Bloody Hope

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Bloody Hope

By: Poem Qi OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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After the murder of his parents, Glenn left his hometown. His soul is free, he left all the assets and wealth owned by his parents because he did not want to be trapped in the drama of fighting over inheritance with other family members. He thought his life would be better after leaving everything behind. However, the longer his life feels empty, there is no passion for life. Until finally, he reached the point of choosing death. On the floor of the apartment he lives in, he decides to jump. However, something odd happened. Across from the filthy apartment building he lived in, he had seen the murder incident firsthand. The face of the killer is recorded and how sad the murder ended the victim's life. His suicidal intentions were hampered. He called an emergency number to report the murder. However, he suddenly gets a terror claiming to be the killer he is about to report. A strange and magical thing happened. Glenn got a whisper from the killer and at that moment he jumped from the 11th floor without having a chance to report the murder incident. Glenn thought he was dead, but instead, he woke up and was in the hospital. Two policemen pointed at him with various questions. They make Glenn a witness to the serial murders, and he doesn't remember what happened. The police said that the serial murder case was related to the deaths of his parents. What about Glenn's fate? What did he forget? And why was he involved in such a complicated case? How did he and the police solve the case? Follow their story to the end!

1 chapters
Bloody Night
Chapter 1That day was when Glenn entered the University of Palanesia, one of the elite universities in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. On the same day, he received a violation sanction for his attack on a group mate during his inspection period."He hit me first!" shouted the young man in the black jacket. In his nostrils, there is a tissue to gag the blood that comes out. His right eye was black and blue and his lips were also slightly torn at the end.The short-haired campus senior stared at the suspect. "Glen. Do you admit it?""Not.""Fuck!" Tora, who felt victimized here had a tantrum, he had already grabbed Glen's collar. Luckily, other campus seniors who were on guard behind managed to break up the dispute.A heavy sigh escaped from Aska, the short-haired senior. "Then why did you hit him?""Only want?""Look! He's a crazy psychopath! I'm sure he got into this university only because of his rich family. He'd rather be a thug than a student!"Glen didn't flinch. His gaze didn't
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