God Of Destiny : The Beginning

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God Of Destiny : The Beginning

By: GafaFayya OngoingGames

Language: English

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"If Time Could Be Turned Back" Ryan Lewis the number one player in God Of Destiny was on top of his guild building. Ryan is a legend from GOD (God of Destiny) nicknamed by the players as The Greats One. Everything he ever wanted he got Wealth, Money and Popularity. However, behind all that, there is a gaping hole in his heart until now. Ryan still hasn't let go of his sister because of a terminal illness. At that time, he had nothing and was so poor that he could not afford to treat his sister. In the midst of all that anxiety, Ryan Lewis decided to end his life by jumping from a building. "I guess this all ends here."

1 chapters
The Despair of a Legend
"Nggiiiing...." "Tiiiiiiin... Tiiiiiiin....." The sound of passing cars reached Ryan Lewis's ears. Ryan was at that time on top of his building which stood firmly in the Indonesian capital. Ryan had been silent on the roof of the building for more than 30 minutes. That day, was actually a day of celebration for him and all members of the Thunderstriders Guild for having succeeded in becoming victorious in "Guild War XIX". His Thunderstriders Guild has managed to win the battle between Guilds around the world for 5 times in a row. At that time, the Thunderstriders Guild was the best Guild in Indonesia and one of the 3 Big Guilds in the World along with the Iron Rose Guild (Japan) and the Hunter Guild (Korea). All of these achievements, in tandem with individual achievements. Ryan Lewis with his character "The Dragon" is first ranked in the worldwide ranked list. What was even more surprising was that most of the Thunderstriders Guild members were top 100 players in God of Destiny.
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