Hidden Billionaire Farmer

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Hidden Billionaire Farmer

By: Ainin OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Even if you worked your whole life in that field, you wouldn't be able to pay my daughter's dowry that you made to suffer in your marriage!" Esme White said sarcastically to David's face. "I told you from the start, why doesn't Elijah just marry me? I'll make her happy." Arnav, Elijah's cousin and a man who admires David Brown's wife. Even unmitigated, Arnav said that in front of David almost every day. But at one point, the two humans fell silent when David showed a jade that showed evidence that he was a Young Master from a wealthy family. Even Esme and the villagers were slowly starting to become sycophants.


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Chapter 01.
Sweat dripped down the handsome face of a man swinging a hoe over the hard ground where cucumbers, pumpkins, and several other fruits would be planted.The sun was quite stinging; there was no umbrella to block the evil sunlight all over his body because he was alone in the middle of a deserted and arid field. There were only deciduous plants, a drought because it had not rained in the last few weeks. Thony White's father-in-law deliberately asked him to work on the fields, making plant paths so that if it rained, he could immediately plant fruit seeds. But the hoe he swung sometimes couldn't even cut through the rock-hard ground."Huh, it's hot today." David looked up, looking up at the blazing sky.He fixed the straw hat on his head, blocking out the light as best he could so as not to burn his face."Cheers, David! To get Elijah as a complete wife, you must finish this work immediately." David Brown, the man. He was a poor man who married a daughter from a White family. The famil
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Chapter 02.
David turned to Elijah, who had just shouted disapprovingly at him."What is it?" he asked, not understanding. "Did I do something wrong to you?"The beautiful woman he married five years ago looked glaring. Elijah got up, took his son from David's arms, and stepped into the room.David knew what the woman who was his wife meant. Until now, he was following his wife without paying attention to Arnav, who looked cynically looking at him. "Take a nap, hmm? You'll be up again this afternoon to do your schoolwork."From Aciel's bedroom door, David heard a soft voice from Elijah's lips. The man smiled, looking tenderly at his son, who his wife was enveloping. "Mom, you heard Dad was going to bring me a luxury car, right? The weekend is coming soon. Come with dad and me later." Aciel said, pleading with his little face and eyes."Mother will come. Now go to sleep, be a smart boy."Aciel smiled, nodding enthusiastically. He pulled up the covers and looked at his father with a big smile bef
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