Hayashi's Son-in-law's Secret

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Hayashi's Son-in-law's Secret

By: Mijun OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Yudha is the adopted son of the Pradhika Family. His status as an adopted child males Yudha belittled by the main Pradhika Family. Yudh falls in love with Ayana Hayashi, the youngest daughter of the conglomerate Hayashi Family. They have a large roboticd company that was founded in Indonesia. Yudha loves Ayana, but their relationship is not approved because of Yudha's status whose lineage in unclear. However Yudha invites Ayana to elope. Can they unite the Hayashi and Pradhika families? Then, is Yudha able to show the Hayashi Family that he deserves to be Hayashi's son-in-law?


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9 chapters
"Crazy! This is a real person's house, Yudh? It's huge! It's a four-story building! Uncle Hilal's house, which I thought was the biggest and most luxurious, was not a quarter of Hayashi's house." Arjuna was amazed to see the view of the large and luxurious house. "You seriously want to enter this house, Yudh? What if we are kicked out?" asked Arjuna as he got off Yudha's scooter. "Don't worry, Juna! Said Rinata, it's always quiet at home. She only lives with the maids and Ayana. Her father rarely comes home, she said." Yudha explained while lowering the standard of his motorbike across the road, near a tree that is along the roadside of this elite housing complex. "So, Ayana also lives here?" asked Arjuna, pointing towards the luxurious house. Yudha nodded, but after that he looked suspiciously at Arjuna. "What's wrong with Ayana, Juna? Why do you keep asking him about Ayana, um? Do you have a crush?" "Don't joke! Ayana is more interested in you, Yudha!!" 'But, surely
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Rinata's Father
The neatly dressed adult man stared intently at Yudha. Yudha smiled again. "Eh, Uncle is Rinata's uncle, right? Rinata is there, Uncle?" asked Yudha, timidly. The reason is, during the several months of dating Rinata, Rinata did not even introduce Yudha to her family. In fact, Yudha also wanted to be noticed by Rinata's family. Just like his relationship with his adoptive father and sisters, Yudha also experiences awkwardness whenever he interacts with a man who is the same age as his adoptive father. But, when he's with Hilal, Yudha isn't awkward at all. "Rinata is there, Uncle?" Yudha asked again, turning very polite. "Rinata is in her luxurious room! What's wrong, huh?!" What are you here for? Are you both beggars?!" Mr. Kento Hayashi said coldly. His face looked like a Japanese, with white skin and narrow eyes. However, hearing from his fluent Indonesian pronunciation, Yudha thought that this man must have been an Indonesian citizen long enough. "If you are not beggar
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Ayana's Defense
Mr. Hayashi stared intently at Yudha. The grown man said, "Why should I tell you the reason, huh? Who are you, who always wants to know how to educate my child, um?" "Forgive me if I sound presumptuous, Uncle! But for what reason did you order Rinata to study abroad? Wasn't she all right studying at Inari International School all this time?" Yudha asked, surprised. The reason is, Rinata has never violated school rules so far. Rinaa is known as one of the students who is diligent and obedient to the rules. So, it's impossible for Rinata to be suspended or even dropped out. Then, what is the reason for the adult man to send Rinata to study abroad? Yudha thought, suspicious. "Inari International School is fine. However, Rinata's friends are not doing well. So far, I've kept quiet because I'm sure Rinata will be able to choose the right friends. But, I think I have to intervene directly. I I can't let my eldest daughter associate with a bum and bum like you, Yudha Pradhika!" Mr
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Arrogant Mr. Hayashi
"That has absolutely nothing to do with Br Yudha, Pa! Sis Rinata changed because of the influence of her other friends." "Then, what's the difference? What is certain is that his other friends must also be members of this rancid and delinquent brat's gang." Mr. Hayashi continued his words, which made Yudha even more cornered. Arjuna started not to accept it and was about to move forward, but was stopped by Yudha. Yudha told Arjuna to stay calm, because it was Yudha who was insulted at this time, not Arjuna. Yudha is afraid that the problem will get more complicated if the two of them fight. "Does daddy also have the right to say that Sis Yudha is rancid and delinquent, um?! Just so you know, Sis Yudha is one of the model students at school. He also always gets top 5 rankings." Ayana still insists on defending the young man she has admired all this time. In fact, Ayana's tears dripped down with frustration with her father, who insulted Yudha so cruelly. Actually, Ayana knows w
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Yudha's Anger
The man's thrust was so strong that Arjuna fell to the floor. "Juna! Are you okay?!" asked Yudha, panicked seeing his friend who had fallen to the floor. The adjutant who previously pushed Arjuna, now pushed Yudha too. Much harder so that Yudha's body bounced and hit an ornate jar until it broke. "Br Yudha !!" Ayana shrieked when she saw the young man she had a crush on being treated like that by her father. Ayana couldn't help, her hands were locked behind her back. Arjuna got up first and reached out to Yudha. "I told Kow! We should have just gone home earlier!" grunted Arjuna. Yudha grabbed his friend's helping hand. He smiled and got up. He cleaned his dirty trousers. When Yudha fell earlier, accidentally the parcel he was carrying also fell around Mr. Hayashi's feet. Mr. Hayashi trampled on the food Yudha bought as souvenirs for Rinata earlier. In fact, Yudha bought it with the rest of the money in his wallet. However, the rich man stepped on it at will. Rich p
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Start a Fight
"Forgive my attitude that seemed a delinquent earlier, OK? Sorry, just a friend too, Uncle! We've disturbed you. Excuse us to go home first, Uncle!" Yudha spoke softly, still shaking. Arjuna rubbed his face, while looking away. He was reluctant to look at the arrogant old man. "Aren't you guys here looking for food too, huh?! Just wait, my maids will prepare some food for homeless people like you!" Mister Hayashi turned to one of his aides. "Ujang, take the leftovers from this morning that were on the dining table! Wrap them up and give them to these homeless people!" continued Mr. Hayashi while looking lightly at Yudha and Arjuna. "Papa!! Stop it! Don't insult Bro Yudha and Bro Juna!" shouted Ayana who really couldn't stand it all. In fact, now Ayana's tears are already falling. Between shame and annoyance. Yudha, who was trying to stay calm, couldn't be denied that his body was shaking with anger. "Apparently, they are homeless beggars in this house." "Papa!! That's e
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Yudha is busy daydreaming about the greatness of his friend, so he doesn't pay attention to his surroundings. Behind Yudha is Mr. Hayashi, who keeps watching. Suddenly the bald aide jumped in front of Yudha, aiming to kick Yudha in the chest so he would fall. However, it was pushed over so easily that the adjutant's kick aimed at the large jar on the terrace. The large jar was thrown towards Mr. Hayashi and shattered. Luckily Mr. Hayashi dodged in time, before the big jar hit him. Arjuna and Ayana held back their laughter when they saw Mr. Hayashi shouting excitedly, jumping in panic. The man's authority was gone when he screamed earlier. Even his own daughter laughed at Mr. Hayashi. Mister Hayashi became irritated, he glared at his aide, who was kicking the urn towards him just now. "I-I'm sorry, Big Master! That was completely unintentional!" said the bald-haired adjutant earlier, cupping his hands together. Arjuna turned his back on Mr. Hayashi only to laugh while hold
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Arjuna's breath roared when he saw his friend being attacked without Arjuna's knowledge. Arjuna immediately ran back to the terrace. Arjuna ran as hard as he could and lunged at the body of the rather long haired man who was at the very front. He was the one who slammed Yudha's body earlier. Arjuna and the man both fell on the floor. Arjuna sat on the man's stomach and threw his fist right under the man's chin blindly. A hand suddenly grabbed Arjuna's clothes from behind and threw Arjuna's body towards the wall as well. Just like Yuda earlier. Arjuna's shoulder hit the wall so hard before it fell to the floor, near Yudha who was still complaining that his shoulder hurt. Arjuna complained while rubbing his aching shoulder. But, when he saw Yudha who was also complaining of pain, Arjuna laughed instead. Yudha also laughed because he and Arjuna were slammed with the same style. They both laughed until their muscles went limp. The two aides of Mr. Hayashi looked increasingly
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Paijo ran as hard as he could towards Yudha and kicked Yudha on the left lower abdomen. Unlucky!! It was a sensitive point for Yudha. There is a surgical scar there. Yudha immediately fell to the floor because of the kick. Before Yudha could stand up, the bald-headed adjutant's foot hit Yudha's chest. And pressing those loafers right up to his chest. Yudha coughed hard because of the pressure on his chest. Yudha took a deep breath. Even though his shoulder still hurt, he forced himself to grab the leg that was still on his chest, he pulled the man's leg with all his strength, causing the man to lose his balance and fall backwards. For the umpteenth time, Paijo's bald head had to hit the floor hard. Yudha rose to his feet with a limp. His breath was panting because his chest was pressed so hard like before. Paijo was suddenly beside Yudha. The aide pulled Yudha's shirt collar and hit Yudha's face so hard. Yudha did not have time to escape. Yudha's body fell to the side
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