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By: Peter-Kun OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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He's been reborn ten times. He never gets the fortune to be born with a loving family despite of his ability and feats. The gods always fail to make the right decision on reincarnating him. They decided to change the in-charge of the reincarnation system, formerly by Aurelius, the God of Life to Mortemus, the God of Death. Which they think could change the life circle of the hero, who's been through tragedy all his lives. Will they be able to make up for his tenth reincarnation? And will the hero save the world that is fated to end after twenty years of him being reborn? Little do they know, that what they did, is a complete

1 chapters
Chapter 1
(His Point of View)"Quite the family, they had." I twisted my feet out of disgust."You scum! Take these." And she handed me the goods we bought from the store. We took the pedestrian lane.Busy with my wild thoughts, I forgot that we're in the middle of the road and continued walking the lane even the light was green."Watch out you mor-" It all went black."What a pity, for a former savior to be reborn as pitiful as that." I heard someone spoke while I'm still unconscious, at least."I never thought it would end up this way."(Narrator's Point of View)It's raining heavy. A baby, was laid down in the middle of the forest. Waiting for the knock of death to come over. He is alone, yet he is not crying. What a brave creature.He was actually, not from this world. He got reborn as someone really different from previously was. He got very stressed in his previous life. Tortured by his family, mentally and physically. Gods never know
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