Draco Invictus

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Draco Invictus

By: Drew Archeron OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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At the end of a war, Drew, an elite member of the kingdom's top fighting unit, finds himself caught up in fate's threads as gods and unknown forces tug on him to accomplish a task he does not understand. the fate of the world could rest in his uncomprehending hands. Follow along as Drew and his closest teammates try to deal with an ever-changing world. The setting is a kingdom right at the dawn of new technology. Trains are a recent invention, and guns are only just being introduced as they are captured from Empire forces.

1 chapters
Chapter 1
Not long ago, these streets were quiet, in an unholy way. All hours of the day, the streets were busy with merchants, farmhands, and more, but the fearful silence and pure dread that hung over the masses was palpable. The invaders from the north had every corner and every alley manned by ruthless soldiers who didn't speak the common tongue and interpreted every side glance or passing comment as a seed of rebellion. The street boys died first. Of the entire country, the coastal kingdom of Pariscea had the rowdiest youth, those who naturally didn't take kindly to the hostile occupation of their land. Boys who normally spent their day pickpocketing local merchants quickly applied their trade to harassing the occupation soldiers, and met steel or lead for their efforts.  The entire thing had been a mess right from the start. When the Empire envoys first arrived on Pariscean shores from the North Sea, the king, Aleck Cros, should have immediately reported it to
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