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By: Danial_Senpai OngoingFantasy

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A God of Calamity desires to reestablish a name in mythology for himself in the human realm. In his quest to build an empire and followers, he is unaware of the dangers he will face. Amidst his journey, he crosses paths with a mysterious girl who somehow perceives his spiritual existence. However, temptations and the burdens of his darker past, shrouded in mystery, begin turning him into a dark state.


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2 chapters
"Arise!" A priest screamed as the two massive doors slid open, and a tall, long-haired man walked into a beautiful golden temple. "My world!" Said a parallel image of the exact figure. One was standing in front of an audience in the temple. The other was standing in front of a cluster of destroyed galaxies and cosmic matter. As it crumbled, this cluster of vast cosmos reverted to its original state, where nothingness existed. "What have we done to achieve Eternity?" Asked the Godly being of his people while a grin of utter enjoyment displayed on his face. "What have I done to the promised Eternity?" He asked himself as the cosmic matter ceased in size to a singular point far away, a vulgar expression of utter vengeance displayed on his face. While he struggled to hang onto his sanity, seven ominous voices, in unison, roared in triumph. "You are truly the God of Destruction, Hakai God!" "These voices…!" Hakai uttered as he felt a sudden jolt of warm light carry his body. Wham! H
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Chapter 1: An Unseen Savior
A serpent-like phantom slithered up a building until it used its massive worm-like head to smash into the side of the building. Boom! "What is that?" a woman asked, pointing it out. Fearing their lives were at stake for different reasons. People started running away. Some barely managed to escape the falling pieces of rubble. Yet, a single man stood still, dressed in blue jeans and a black hoodie that covered his head, looked up, and a set of mystical eyes stared into the phantom. Shkeen! He vanished in a blink of an eye and appeared on top of the worm-like phantom. From Thin air, a pair of middle-length daggers appeared in his hands. As he stabbed his short blades into an endless amount of flesh. He enchanted a spell. "Evil spirit of darkness, created to destroy, vanish." An array of different lights began to shine throughout the city. Instantly but temporarily blinding everyone in the surrounding area. Then a blue spell circle, and above it, a golden wheel of divine writing
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