Champions of Pantheons: Rexford's Tale

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Champions of Pantheons: Rexford's Tale

By: J Gaines OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Rexford made the deal with Destiny to make sure his friends had a chance as they were whisked away to be Champions. The bargain was surprising on the other end, however. Destiny's words were that of the most freedom one could expect. Even more so a champion. He just had to kill who it said as well as keep training. When asked why, only one answer was given. It will be needed to save his friends and family later on.


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We all serve in our own way. Part 1
A group of friends has gathered around for the first time in a long time this year. Less than ten of them so far. Still, more of them were supposed to arrive but were hung up with one problem or another.Whether it was a wreck, a stopped train, or just a flat tire, things were terrible and prevented them from meeting easily. Almost if an outside force intervened.The one who called the meet-up was their friend Rexford. Surprising since he was always busy with work or traveling for one thing or another lately. Most of them had known each other for 10-15 years.But the closest of the group knew each other for 20-30 years. Even serving with and against each other in the Unit.Drinking and carrying on as they caught up, some just couldn't wait for the others to make it and have fun. The weather was relatively calm right now, so walking was not that bad.*Woom!* An echo of an unusual sound traveled around the street corner. Originating not to far from R
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We all serve in our own way Part 2
"Stopped by a train that broke down, said she will be here eventually." Richard yelled back. He already had his tie around his head in a drinking contest with Katy. "I am going to dethrone you today!""Fat chance!" Katy picked up her pace drinking in bigger gulps now. It was slightly maddening to see her put away so much booze. Where did she keep it all?!"Hmm, maybe I was wrong." Rexford opened his phone checking a few text messages as they talked. He even received one from Rachel that asked if Leroy had made it already before her. 'Man, these two are going to have it bad in the future at this rate.'A Black and Gold light moved around a little in the bar and outside area. A trace of other lights leaving the others in the group. A thick Blue White light from Leroy seemed to grow quickly before vanishing.*Woom!* The environment started to slow down once more. Rexford had forgotten about it until just now, he looked to the street seeing the old-timer agai
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We all serve in our own way Part 3
*Woom!* The area warped as energy gathered once more. Lights flickering throughout the state and country in microseconds. Information that Rexford knew nothing about popped up in his head."I refuse!" Struggling to his feet despite all odds, Rexford stared the man-god down. Treating him no different than he would another person that was in the way of what he needed to do. "You are the one that wants Leroy! Well, you can't have him!" A man against an ascended man-God did not make for a good match. "Who grabbed Hector!?"His head whipped about trying to spot any other Deity in the area. But the only thing to happen was an increase to the destruction of his own body."Tiamat did." Gaia said simply. Seeing the power growing in Rexford, she wanted to show a little goodwill now for the future. She did not have the power to help him overall currently. "Michael was taken by Odin, Rachel by Hera, Valencia by Vishnu.. I think.. Joseph will be taken by...""Kuff!" R
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Cultivating Part 1 Going for the Bank
A "young" elf by the standards of the long lived race was deep in Contemplation in a secured chamber. His black hair caused his countenance to look even darker. Despite the grin on his face looking happy. It was a good thing the last of those who could have bothered him on the estate were occupied with the festival. *Schup!* The air stirred with black and gold lines of energy. The elf was none other than Rexford pushing himself to the limit to awaken fully to his soul. Making it his own completely after years of changing and applying the methods once more. His eyes opened wide looking around and reflecting what took place since everything happened. But something was still missing. AS if a part of him was stuck behind something. Focusing like he was told by Destiny when everything first happen, he pushed wayward energy about not minding his surroundings at the time. *Rip!* A hole was torn in the fabric of the Dimension within the room. A miniature Black and Go
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