Charlie is secret: Devil doesn't know he's a demon

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Charlie is secret: Devil doesn't know he's a demon

By: Seryna OngoingGames

Language: English

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Twenty-one detectives are captured in a castle, where they are forced to participate in a deadly game. Each day will be a different game, forcing them to use reasoning, intelligence, and action to win, whoever is unlucky will have to die. The winners will receive clues about the organizer, they must find that person - who is hiding inside them before the final game is over. All await the final game on the twenty-first: "Find the Devil." So at the end, who is the organizer? What will their fate be at the final gate?


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The shocking incident about the ancient castle has attracted the attention of the public, under the investigation of the police, the secret is hidden deep inside it still cannot be deciphered.A great fire rose at dawn, consuming the entire castle and the "dead bodies" inside. After DNA testing, the identities of nineteen bodies were soon turned to ashes.All are detectives.At that time a violent wave arose, and the expeditions ventured into the scene to search for evidence, but all returned empty-handed.Misinformation and fabricated stories began to appear all over the web, but no one knew exactly what happened at that time, except for the person who made up the incident.More than a month after public opinion had subsided, in a remote place in L.A., a meeting of the century took place and the answer to the story was gradually revealed.But before that, we will go back to twenty-one days before the shocking incident happened.***The sound of running water repeated over and over, d
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Who is the organizer
Our twenty-one detectives were all taken to the castle in a hazy state, one way or another, they didn't know exactly what happened, only when they woke up they were already there. Joe was taken away when he accidentally fell asleep while soaking in the bathtub. Joky was sleeping hugging his beautiful wife when he woke up, he was here. Jayne just finished a gala dinner in northern Italy, he's on his way back... They all have their own reasons, which add up to the crux of the matter: They were both asleep and arrested. This is enough to show that the force behind this is very large, able to secretly arrest a series of more than twenty-one people without anyone knowing it, without even touching the police. "Rest assured, if they can't contact me tomorrow, this will go to the police," O'Conner spoke to reassure them. The family who just asked him to investigate the case is a powerful and famous person, of course, the contract is also extremely strict after twenty-four hours can't con
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play game
Arrived. The preset time has arrived. The organizer shows up and the mortal game begins! The whole castle is fitted with antique speakers that emit monstrous sounds, and when the horror music plays, everything falls silent, everyone present holds their breath in anticipation. Award. The antique speakers have now become a radio tool, sending the organizer's message to them. The voice had been edited to make them unrecognizable, he said in a strange voice. "Welcome to our twenty guests." Twenty? Yes, he just said twenty, everything is clear. One of those who was hiding inside them was the organizer, he was always present inside them and started to manipulate. "Gentlemen, I'm 'inviting' you to come here because we're going to play a game." The speaker echoes an inaudible sound. "Raise your vigilance, for I am here among you." They looked around in search of the voice control that had been recorded before and was coming from someone, he had done a good job of dividing the camara
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