His Salvation

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His Salvation

By: P. Artim OngoingWerewolf

Language: English

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Lia Brown, a 20 year old girl, goes on a family trip to her hometown during summer vacation . Wanting to escape from her loud and bothersome family members, she goes out where she bumps into a handsome looking boy on the street. Next thing she knew, the same boy was helping her when she fell victim to some vicious prank. A long time passes without her seeing him again, only to one day bump into him again. She thought it was all a coincidence, but little did she know he kept watching over her for months in secret. Noah, her secret observer, failed to understand the reasons behind his attraction to her and had finally decided to get to the root of it as he approached her. His friend complained, "But she's a human." The werewolf alpha showed no intention of backing down as he strode forward, trying to unravel the secrets surrounding her that only he could feel.


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First Encounter
“Moooom, I’m going out for a bit. Please close the door.” She said as she put on her shoes. It was another one of her usual boring days in the countryside. For some reason, her parents decided to spend their summer holidays in their hometown, saying stuff like ‘Importance of family’ and whatnot. She didn’t think too much of it at first. But three days was her limit. After three days of mingling with people she didn’t even knew the name of, her social battery finally ran out. She decided that she needed some much needed fresh air and headed out.Although it’s been a few years since she last visited this place, the roads felt oddly familiar. She was glad that it was spring, since the black shirt she was currently wearing, actually, all of the clothes she brought with her, would’ve been too much for summer. A light breeze was blowing past her cheek as she decided to visit the riverside where her old school was.After a
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Coincidence or Fate?
Somewhere in a tea stall in an alley.“It looks like it’s going to rain, bro.”“It’s also very cold today.”The two boys said to their friend, who had locked an innocent girl in an abandoned store room hours ago, all because she made him feel inferior.“Shut it! It’s not like she’ll be trapped there all night long. There are people living nearby. She’ll be able to come out as soon as she wakes up.”“Even so.”                                  “You didn’t need to close the door as well, you know.”“So what? Are you taking that arrogant bitch’s side right now?”“Of course not. It’s just-“They couldn’t even complete thei
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A Date?
She said and then put her phone down. She was exhausted after a full day of class and lectures but talking to Noah made her feel a bit better. She decided to wash up and change into comfortable clothes before touching her phone again.In a roof on the opposite side of her home, two human figures were visible through the moonlight. One of them took a big bite out of the latest triple cheese delight burger as he sat down.“So what’s the deal?” He asked as he kept chewing.“Nothing much. Just making sure she reached home safely.” Noah replied as he looked at the cheese smeared over Nick’s cheeks with a frown. He wasn’t very fond of messy eaters.“You know I’m not talking about that. You’ve been watching over her for months already! And every time I ask something, you always give vague answer.” Nick said as he took a big bite out of the burger in frustration. He wasn’t going to let Noah c
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