Casanova's Fall

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Casanova's Fall

By: Evil Queen CompletedRomance

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Maeve was just an ordinary girl aiming to work for life when a billionaire playboy named Zachary came to her life. At first, she don't have an interest to a drop-dead-gorgeous-man, because she doesn't have a model-type body, but when he asked for her to marry him in a platonic relationship, she was confused. They don't know each other, but the man was eager. Eventually, she married him after he wooed her for months as she slowly fell in love. Zachary liked her and he was attracted to her, but his heart will never fall in love to the woman. They had sex as what he wanted and she did everything to please him and to be perfect for him. He liked every inch of her body and he liked her cooking. He's perfect as a wife and a sex partner. Maeve found out about his unfaithfulness even from the start of their honeymoon. She endure it and continue to be perfect. Until, she had enough and leave him.


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46 chapters
--Maeve--I tried hard on the test. Well, not hard. I try to read and reviewed yet nothing gets inside my head. Written tests are not my specialty and I have to review and review or whatnot. I only wanted to study when it was about an interesting subject, like psychology, literature, and English. But f~ck it, it's not that I don't like my course."Note us when everything is settled, Maeve." One of my classmates told me with a cleverish grin. I sniggered."When something gets in on my head," I look at my close friend in my college life. She memorizes a few of them and I don't memorize a single thing except Public Relations. "Therese, you got me right." I wink.In college, teamwork is one of the things that we always do during quizzes, summative tests, midterms, and finals. Half of the class are very cooperative during the tests and some of the professors don’t care at all.Some professors made
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Stalking Possible Wife
--Zachary--"Just woo the woman. Then don't tell her father. You could ask for a platonic relationship." Travis kept making my head stressed more than it was right now.I don't even really like the woman. Her father was just someone that a business friend of mine knows. They have a reputation and she's from a good family. A perfect family and maybe a good girl to be a wife. Just f~ck it! Finding a wife that my grandmother likes are more frustrating than finding a girlfriend."I'll start courting?" I muttered as a decision."Yeah! Bribe her family, it will work. She got a beautiful older sister, yet she's taken, and she seemed so in love with her boyfriend. And there's another who is tall and slender, however, she's with someone else and the others are still kids.""I got lots of choices!" I scowled at him."You got a lot of choices, but the best is the greatest." Travis winked. I wanted to punch the man right through h
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*Zachary*"Maeve! I need you!" she stopped. I can hear her breathing. "What do you want me to do? I didn't say anything about this to your mom or dad because they will truly get mad at me. My grandmother is dying, and I need a wife. A decent one—" she turned around. "Well, I like it. Because you are yourself.""I'm not." Why does she sound so angry? And looking into her eyes, I can see sadness. She’s very expressive "Why won't you ask someone else?" I feel guilty right now. Nobody ever made me feel guilty."I want you. Isn't that simple?" I said nonchalantly. "You only want me to be your wife, nothing else. Right?" maybe she's also thinking about platonic."Yes. In that way, you could still enjoy your life, do what you want. You could have what I have. Plus, I’ll give you everything you need. Material things.” "I don't think so. I plan to be unmarried until I die." She said sardonically and walked
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--Maeve--My birthday pass and Valentine. I am still single. I never told him that we are together, but I agreed on marrying him and asked for a prenup. He laughed at me telling me that he won't snoop on my account. He didn't provide one. I am still thinking of what he is planning.I thought a lot of negatives and I am sure that in the end I will be left wounded and defeated from the battlefield. I never received a gift or even chocolates from him, he was back in the city and he will be back where I don't know when. But I hope that he will come back to me. After days of dating, I was always laughing with him and I always bully him. I had fun on our hiking and other dates. He said that he wanted to go to the beautiful places on the island and so I accompanied him.I always feel gloomy and I am always thinking if he would ever love me. Would he? I even work out a lot and make my skin fair and so on and forth just to be beautiful for him. Why am I
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Kissing and Sunset
ZacharyI hate it when she's all that emotional and she kept on overthinking and it's making me guilty. She's not even a girlfriend material or a wife material. I could find someone else, but we agreed on this and I already gave my grandma's ring to her. I showed my grandma our photo together on our hike, and she said that she likes her. She said that she wished that this is a big change for me to stop being a Casanova.I haven't even kissed her. She's so innocent and I never had an innocent with me before. When we got to their house, everyone was in the living room and I gave her little sisters the pizza that they were pleased with simple pizza.Her father and I drink beer outside. We just talked about a few things and I didn't expect that he would say that among his daughter she's the very sensitive one. I shouldn't make her cry. I shouldn't fool her. I didn't expect all of those. Maybe I could seduce women while we are together for sex, I c
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Torturous Attraction
MaeveWe get on the plane. He told them that he's going to take care of me, and we are going to be back soon with his grandmother. I don't know what's happening to me. But I like him. It's making me crazy. He kept kissing my hand and then my face. Making myself beautiful and making myself fitter was worth it all.A car picked us up and I met Travis again and another guy named Warren. They are handsome guys. Warren and Travis have a lot of sense of humor and I laugh with them. Warren seemed to flirt with me and I just noted it to him. He sounded like flirting.We somehow seemed to be more like walking on the busy road. The car is moving slowly because of slow-moving cars. What's with the city and traffic? I somehow creased my brow."I didn't expect that you would be that casual," Warren told. "Still you are beautiful darling." He winked."Thanks, Warren, but really, no need for flattery. Can I ask you a question?" I ask him. He smiled and nod
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To Love Her?
ZacharyShe had fallen asleep. Damn, a while ago, I just saw a full mold of her breast. It was small but perky. I slowly move and throw the throw pillows as I look at her sleeping. She moved and turned in my direction."Move away." She muttered. I didn't. Instead, I join her on the duvet and face her."Let's have sex.""Fuck yourself." She muttered. She turned back and pulled the cover over her head."Let's watch porn." I offer with a grin."Just go fuck yourself." She said it again, but it sounds cute. "I wanted you to watch me fuck myself," I smirked and waited for her reaction.She sat up like a zombie and started smacking me with the pillow. I complain and cover myself from her wild attack. I grabbed her wrist, pinned her down, and got in between her legs. Her eyes widen as I move down kissing her mouth. She might have felt that I am aroused because of her. I don't care. This innocent one needs a lecture.I kiss her
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Road to Perfection
MaeveI enjoy shopping though I still feel conscious and very much worried that they spend a lot on me. I feel really shy about it. Nobody has ever spent me this big. I just wish that I don't go through with this. But I'll surely get used to all of this. I don't want them to spend big on me."I'll just have a meeting." He told me as he put his suit on. I only nodded and went to my room to work out since grandma was already sleeping, too tired from all of the walking and choosing clothes and it's already ten in the evening. I need to sleep. I must sleep, but my exercise should come first to have a good sleep. I started with stretching and warm-up and started on hard things to do. I have my earphones and continue enjoying the music. I got startled when Zac appeared beside me without his suit. He's only wearing his workout shorts. I have to say, he got those nice packs. I look down on my time and just ignore him.I'm only wearing my yoga pant
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To Make Him Happy
MaeveWorking out, making myself beautiful, helping Olivia, and joining her in the garden and whatever activities are the things that I did in their house. I never get bored at all. I also enjoy Zumba and so on and forth. Then, after that, she taught me how to bake and cook his favorite foods. Damn, I hate him for telling me that he doesn't have a favorite food. His favorite food is Mediterranean and Mexican. He also eats a lot, so we make food for the boys that are coming over. I understand now that his business associates are all Casanovas. How can I fall in love with one? Yes, I can't even imagine that I fall in love with him so hard. This stupid heart of mine.My days here that turned into weeks and almost a month were always memorable. His kiss, his touch, and his sweetness are making it hard for me to avoid the love that my heart wanted.Olivia told me to freshen up and dress presentable. I take a shower, freshen up my face, and put on the
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ZacharyIn two weeks, I'll be a married man. I'm anxious and the butterflies in my stomach kept flapping crazily. I don't want to get married but I already promised my grandmother and her to make these all work out. But I'm all worn out. I badly need a woman and sex. I called Travis and asked for a woman just for three days. I left my office and went to the hotel. The woman is already there and I'm sure that she's clean.She was petite as well but with big fake boobs. I removed my shirt and my pants as she rolled on the bed and turned back, already excited. She's wearing a thong nothing else. Her ass was round, and I couldn't believe that it was also fake. I'm disappointed. I put my condom on and felt her pussy. Already wet.I knelt between her spread legs and I stick my cock deep inside her. She groaned loudly."Yes, baby." She purred. "I love your big dick inside me. Fuck me faster. Fuck me so hard.""I will." I grin and started fucking he
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