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Jasmine Belmund was lured out of her home when she was one, by her adopted sister, Elizabeth Belmund. She got lost and as a result of the frantic search for her, her parents lost their lives in an accident. Elizabeth, who had been on a mission to the Belmund family home, sold out the family's secrets and company to their rival, the Cave family, rendering the family bankrupt. Jasmine created a time machine several years later, because she was keen on revenge. She came back to the past, and met with her sister, Elizabeth again, in a bid to fix up the sorrowful past that Elizabeth had created for her family.


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The Return Of The Lost Kid
It was a hot summer's evening. The heat burnt so intensely to the extent that it oozed out of the ground.Four-year-old Jasmine Belmund was wearing a blue patched lace dungaree, holding dearly to an old teddy bear that was as patched and worn out as the clothes she had on. The heat had caressed her face until it shone bright red like a strawberry fruit.She wiped off the sweat that trickled down her face, while she stared at the beautifully decorated home of the Belmund family in front of her. The house currently looked like a palace that hosted an important event.She was back.Jasmine was twenty when she started to commit her existence to studying science. She mastered the art of science for eight years, and invented a time machine. Now she had travelled back in time to twenty-four years ago, to the eve of the collapse of the Belmund family.In the hall of the Belmund family house, a sonorous interlude was being played by a classic violinist.Elizabeth Belmund was dressed in an eleg
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Big Brother
'Brother, they all bullied me,'' Elizabeth Belmund rolled her eyes, crying deceitfully, and hurrying towards Jason Belmund. She hugged his thigh and cried passionately to him.Jason Belmund wore a sophisticated suit, with his hair combed back to reveal his impeccable eyebrow.On his perfectly chiseled face that had the complexion of wheat, sat astute eyes. His eyes resembled those of a phoenix. Sharp and commanding. It was easy to figure out that his aura was too cold and high brew for the party that he stood in. He was a person of high class and importance, and had no business being in that gathering, whatsoever.His presence made the entire hall silent for a while, until gossiping and murmuring started to fill the space.''Elizabeth's elder brother is back,'' came a comment from a random person.''Is that not the lost child of the Belmund family?'' another inquired.''I doubt it. My mom told me that the Belmund child got lost when she was one year old. How would she have been able t
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She Can't Steal My Favors
Jason Belmund carried Jasmine into his room.All the servants in the house were surprised to witness this because nobody dared go into Jason's room, apart from Clarine, the nanny that had looked after Jason from when he was born.Not even Elizabeth Belmund entered his room.Jason was the eldest son of the Belmund family, and so was accorded maximum respect.He washed Jasmine's face, and then instructed his nanny, Clarine to give her a warm bath in his bathroom.Anyone that cared to read in between the lines, would know that the days in the Belmund family were about to change.''Go to a good clothing store and buy all the clothes that a four-year-old girl would wear,'' Jason instructed a servant as soon as Clarine shut the bathroom door to bathe Jasmine.Jasmine relaxed her body in the bath tub. She was exhausted from walking all the way from an orphanage at the edge of the city when she first crossed. She stuffed her little body into crowded buses, just to get to the Belmund residence
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Gregory's Wild Prank
''Big bro. I am back,'' Gregory Belmund announced when he got back home after receiving Elizabeth's call.''Wow. Is this my sister?'' he asked, looking at Jasmine on the dinning. She was eating.''You had better not bully your sister,'' Jason Belmund said to his little, mischievous kid brother. He stepped down from the staircase majestically, while he said the words to his brother, sternly.''Mmmm,'' Gregory hummed, inspecting Jasmine. He walked around the table with his arms at his back, and his eyes fixated on Jasmine, as would a military commander.''Tyrant. Our sister is so cute, how can I afford to bully her?'' Gregory asked his elder brother, pinching Jasmine's fluffy cheeks in admiration. He had a lofty smile on his face while he looked at her.''I actually have a gift for her,'' Gregory said, handing out a beautifully wrapped present to Jasmine. ''As soon as I received the news of her return, I knew I had to act like a decent elder brother, and buy her something nice,'' he add
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Alleged Safe Haven
Elizabeth felt sick to her stomach, as a result of what Jason just said.''Does he mean that he is going to ask me to leave the Belmund family? Never,'' Elizabeth said to herself while she thought hard about what Jason said, and what to do to make sure that she didn't leave.Her mission in the Belmund family had not been accomplished.Elizabeth's father, although he owned the title of the President of the Cave family, was not a legitimate son of the Cave family. That was just a mere title that could be ripped off him as soon as the time presented itself.Ordinarily, Elizabeth ought to be the eldest lady of the Cave family, but her father's son-ship in the family was not bonafide, so she was given the task of embezzling the Belmund family funds and properties to the Cave family, so that her father could have bragging rights.The Cave family had so many descendants, and her father claimed to be one of them, although his affiliation with the Cave family was questionable.''We are countin
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He Has A Stray Child?
There was a stir in the office when Jason showed up with Jasmine.''Who is this toddler? Does Jason have a kid from the streets?'' The gossiping among Jason's employees started.''But how? This man is always cautious and disciplined. How is it possible that he has a kid? He doesn't even fancy the idea of having women around, how can this kid belong to him?'' People wondered.''Well. We are just employees, we can never tell. He may avoid the women, but for how long? One of them must pin him down, now here we are,'' Jason's employees came to a majeured resolve.Jasmine never imagined that she would make the Belmund family company go bananas all because she made an appearance.Jason took Jasmine inside the office, to his lounge.There was everything that a four-year-old could imagine to want in that office. From sugar snacks to sour lemonade. Whate ever mood Jasmine decided to be in, there was pretty much a solution for her in that office. Unless her older self wanted to misbehave and de
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Pick A Side
''Gregory Belmund!'' Jason barked at the little spoilt kid. His voice echoed throughout the Belmund family house, for everyone to know that Gregory was in trouble, and sent an instant chill of forced discipline around the house.''The tyrant is back so soon,'' Gregory whined and threw himself on the sofa. He didn't express any fear for Jason at all.Gregory's eyes fell on Jasmine, and he beckoned her to come to him.''Don't you want to be friends with me?'' Gregory asked Jasmine while he called her to his stead. ''Come here then, I am merciful, I will give you a chance,'' he added.''If this good-for-nothing boy ever bullies you, you can tell me about it at any time,'' Jason told Jasmine, patting her head fondly.''You just try to bully her and see where that lands you. I dare you to bully her,'' Jason glared at Gregory and threatened him.''I am not afraid of you, tyrant,'' Gregory replied to Jason, making a ridiculous face at him. ''If only I was big enough to claim my share of the
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Who Tore The Document
''Take this little annoying brat to the tyrant's study,'' Gregory ordered a maid after he had watched Jasmine pick up the photo with satisfaction.''Please, master Gregory, I dare not enter Sir Jason's study. Please, have mercy,'' the maid begged Gregory, trembling at his feet. The maid almost fell over her head because of the way she trembled and begged Gregory for mercy.''Gregory, why don't you ask the maid to take me to Elizabeth, so that Elizabeth can take me to Jason's study. Then I will collect the document,'' Jasmine suggested before Gregory had the chance to attack the maid.Gregory thought about it.Jasmine had a point. If Elizabeth also hated Jasmine, and waned her out of the house, then Elizabeth should do some work as well to see that her wish came to pass. Why was he, Gregory, the only one working to make it happen? While Elizabeth would sit back and enjoy the plot.''Okay then. Take her,'' Gregory muttered to the maid.The maid heaved a sigh of relief and directed Jasmi
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''Jacob, has the surveillance detected anything?'' Jason Belmund asked the butler who appeared to have been keeping a track of the argument that was going on.''Yes sir. We have, but the video recording showed that Miss Elizabeth led Jasmine to the study, and left her there,'' Jacob, the butler said with a nervous streak. ''After the little Miss came out of your study, we saw her little teddy bear in her hand as well as the document, but she disappeared into a corner of the stairs, and after she showed up from the corner of the stairs, the document was no longer in her hands. The corner of the stairs is a blind spot, and the surveillance video does not capture up to that point, so we cannot tell for sure what happened there. But there are pieces of shredded paper littered at the corner of the stairs,'' Jacob explained to Jason.He wiped off the nervous sweat that had started to form on his face because of the sensitive issue at hand.It seemed likely that the document was taken to a
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Beautiful Chaos
Elizabeth's face flushed, but she was quick to spring back into action.''Bailey, you were the one that told me that, as long as I can make Jasmine go into big brother's room to seize the document, that big brother will hate Jasmine and like me again. Why did you hurt me this much? I have been with you for so many years since I lived here, yet you portray me in a bad light,'' Elizabeth turned to her maid and blamed her.Jason's eyes fell on Bailey.''Please, sir Jason, forgive me. I was the one that made her do it. I cajoled her into it because I was afraid the attention of all the young Belmund sirs in the house will be so stuck on Jasmine, that they would forget about Elizabeth. Please have mercy,'' Bailey pleaded with Jason.''You, Bailey, are guilty of instigating people without the civil capacity to steal commercial confidential documents,'' Jason told the maid. ''Jacob, call the police,'' he added.Elizabeth and Bailey's faces turned pale. They felt as if they were going to pee
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