Blood Color:Dawn Chasing Sunlight

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Blood Color:Dawn Chasing Sunlight

By: NeihZeleno OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ceptica is a child of the noble gods but has no ability to create but only the ability to destroy everything. She was possessed by other gods except her cousin Zeno and their grandfather. After all, when she was suppressed by the responsibility of a god for so long, what would she have to do?


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From the very beginning of reality, the first and only concept that exists is the Void, which is the synthesis of all things combined perfectly to the very end. Under the omnipotence of the void was created a unique god possessing omnipotent and omnipotent power, the first god to bear the title of GOD. But she has no name, no emotion or reason. Simply a god of power to the point of boredom, even he understood that and decided to create the first three definitions of the universe: time, space, and two concepts that go together. is death and life is called birth and death. Time is created like a flow, will always pass no matter how hard you try to hold on. Space is the definition of the existence of creation. These two conceptual aspects are not independent, but intertwine to create a new concept of spacetime. Spacetime is a space containing an abundant source of primordial energy formed by time divided into 3 groups
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From the outside of the small blue-black ball mixed with Melaleuca, it is as small as a small marble but it is the reality of the world. It gradually expanded in all directions at an extremely slow speed. It hovered between a pointed peak that pulled down from above forming a spear with the top of which was the universe. That spear was lying at the bottom of the abyss, it was in a large room. It's the Castle Out Side All Of Rules. It was a giant castle, it was suspended in the middle of a huge black void that stretched the temple to the extreme. It is an inter-reality void, it has absolutely nothing but nothingness, it is simply emptiness. It is divided into 4 floors, the first 3 floors are the living floors of godness and Voida, the other floor is the place that contains the world.On the long stairs leading from the bottom floor of the Castle, there was a girl whose hair was as black as space. Her gaze was sharp as if to cut off the look itself, but there was something abse
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God From Void
"May I ask why you have to deal with a lowly person like me?""I told you to ignore that quick rule. What I want to ask is how is it going with what I told you?""sir... still can't...""I'm not surprised, anyway, it's already hard for someone like you who represents destruction to create an artifact, so it's a bit overwhelming but you should still try. .""Yes sir Voida, but why do you have to when death is also an artifact?""Then is it really an entity?""Sir... but it can also have an avatar...""But that's essentially the same thing as creating a new god. Remember the law I made?""Yes, the number one rule is not to continue to create new gods from personal power, the only exception is the transfer of power.""You still don't have the flexibility they have.""You mean that species?""Whatever, I allow you to retreat.""Yes, thank you, sir."She bent over and knelt down and slowly backed o
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Rule Of Life
In the midst of that silence, she once again lurks alone. Ceptica has always been like that, a loner, perfectionist to the point of calculation, and especially different from her brother. She is ready to fight anyone who dares to offend her mother. She walked along the corridor to the balcony and sat there, waiting. In the distance, footsteps could be heard."Are you always here?""Where are there so many?""No, the answer is yes. Whenever there's a conflict with you or your relatives, whether I um... "missed" or not, I won't come here to sit."- he said as he sat down next to his sister.The two of them were sitting on the railing of the stairs to go up and down. It is rarely visited by people, so it is quite reasonable for anti-social elements like this."So you're not going to come here all of a sudden? So what's the point?""Huh... That's right, my sister. Never guess what I mean. So can you take care of The World for me tomorrow?""Fine, but what do you do?""It looks like it, but
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The Lost At Sea
From the surface of the sea, the huge convoy slowly turned to the southeast, the huge waves tearing away the blood algae. It makes the next time you pass by there will be some problems with the amount of marine life but it doesn't last long so it can be put aside. After a long night, the sun is finally taking back the sky from the night in the battle called dawn. Meanwhile in a small, moldy room with a strong smell of rusty metal."AGH! What kind of muscle pain is this?!" He said while showing a face like he's been constipated for 10 years.His body hasn't been able to get used to the training regimen of "carrier particles drifting gently across the tissues" so the muscles are cramping. He stood up tiredly, or rather lazily. Finally he got up and put on his training suit, not going to fight Seleva, of course, but to fight Kevin himself. He opened the door slowly, the squeak lingering in the empty hallway. He changed rooms so he didn't know anyone, he walked along the corridor. Occasio
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