I Offer My Dazzling Heart for You

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I Offer My Dazzling Heart for You

By: EngMan OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Hailey lived gladly with Xiona, his wife. He hunkered to give her child; to make their days and night complete. Such a time, there were two moons which had a similar baby prince. So, they hurriedly went to the hotel, to take their pleasure night. In the hot room, Hailey and Xiona were both excited to clench their enticing bodies. After a few minutes, his wife got shocked because Hailey never beat up and pumped his heart. In short, she died beside her sexy body. That time, Hailey converted his body into a vampire, to look for the hot girl who will definitely receive his sweetness, enticing smile, and receiving the child who has been dreamt by his heart since he was teenager. His invisible body perceived the hot girl who trudged above his chest. With her, he got insane to prove his unfeigned love for her. Who was the girl? Such a time, Jochelle Mae got astonished, gazing at the seductive vampire who appeared in the mirror. Can't deny, she slightly fell in love with him. Will the vampire prove his love for her? Will Jochelle Mae accept whoever the vampire is?


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6 chapters
Hot vampire kidnapped the exquisite girl
Icy clouds gripped the way, indeed nobody craved to trudge the pathway, unless the clouds would be gone. Otherwise, no one will get out of the house except Jochelle Mae who believes that her parents really needed her presence in searching their bodies under the ocean.Whether rain or shine, Jochelle goes to the nearest ocean to connect with the shark. In that way, she can embrace the dead bodies of her mommy and daddy. Too dark links her body on the seashore, then, she yelled a raucous voice," mommy, bring my body under the water," a moderate hand gripped her arms, including the magnificent voice which removed her apprehension. After a minute, the full moon materialized in the sky. She desiderated to behold the lovey-dovey hand. Ironically, there's a thin guy who drinks a lot of blood on her mouth. That time, the full moon disappears in the entire seashore, her feet swiftly run to the car, but the vampire gets ready to drive her car. A raucous voice," mommy, please get my body, I am r
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Jochelle received a letter from Prof. Patrick
Too ennui in teaching the lesson without seeing his crush who gives perfect inspiration to work in the University. His name is Patrick; charming, rich, flawless skin, cute eyes, and slightly gay who madly waits Jochelle to report in the University. Otherwise, he will resign his work in the University. Although Kim, a professional gay who really likes his beauty, can't deny that fact he moderately falls in love with him. However, he has been promised the sun for idolizing the sparkle girl.Beside the University, there are a plethora of students who get busy preparing for something. So, Jochelle Mae quickly proceeds to the room, what she beholds in the door," happy teacher's day," at the back of her, Prof. Patrick looks appealing to her eyes, can't deny the veracity that her copper heart really admired how eye-popping he is! A soft voice," hello sir, happy teacher's day," the professor is sincerely gazing at her glowing eyes. This would reach into her brain and heart, even if it's just
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Fortuitous night
Every day, Jochelle gets inspired to study her lesson in the University. So far, the vampire did not disturb her life after she transferred to another apartment. If ever she gets stressed from her lesson, witty and romantic messages, which are sent by Dr. Quinn in the Viber, may automatically remove her stress.A pleasant afternoon, Prof. Patrick meets her in the library; to give his love letter to her. His hands are trembling to hold such a letter," can you please accept it?"A slow voice," what's that sir?" then, she reads the love letter in front of him. And then, she sincerely utters her response," thank you for being your star in the University, regarding your intention, I can't decide, it doesn't mean I rejected your heart. Honestly, I really like your smile, skin, and cute eyes, but you did not recognize my feelings for you before." Then, she gives her cloying smile for him.In the night, Jochelle is quietly busy in preparing herself because she will definitely celebrate her m
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The vampire enters at Jochelle's room
When the gleaming star materialized its sparkle image in the sky, the graduation has eventually done. It might be clumsy, if Prof. Patrick can't take a picture personally with her. His seductive eyes got astonished to the good-looking guy who sweetly stayed beside the fetching girl who is still alive in his heart. He quickly goes to the comfort room; to wipe the tears.Too dark beside the room, a pleasant arm attaches his chest, this feels the sweet, including his entire shoulder. He expects that Jochelle may wipe his tears, when he flashes the torch. Unexpectedly, he beholds Kim, who wipes his messy tears, a fluffy voice," what did I tell you? Jochelle is not the right girl for you, can you try my heart instead?" He swiftly imbibes what he hears from Kim's mouth, he personally likes him, but he wouldn't give up to pursue the fetching girl, unless the world will totally explode.Too cloying staying beside the doctor, who slowly drives the car. He would spend his pleasure night with h
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Police officer fired the vampire
Too dark and hot inside the room which is similar to how Hailey stays above the giant fire. His feelings might be burned, if ever he would not get her virginity tonight. His hands sweetly opened the girl's t-shirt, just to start his romance with her. His excitement may attach in heaven, this would contradict with the precious girl. Indeed, her lungs can't really breathe, due to too much nervousness beside the vampire.So slippery floor walking Kyle's feet, it might have fallen down his body, his eyes were still reflecting the scary blood which attempted to pull his body outside the hot hotel. He never quit to prove his mission for her.His brave eyes detected a few images which persuaded him to enter the hot room. It clenches his thick body, too hot covers his body, it might be irresistible to kiss his dream girl. Meanwhile, his phone rings again, he never takes it but someone answers," hello, are you looking for Jochelle? I have already drunk her blood," he gets furious to listen to
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Hailey felt afraid to view the white dess
Kyle awkwardly heard the baby’s cry, while his heart purely heard the soft voice,” I want to depart this mansion.” And then, Hailey, the vampire bravely bonked the baby to his mouth. He craved to drink much of the baby’s blood, if Jochelle would not get out from the locked room.It was so soft to trudged the way, where Iris passed by. Her feet kept on trembling, especially when her mind casted back how the vampire shut his sharp nail to her eyes. That moment, Iris might be dying if she couldn’t meet her baby. She couldn’t give an apology for herself, if ever the baby may forever gone to her silver eyes.Every time, Iris gazed at the window, her mind insanely attached to the sky. Here, she found out the vampire, who crazily carried her baby. Although she was very far from the vampire, yet her feet would be willing to ran the 100 kilometers; just to reach out her baby.That time, Jochelle got anxious to face the vampire, she didn’t want to attach with him again, while Kyle bravely appr
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