Her Twisted Heart

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Her Twisted Heart

By: Blentkills OngoingRomance

Language: English

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Kal is the CEO of a massive rich corporation. Asahi is the alpha of a wolf pack making a living from the black market. A dragon and a werewolf. The two races hate each other, but how will they act once they find out, that both of them are in love with the same girl? Meanwhile, Hayley is struggling to set some order in her life and works two jobs tirelessly. Which one will she pick - the wolf or the dragon? Find out as Hayley is dragged into the trouble of the supernatural rich men.


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Hello, dear reader! Thank you for stopping by!___Thank you for your investment and time in reading my book!Njoy!_____ This is a quick info on my writing style: All text that is written like this (in italic) is the current main character's thoughts. They are not spoken out loud but are in the character's mind.Example:The door closed and silence filled the office once more.Read more
1. Rivaling Companies
Staring into the beautiful night city lights, Kal experienced a few minutes of a state much similar to trance. His arms comfortably fitting the armrests of the expensive chair and his fingers pressuring into each other.“Kal?” A voice called out behind the office door and a few knocks broke the peace of the Wisdrake Corporation’s CEO.After releasing a silent sigh, he replied, “Yes, please come in, Chris…”“I have something to report,” Christopher replied with his deep voice.Kal looked at his brother-like friend and noticed him carrying a big pile of documents. Christopher was rather cold. He had chestnut short hair, an athletic body that is almost hidden under a suit, and a height of 187 cm. He felt pretty much over-self
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2. Magical disfunction
“Okay, Chris, Evan, are you guys ready for some fun?” Kal asked as they talked over their car’s speakers.In one voice they both replied joyfully “Yup!”“Then here’s the plan. I and Chris will park close to each other and meet up at the mall. We will go in and say we saw their high-performing devices stats online and we want to try them, as we consider buying. Then ‘MYSTERIOUSLY’ they won’t work properly. Evan, that’s when you will start live streaming from an anonymous account on one of those underground sites. Then when we’re done, we’ll just leave. Make sure you don’t get our faces on cam, though.” Kal explained the plan.“Woah, you sure as heck thought this through. Sure!” Evan spoke slightly surprised.Read more