 2 - The Black Card's Owner
The pain in Belle's whole being seemed to succumb her into the darkness that she didn't complain when they made her sit in the corner of the shop while waiting for the policemen who indeed arrived after a while.  "Officer brings this girl to the station, she stole this card and attempted to use it here. She is a fraud" the cashier pointed Belle to the police officers. The officers stared at her with a scrutinizing gaze before turning back to the cashier.  "Have you tried to contact the owner of the card? Did the owner declare the card stolen?" the officer casually asked.  "We have just informed the owner officer but his assistant received my call" the manager interrupted and explained.  "Then we have to wait for them, I just can't arrest her witho
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Chapter 3 - The CEO
  She looked so scared and unexpectedly too skinny when I held her body. She hid her face in my chest the whole time we were walking towards the entrance where my limo was waiting. Her chestnut brown hair covered my chest and hid her face from anyone's curious eyes.  I held her gently, so afraid I might break her fragile bone and only let her go when we had to enter the opened door of the vehicle the head of my security is holding. " room is at building Z behind the J Mall" she mumbled softly when we were seated inside. I could see her awkwardly looking around inside the vehicle. I noticed her joined hands on her lap she had been unconsciously wringing the minute she let go of me. "That's a slum area there," I said casually, containing my gri
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Chapter 4 - Belle
We arrived at a seemed-to-be-exclusive property and I am in awe of the vastness of the whole place. A huge mansion is proudly towering the well-maintained garden adorned by different lights. "Is this your house?" I shyly asked while feeling so conscious of his intent gaze. I just can't guess what he is thinking with his unreadable expression.  "Yes and your home from now on" he just briefly said with the same expressionless face. I stared at him for a while and turned to look at the huge mansion in front of us. "It's so huge" I mumbled softly with pure admiration.  "It's empty" I heard him whisper. I turned to him and stared at his face. Looking at the mansion, his gaze was blank. I don't know what he meant but
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Chapter 5 - Spoiled
  "Here's your toothbrush, brush your teeth now" Ethan handed Belle the new toothbrush and got his own from the rack. They both brushed their teeth while looking at each other in the mirror. Something inside of Ethan felt a peculiar warmth while looking at their reflections doing something so intimate. It never crosses his mind he could do what he was doing now until Belle happened. He never allowed anyone to get close to him to the extent of sharing this simple act of brushing teeth, but with the girl he just met at the bar, it surprisingly felt so right.  On the other hand, Belle is already wearing the pajama set from Ethan. It is a lot bigger for her small frame. She felt more secure wearing something, the man who has always helped her, owns.  "You should eat a lot, you are so skinny" Et
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Chapter 6 - Ethan's Buns
Belle abruptly paused and gawked at the bathroom door where the half naked Ethan is standing, only with pajama pants, freely displaying the very prominent six packs abs and the sinful v-shaped that Belle doesn't want to think of where it leads. She even shook her head just to shake off the indecent thoughts that suddenly creeped her mind. Upon seeing the almost horrified look on Belle's face, Ethan absentmindedly looked at himself to check what caused Belle's stunned expression. "Something wrong Belle?" Ethan worriedly asked while he took a step towards her. Belle blinked a few times while trying to compose herself, unfortunately, the cause of her instant panic is
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Chapter 7- Silly Old Man
"Mr. Oh another delivery of four game machines and one dance machine" one of the securities informed Oh of the delivery truck parked in front of the mansion that they just have finished  checking.Oh just shook his head in disbelief as he led and instructed the delivery men where to put the machines. It's been a week that deliveries of different things kept on arriving in the mansion.The first one was the freezer of gelato, then a whole library of medical books and instructional materials, laptops, desktops, and medical dummies of different kinds.There are also four big candy vending machines scattered around the whole mansion. The construction of the pool slide is also ongoing and almost finished.A playroom was also renovated for different online and virtual games.Read more
Chapter 8 - Appointment
"Mr. Oh, do you think I could go to Ethan's office today?" Belle is eating her gelato while watching the butler arranging the newly delivered fruits and vegetables. Her exam ended and she already has a lot of free time and she doesn't know what to do despite all the things that Ethan bought for her. "You missed master Ethan?" Mr. Oh smiled and asked teasingly. Belle blushed profusely and quickly ate a spoonful of gelato which made Mr. Oh chuckle with her act. "You can visit him anytime, Mistress Belle, I'm sure he won't mind" Mr. Oh answered when he saw Belle's uncomfortable
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Chapter 9 - First Kiss
While inside the elevator, Ethan and Pete remained quiet while Belle  persistently reminded both of them about the appointment slip that she had promised to the reception desk personnel. The two men would just nod and smile at her just to appease her mind. The instant they stepped out of the elevator, curious stares from the CEO's staff welcomed Belle who abruptly held onto Ethan's arm because of sudden consciousness from all the eyes focused on her. There are some familiar faces that Belle have recognized, especially Mitch who is already smiling brightly at her which helped her to relax. Everyone at the CEO's office including Ethan's secretaries were already expecting that the very intimidating CEO have a very important visitor which caused h
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Chapter 10- Bullied
 Belle entered the classroom and she was welcomed by every eye with different expressions, some were scornful, some are curious while most of her friends were warm and welcoming. Early that morning, Belle was seen coming out from a black luxury vehicle, specifically a limo parked in front of the medical building and in front of every student's curious eyes. Most of the days starting when she lived with Ethan and she had Mac as her personal driver, she would usually come out of the vehicle away from medical faculty. She would also see to it that no one is around who possibly knew her everytime she came out of the car, but today Ethan sent her to the university and she cannot beg him to just drop her at the gate. "Take care of yourself Belle" Ethan told her for she didn't know how many times since they left the mansion which only made h
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