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Legends fade into myth with the passage of time, but the legacy of the soul lives on. It is born again, urged by destiny, fueled by turmoil and kindled by calamity. In a futuristic star system dominated by superior races, a human researcher develops God Formula, a technology that paves the way to omnipotence. However, as fate would have it, something goes horribly wrong. His dream of human emancipation is not realized. Centuries later, an ordinary boy, obsessed with video games and oblivious of the epic events of the past, is catapulted into a treacherous world where hybrids, cyborgs, and mages eclipse the weaker races. Born physically weak and clumsy, the boy walks into an age of technology in which the real world is no different from a video game! -------------------------------------- What you will find in this story- 1) Extensive worldbuilding 2) Large ensemble of characters 3) Grammatically correct text (suggestions still welcome) -------------------------------------- Read this if you like- 1) Video games, mainly MMORPG 2) Anime: Sword Art Online, Log Horizon 3) Manga/ Manhwa: Solo Leveling, Eden, Overgeared 4) Science fiction, space travel, futuristic content 5) RPG: Dungeons and Dragons --------------------------------------


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01 Prologue: The Battle of Ent- I
| YEAR 2046 || The Ent Plains || PLANET TELEFLAT || RUSUS-AFEL STAR SYSTEM |"Where is your God now?" Dagon's voice boomed across the sprawling landscape and rebounded from the treeless hills that peeked from the horizon.A drag trail extended from him to a quarter-mile away, where Griffin lay spread-eagled on the moist soil.Dagon's slash against Griffin's armor had been so powerful that the impact had flung the man on his back, skidding into the distance. If not for the Aegis device, Griffin would have ended up as a bloody stain on the ground.Aegis was in battle mode. A form-fitting armor covered Griffin from head to toe, in sunlight gold. It was made of pure adamantine, a self-replicating metal not found in the mines of any planet in the star system. The recesses of the armor were etched with equation lines glowing electric green. It was said Aegis could withstand the impact of a falling meteor. Adamantine was unbreakable, and it nullified most physical attacks.Dagon made a gar
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02 Prologue: The Battle of Ent- II
Ching! Cling! Clang!Metal plumes fanned out from behind Aegis with a wingspan of over ten feet. Griffin crouched, and debris around him stirred and shifted. Then he shot up into the sky like a cannon. The suit made him soar like an aircraft. But, faster.[ Elevation 100ft ][ Elevation 500ft ]As Aegis zoomed upwards, Griffin looked down and saw the figure of Dagon getting smaller and smaller until he was a speck. [ Elevation 1000ft ][ Elevation 5000ft ]The HUD indicated that he had achieved MACH speed.His insides seemed to be on fire.[ Optimizing Oxygen Levels ][ Optimizing Vital Organs ][ Elevation 11000ft ]Griffin breached the surface of the clouds with a flub and came to a halt midair. The Aegis device hummed rhythmically. A sense of fulfillment came over her. Man and machine had become one. Griffin hovered in the air, taking a scan of the panorama.The natural spectacle was enthralling. The sky above the clouds was a cerulean blue. With the two suns Rusus and Afel, sett
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03 For Humanity’s Sake~
| YEAR 2699 || Concord City || PLANET GALATEAA |Noah walked on the footpath with a canvas bag slung over his shoulder. He kicked a stone to the curb. It bounced on the asphalt and banged into a utility pole. He hit the pole on his first try and looked around for appreciation from bystanders. There was none.It wasn’t very crowded on the 7th street of Area G, one of the eight human settlements of Concord. Shabby-looking people went about their gloomy lives, paying no attention to his pole-hitting feat. The ramshackle buildings on either side faded into the shadows of the evening. Loud noises were forbidden after 6 P.M. An occasional enforcement vehicle went by with its flashers blinking.Noah was headed for the evening classes of his final year at Synergy High. The school was open both in the early and the late hours. Not that anybody could tell the difference at the time of the year. It was three weeks into the eclipse quarter when the Zort cloud passed between planet Galateaa and
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04 Leave Me Alone!
"What do you think of her?"Noah turned in his seat to see Piper Lee join him with his food plate. The cafeteria was bustling with students, and he had found a rickety table in the back that nobody else ever used. Piper looked like a human, except that one of his eyes was bionic. The natural eye was fixed on him while the mechanical one was trained at the other end of the cafeteria, where the popular students hung out. "Who are you talking about?" Noah asked timidly, wishing that Piper would leave him alone. He had spoken to the boy a few times before, but those occasions were purely accidental. At the moment, he found no acceptable reason the cyborg would approach him out of the blue. It was intrusive and annoying. "Her! Eve Trinity! The transfer student!""I don't know. I haven't paid her any attention.""Oh really? I caught you ogling at her, man. As if she were a slab of chocolate.""So were you.""Well, yeah, now that we have established that, tell me what you think of her."N
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05 Call Me for Misadventure~
The Sanctum's terrestrial rapid-transit system (RTS) featured Mach-speed magnetic trains for enforcers and sub-Mach tube trains for the general public. Ordinary subways had both underground and surface stations. The latter sported a ramp that carried tube-trains from one level to another. Piper Lee briskly approached the sub-surface station entrance on Synergy High 3rd Avenue."Wait up!" Noah called out, panting."Man, you barely have any stamina. You're almost like an old man.""Duh! I'm not a cyborg like you are. I don't have mechanical body parts.""That's no excuse. You gotta get some exercise, yo.""There's no need to get all preachy here. What we are doing is a one-time thing-""Shh!" Piper silenced him and motioned towards a girl walking ahead in the crowd. She slung a spider-silk crossbody bag over a leather jacket and jeans. A RazorCars cap was pulled down low over her head. RazorCars was one of the most popular sports in the Rusus-Afel star system. It was a no-holds-barred
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06 Run for Your Lives!
“Eve! How did you do that?” Piper cried out in awe.What happened just then was like something out of an action movie. Martial arts and cyborg enhancements aside, catching a lance that clearly weighed over 15 pounds was downright crazy! “This is not the time for questions!” the girl pointed out.“But-”“Listen!” Eve raised her voice. “Find the last row of seats on the tube. There are control panels behind it. Open the bottom-most one. You’ll find a red lever. Are you with me?”“Yeah-yeah-”“Pull and pump it twice and then turn it 180 degrees clockwise. That will open the exit door. Help the others get to the next tube.”“Got it-”Piper and Noah made their way through the panic-stricken wave of survivors.“Let us through!” the cyborg shouted above the commotion. The passengers, who comprised cyborgs and hybrids, were certainly enhanced but were weak compared to the monsters wreaking havoc in the tube. They helplessly threw themselves over the reinforced tube door.Piper finally found
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07 Fade to Black~
| Reading God Formula Affinity || Reading… || Detected! |Noah and Piper exchanged surprised glances.| Pairing || Successful! |Ding! System messages appeared before Noah’s eyes.[ User: Noah Shepherd ][ Confirm Login to Trinity Beta Network ][ Y/N ]"What is happening?" Piper asked. Noah's eyes darted around as if he was seeing things that his cyborg friend could not. "Why are you staring into space?""I see... umm… I see a screen before me. It's asking me to confirm my login. Don't you see it?""Whoa! No, I see nothing. It seems the device works, man! What's the experience like? A virtual reality (VR) game?""Not exactly. It seems more like Augmented Reality (AR). I can still see my surroundings.""Cool. What else does it say? We need to hurry, Noah!"The thuds and crashes from inside the tube indicated that things weren't going well for Eve."I know! It says the device is paired with me now. And is asking me to confirm my login." Noah sounded both anxious and thrilled."What a
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08 I am Jack~
Piper Lee examined his surroundings for the fifth time. It was a dimly lit room with no furniture other than two affixed chairs and a table at the center. A laser-diode bulb poked from the ceiling, illuminating only the surface of the glass table. The young cyborg was familiar with the technology, five times more efficient than OLED. The laser-diode could be brightened up in levels one to five. It could be made to illuminate a circle or an entire hall with the flick of a switch. At the moment, without doubt, it was at level one. 'The dull lighting is intentional,' Piper concluded. He had allowed his mind to wander several times.'Am I under arrest?''Did I break a city law by mistake?''Is this room underground?''Is Noah okay?"The longer he sat by himself pondering over the tragic day, the more anxious he grew. "Hello? Anybody there?" Piper called out to the locked door to his right. There was no response.After Noah had passed out, Eve had placed a call to someone on her commun
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09 Friendship Affirmed~
Jack's communicator buzzed, puncturing the tension.He set his notepad on the table and glanced at the message. The text seemed to amuse him."Mr. Lee. I am satisfied with your answers," he said, uncrossing his legs and rising to his feet. "Let's go and see Mr. Shepherd. It seems he has woken up." Piper's throat had dried up when Providence was mentioned. He was half-convinced that he would be disposed of. The authorities would pronounce him dead in the train attack."Uh... umm... Wow. That's great news."The Asst. Director pressed a button on his communicator, and a virtual screen popped up. He tapped and swiped swiftly. Crackle!The entire room lit up as the laser-diode bulb brightened up."Damn! I missed the light. But isn't laser-diode archaic? I've only seen these in the colonies. Wait! Are we in the colonies right now?""You are correct about the technology being primitive."Jack offered no further explanation as they approached the door."I thought you were going to get rid of
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10 Once Upon a Time~
"What is this God Formula?" Noah vaguely remembered GOD VACCINE that Trinity had recommended as a fix for his low stats."We will have to delve into history to know the origin of this technology. Several centuries back, a pioneer of science, Griffin Augustus, invented GOD FORMULA. It is a field of study that helps tap into the otherwise inaccessible energies of the universe." "However, the practical mechanics of this technology was inconceivable even for the greatest minds of the star system. Griffin himself could execute nothing without the aid of machines and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, and perhaps by accident, he created a virtual system- AEGIS, named after his first child. Through the System's UI, the incredibly complex God Formula could be broken down to simple commands." Noah and Piper pricked their ears and listened earnestly. They were gamers, after all. Lore, legend, and myth mixed with some rad technology appealed to them naturally."Are you familiar with how magic
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