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Youtasuke Hikaru was born and raise in the slum ruins of Ishmael he always wanted to be a hunter but he couldn't only the persons inside of the wall could be hunters. one night on his way to shop he found a man that was a hunter but he was hurt one thing led to a another the man decided to give Youta his rank and power. Now Youta is able to go on the inside of the wall to be a hunter. A Science Fantasy mix with Robot, Demons swords and some what Magic.


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Chapter #1: The Boy In The Slum Part 1
In this world, power is everything. The weak will fall and the brawns will reign. The time is here. This is the shift in the matrix. We're your ranks separate the poor from the rich and the weak from the strong. 30 years ago a mysterious creature attacked the earth causing humanity to reduce in numbers, accusations and controversy began when the rich accused the poor for arranging this attack. 15 years went by as Time felt like it was going faster as the days' progress. People grew old and weary from the constant wasting of their life's and some were simply grateful for what they had left. A very hostile man was eager to change the world and turn it into a place of his own. Vindictive thoughts swarm his mind and new orders of the world were made when the earth was divided into two The rich and The Poor. A youthful boy runs through the darkened city. The small piece of land they lived on was filled with slum ruins from the past city of Ishmael. The young boy climbed the tallest tree
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Chapter #2: The Boy In The Slum Part 2
"ROOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!!" The man turned around to see that the WMC had jumped the wall. "mister what was that?" "there called WMC (worldly mysterious creatures) and it's what we fight and it's also what gave me this cut," he said as breathed heavily. The monster was catching up with them. The man wasn't looking good. " You have to run ill stall him," the man said as he quickly put youta on the ground. "What no, you're gonna get,"I know, kid," the man said with a smile on his face. "It's all in the game," he said as he pulled out a beaming light, it's shined in Youta's eyes as he squinted them. "GO NOW!" the man shouted in agony. He could bare to see the innocent child get hurt. He wanted the best for him. Youta stood behind the man as his body ran cold and still. The WMC then realized Youta And swing his gigantic left hand towards Youta's small frame. "NOO!!" The hunter jumped infront of Youta, taking the hit. The heavy hand connecting with the man's right side send him flying t
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Chapter #3: #7 Base
[In the city outside restaurant] A female robot waiter walks up to them, "What will you guys being having?" She said. "Hmm i will have a cup of coffee and anything the boy wants." Said Yuki "I will have ice cream." Said Youta. "Ok then coming right up." "Why did we stop here." said Youta. "Because i wanted to teach you about this world" Said Yuki. "Huh?" "You saw that big ass build on your way in?" "Yea the blue one." "That's where the 10 Generals also known as 10 Paragons and the Grand General stays and give us orders each of the 10 generals is giving a base to look over they get missions from The Grand General they give it to The Lieutenant Generals and The Lieutenant Generals gives it to The Major Generals and then they gives it to someone skill enough to handle it that's what we call The Chain of Command." Yuki Explain. The waiter comes back and place the order on the table, "Here's your tea sir and your ice cream sweetie." The waiter said.Thank you they both said toge
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Chapter #4: Check Up
Youta runs down the base halls with a mad brooks running behind him, "Brooks i said i'm sorry." "You son of a bitch"Youta runs behind Drianna, "Please help me." But he touch her butt by mistake so she slapped him in the face and shouted, "What do you think you're doing?"Youta apologized and begged for forgiveness, "I'm so sorry, it was an accident. I didn't mean to do it, I was just running from Brooks and panicked." Drianna hits him again sending him flying to the ground, "Die you pervert."Yuki walks pass and stops over him, "It seems like your making friends I'm proud of you see you later."Yuki walks by but Youta gets up, "Wait." He shouted.Yuki stops and turned around, "Huh what's wrong now.""Aren't you gonna ask what happened?.""Nope.""What kind of major General are you?""Fine let's go to my office." he puts out his hand and youta takes it he pulls up youta they both walk to his office after entering he locks the door. They both takes a seat, "Tell me what happened.""F
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chapter #5: Bradeema
[Outside ]Yuki, Youta, Drianna, Brooks and Freyja stands in front of a huge building."Wow this place is huge." Youta shouts "Ohh I forgot your not from around here so you would say that." Said Brooks."So your finally talking to me?" Youta asked."No I still hate you for what you did." Brooks replied then walked away from Youta. Yuki walks up to him, "Don't worry he will come around."Yuki walks in front of them and turns around which made the building behind him mhm Yuki clears his throat, "Enough of that I welcome you four to Bradeema." [few hours ago]KNOCK KNOCK Youta hears the door and get up out of his bed and stretch and yawn he pulls he's door and goes to front door and opens it to see Yuki. "Good your awake you and Drianna should get ready and meet me in the Mess Hall in 30 mins.""Hmm." Youta close the door and goes to Drianna room which is beside his and knocks Drianna Yuki sensei wants us meet him in the next 30 mins ok.""Yea ok." She gets up and sits up in the bed.
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Chapter #6: Combat Gear
"I need uniforms for these 4 before we going down to the abyss." Said Yuki."I see I see." The man answer "And knowing these time we can't send them down there without them." "I know that Yuki Come with me." They all walked out of the office and heads up stairs to the third room on the left.[Lab #3] They enter the lab as they did they see pads and computer with other advanced technology."You guys don't mind stepping into those pads over there I will only take your measurements by using them." Said the man."Ohk." They all said. They all step into different pads at the same time."So how is the wife?" Yuki Asked."You know she's fine she's actually down stairs looking after 1st base new members.""Is that so."BEEP! BEEP! "You guys can come out now." Said the old man. they walked over to Yuki and the professor."So here whats going to happen I will ask you some questions and you guys will answer for me." Said the professor."OK." Said Drianna."Yes." Said Youta."Sure." Said Frey
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Chapter #7: War Paragon
[#7th Base Training Room 9:00am]"So your saying all we need to do is to hit you just once and we win." Said Brooks."Yea why not just remember i will be testing your abilities and how far you are with them and how you use them." Yuki answered."Do we look like fools." Said Brooks."Yea do you think take us for fool Yuki how dear." Said Freyja."Huh? just do the thing the person who lands a hit I will buy them ice cream." Said Yuki."I won't do anything for ice cream I always wanted to fight you and see what your ranking and Ryoku was like." Said Drianna."Hmm you just read my mind Drianna." Said Brooks."Well then give me everything you got that is if you got anything." Yuki replies with a smile on his face."Alright then I will give you everything I got." Brooks said KNEEEENK!! Brooks activates his power and he's ranking starts to glow green his ranking was #75 which was located on the left side of his neck. SA-KNEEEEN!!!! He waves his hands in mid air and starts to creates weapons
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