How to become a Billionaire

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How to become a Billionaire

By: Jinwooland OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Tip to become a billionaire: Marry a Billionaire. Wait, wait, wait... Not an old, ugly, billionaire, okay? But a stunning, famous, beautiful, brat, mean, and with skeptical woman, can you do that?


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“Really? You don’t care about money?” Rachelle laughed at that idea, “I mean, no man would rush to our house just because he badly wants to get married, so tell me, how much did my father pay you to be my husband?” Jasper clenched his fist and looked at Rachelle; he didn’t care about his ego; being crushed right now, he knew, it wasn’t the right choice; it was the hardest decision he could ever make. “Come on, tell me, you will marry me in exchange for what? Ten million? Twenty million? Let me know so that I can double the price,” Rachelle looked at Jasper mockingly.Jasper was intently looking at the women, “How could someone look at people like that? Like they are some commodities you can buy whenever you want?”Rachelle looked flustered with Jasper’s deep and expressing voice, but she tried to maintain her composure; she faked a cough, “Well, I can, so tell me, how mu-“ “My mother’s life, my sister’s safety, my father’s freedom,” Rachelle looked surprised at Jasper, “That’s the
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“What?! Why would you borrow that kind of money?! From a loan shark! You basically sell your soul to the devil! You knew we couldn’t pay that! We’re already struggling to eat three times a day! Dad! Why would you do that?” Jasper can’t hide his annoyance at his father, after discovering that he borrowed seven hundred thousand from a loan shark, Gustavo, well-known for being dangerous, especially to those people who wouldn’t pay on time. Instead of apology, his dad let out a laugh, like he heard some kind of joke, “Come on, Jasper, I know you can pay that; think of anything you can’t do any solution for your father?” The man’s blood boiled upon hearing that, “You paid for Ally’s tuition fee when she needed it; why can’t you do that to me too? I need money too,” he sat on the nearest sofa and lit his cigarette, which Jasper immediately grabbed and crumpled, “Ah, fuck, why would you do that?! You fucking disrespectful!”“If you want to kill yourself, do it alone; you know mom can’t inha
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"Are you sure he's fine? What happened to him?" Instead of going to the hospital, Jasper thought of bringing the old man to Emily's house; his best friend, Emily's mom, was a doctor, and Jasper knew she knew a bit of first aid that could mend this guy. "I don't know; I just found him near the trash bin; some suspicious groups of men were looking for him; I bet one of them shot him," Emily handed Jasper a glass of water; there were some blood stains on his hands and uniform."He's been shot?" Jasper nodded, "God damn it, Jasper, you should have said that earlier, you dimwit," she hissed and removed her red sweater, "Give me that box in the second drawer," Jasper immediately attended to her demands, "We need to remove that bullet from him, he's losing much blood, what's your blood type?" "O+," he answered and assisted her to wherever she was bringing the man, they entered a glass door, and Jasper was in awe when he saw how the room was filled with the newest hospital equipment; what t
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J A S P E R M E N D E Z “Jasper, table nine,” I nodded and carefully handle the tray, full of their order. Today is the busiest day, it’s a holiday, and most people come to our restaurant, because of our best seller soup, holiday usually starts in winter, so, most people crave hot dishes. “Table nine, good evening, ladies,” I greeted the customer as soon as I arrived, they make way to the food I was putting down., “Today’s soup is La varista, paired with brioche bread, hope you’re having a great day, and don’t forget to enjoy the season,”“Oh my god,” I immediately stop, after hearing the woman gasp, I looked at her, trying to find, where she must have been hurt or what, “Oh my god, hi!” the woman greeted me, chirping, I mean, “I’m Suzy, you must be new here?” her eyes were sparkling, my eyes caught her, putting her strand hair behind her ear, what was she doing?“Uh, no ma’am, I’ve been working here for the past two years,” as much I want to leav
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J A S P E R J I M E N E Z “So, shall I start discussing my offer?” I just nodded; I’m trying to get myself together; this was the most absurd thing I could ever do in my entire life, “Alright, first, this wedding should be official and valid, I have an endless list of enemies, and they will surely find any possible fault and flaws, especially to the wedding of my unica ija, and I won’t let that happen, do you understand?” I just nodded in response. “Sir, your tea,” Aristocrat’s secretary came and served the tea; we were inside his office, and my mind was still clouded, knowing that I’ve made a massive mistake in my life, “Let me know if you need anything,”“For how long, we must be shown as a married couple?” I asked; I can’t be imprisoned with being married to someone I don’t love, “There must be an expiration, or us, being able to file for divorce,”“For half a year, then, you have to make sure that my daughter will be the victim here; I wo
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