Hope has a warrior

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Hope has a warrior

By: Sunny Minds OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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When demons arises and men are blind only a few sees through the blind nature of man kind but who will take up the cross and fight against all odds for the salvation of humanity from its worst threat !!! Please note that this piece of art is purely fictitious !!!


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17 chapters
Preparing for a perfect victory
No one in the gathering put on a smiling face. Every one including children the understood the gravity of the impending danger. They all stood around a combat ring and led by an old priest they mummured words of prayer on me.I am a young man at my early twenties I was kneeling at the ring's center and I was dressed like every other men in the gathering but I was adorned with sacred amulets which were hanging around my neck.After the prayers I stood up slowly, walked straight to the place my closest relatives were standing and hugged them tightly. The mood in the air proved that I was going for a mission which could be considered a suicide mission. Though no one thought I would return and everyone wished me good luck which I simply nodded to though my face showed no emotions.After we left another man climbed up the ring and the drum was hit severally and fiercely then order returned to the gathering and speaking out with a loud voice he announced."Firstly we all know that it is our
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The least expected
When I reached the old head priest he began to address me climbing the flight of stairs which led to his chambers and I followed him. "Sunny son of Gray am not surprised at your show of courage and willingness to towards this tough mission and towards the cause of humanity for it is something I have known your father for and have seen in you since you were a kid. But this mission does not only demand courage and willingness there are other qualities lacking in you and which is also demanded in this mission.""What are they and I will try everything humanly possible to possess them?" I inquired."Sunny" he called smiling you are ready and it is visible but we both know that you are not a 'white monk' of pure blood and these are the most qualified people to embark on the holiest and most sacred missions. "But my father is a..."Son to a man who was exiled by his people for being a criminal and was adopted into this brotherhood and your father ran away even after getting married and ret
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Our noble history
When I turned to go Raiden stood in my way and I looked at him in the eyes I was about to tell him that he hasn't changed a bit when his father gently pulled him out of the way.As I descended the stairs I heard the head priest call me and I turned back"May the eyes of the angels be upon you as you go. Peace be with you!" He prayed. I didn't respond to his greetings I just continued walking towards the exit where everyone waited for me.On getting out my mother rushed and hugged me tightly and few moments later while she left me this time she seeme comforted and was not crying anymore but encouraged me"For once I have never regretted accepting you. I know that this is the purpose of your birth and that that if you don't survive this you will sit where heroes sit in paradise there you will be honored forever. Go well my sonAt this moment I started feeling homesick. The aroma of her best food filled my nostrils My best moments with my siblings who stood behind her came flooding back
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Perfect victory
A horse galloped towards us and turned back only to see the head priest galloping towards us. I noticed that my perspective of him had changed though nothing physically in him changed. When he reached us he began to lead the procession towards the cave on his white horse as the everything maintained initial composure.Certain words of advices were thrown to me on how to overcome the numerous illusions and several other difficulties which I might encounter from the entrance to the last chamber where I will awake one of the strongest gargoyle of all. The stories they told me made me to generate ideas I how to go about the task before me. I didn't dare to look back because I feared that my eyes may meet the eyes of those I treasured. "if the mission is really what it an being told of why is it termed suicidal?" I asked my self but I knew where my answers lay. It was beyond the cave where none of these men alive had visited they only heard about what is within from the mouth of holy
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God's vessel
"Whenever a man is ready to be the vessel of God the eyes of the archangels are always on him we pray that the sacrifice of our son Sunny will not be for vain but our efforts be blessed and filled with accomplishments as he enters this sacred cave. Amen." The head priest prayed and everyone chorused "amen" It's time he told me and I nodded.At this time it seemed that the morale which the song has put in me had vanished like thin air and I shivered at the sight of the dark cave. Many vessels of my blood kicked against my going further and I couldn't move an inch. "Do you no longer want to go?" the head priest asked with a lowered voice.And a voice in my head began to speak."You are about to sacrifice your life for people who despised and maltreated you and now you're praised and hailed because they need you. Stay back and don't go it is your last chance to back out. Don't do this!" My whole body danced to the tune of that voice but in my soul I remembered clearly the last words of
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My doom
I turned back now and I could only see darkness even with the torch which I held in my hands I could not see more than a few metres deeper into the cave maybe for this reason it is called the dark cave.I continued walking deeper into the cave unsure of how much longer I will continue before I seethe hall of gargoyles but I wasn't tired as I had vowed to see make sure my mission is accomplished.I continued walking into darkness for several more minutes without taking a break and without noticing any source of light around me.I stopped in my tracks. I was so sure I noticed the presence of someone else with me in the cave but as I stopped the feeling of someone near me disappeared I resumed my journey and again l began to feel the presence of this second entity. I thought that it was part of the illusion and decided to ignore it and go on my business but I was not satisfied and thus began to run believing that after have run for a few metres the illusion would stop but instead I hear
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Meeting my doom
"My doom?" I asked pointing mytorch cautiously at the direction I heard the voice from but saw no one. "Yes the doom of Sunny son of Gray who I was sent to bring doom to.""By who?" I asked feigning courage."Knowing won't change the fact that your life will end in few minutes time.""Who sent you?" I thundered."I was sent by a man you respect and revere so much. I was sent by the head priest of your brotherhood."I did not doubt this reply of his rather I thought the head priest could do worse than that.I kept pointing my torch to the direction where I heard his voice come from and at the completion of his last word he came out from the place where l couldn't see him earlier to stand just in front of my torch so he could be visible before me.He was dressed like an Asian ninja and had a scary pair of eyes."What do you really want" I stuttered "I was sent to take your life since you are stubborn and that is my mission do humbly bow and accept your fate.""I believe that whoever yo
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fighting the dark
I began to feel very scared because it became impossible to predict his next move. I was still caught in this my web of confusion when I felt his dagger sink deep into my left hand and then tear me lightly at my right hand. And I decided to open myeyes and immediately I opened it, he kicked me in my chest and I fell with a great thud against the cave wall.When I recovered from this kick of his, I looked out for him and immediately saw him with the help of my dim torch which fell off my hand when I was cut dive at me to stab me and I rolled out immediately and he stabbed the place I lay before we then stood up at once and with the rage already weling up in me kicked out the dagger which he still held on his hand, stuck out the one he used to stab me but instead of attacking him with it I flung it away and motioned him to come as I got in the mood to tell him why I was named a fight freak at the village of the white priests.As I expected he rushed at me to attack me and it resulted to
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Into the trap zone
I continued going deeper into the nowhere called the trap zone. I was only told of the illusion I would encounter and that if I didn't conquer it I will end up dead by sunset but l'm now encountering phases which I was not aware of and this occupied my mind till stepped on a button and an arrow was accurately blocked from hitting me by my torch and brought me back into reality. It again made me realize what trap zone meant and I resumed to walkcautiously.I continued walking for few metres tilll saw rays of light at the the end of the cave."I see the sun at last" I muttered to my self smiling broadly as I got off the cave.I inspected my injuries and the assassin's bag and saw that it was worth being carried along. I observed the environment and noticed that it was not much different from the forest in my village.I sat down under a tree to eat. While eating I noticed an inscription on another tree opposite me and when I finished eating, I went to see what if it had any messages for
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Everything seemed blurry at firs then gradually it became clearer till I could see very clearly.I noticed I was lying down on a very comfortable mattress with my and my bruises had been treated and wrapped with bandages.I raised my head up slightly and noticed that most of my property was also there. I began to ruminate over the last things I could remember but could go no further than when I was flung against a huge tree branch by a big log of wood in oscillation.I lifted my arms and surprisingly I felt no pain. I hit my legs which were also wrapped and I felt no pain too was about to stand up when my mother came in."You are awake Sunny lie down and get some rest" she told me"Where are we? How did I gethere?" I asked with a very noticeable amount of surprise in my voice."Get well first and we have all the time in the world to discuss." She replied shoving my question aside but I really wanted answers immediately.I immediately stood up. "I am ok. Can't you see that" I asked bu
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