Every Planet A Kingdom: The Blacksmith

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Every Planet A Kingdom: The Blacksmith

By: Travis Sleuthhound OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Colton Paladin’s life is simple and nothing too peculiar– or at least that’s what he thinks. He is the son of the town’s most famous blacksmith, Snape Paladin, and so it is normal for him to see swords and shields, and spears and armor every time he wakes up the first hour in the morning. Living alone with his father in their wooden little house for almost his entire life, the eighteen-year-old Colton has never really wished for anything other than seeing his mother. . . although he knows it is impossible. She died when she gave birth to Colton, and that truth keeps on hunting the young man every time. Until one morning, he wakes up with his father’s presence unfelt in the house. There was no sound of a hammer pounding. There was no smell of strong coffee. There were no indistinct noises and grunts. It appears to be so strange for Colton not to see his old man in his usual workplace, so he decided to search the entire house. However, there were no signs of him. Not even a single clue of his whereabouts. Saddened, Colton returns to his room only to find on the floor of his bedroom a scroll that contains a note. As soon as he reads it, he realizes that he is about to get indulged in a magical world where portals are doors, planets are kingdoms, wars are games, and people are immortals. And just like every protagonist in a mystical quest, Colton also has a mission. To defend kingdoms, to stop invaders, and to find his missing father.

1 chapters
Chapter 1: The Scroll
What does it feel like being the son of the only blacksmith in town? For an eighteen years old Colton Paladin, it felt great and powerful in an unusual and strange way. All of their days were busy. All of the corners of their tiny, little house were always filled with people trying to get the service of his mighty father. But up to which extent?The sun was a huge ball of fire shedding rays that penetrated through the tattered and broken window of Well’s four-walled bedroom. It was the peak of the morning of 26th of September, and the only thing that woke him up was the thought of his father not calling his name. 6:00 AM had been his usual calltime, but now, it was already quarter to seven yet his father hadn't called him yet. Confused and wondering, Colton got off his bed and went straight to the kitchen. He expected their kitchen table to have filled in with food already because as usual, it was how everything would go. But strangely, again, nothing was on the table. Not even at le
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