I'm Imprisoned By The System!

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I'm Imprisoned By The System!

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Leonard Tremblay is a lover of wilderness survival shows. And then, during a picnic, he encountered a storm at sea and drifted to a deserted island. At this time, he is locked in a system and must do quests to gain accumulated points. He has been locked in this system many times, and every time he wakes up, he will have to return to the starting time. He has to go on a mission to break the loop and survive on the deserted island. Survive, meet many girls, and collect a harem!


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36 chapters
Chapter 1: Big Storm Cruise!
The sky is high, a clear blue color with a bit of smog. Below is the vast sea, the wind is blowing, the waves are crashing against the side of the boat, and the flocks of seagulls fly.A group of people are gathering at the pier to board a yacht to the island of Alcatraz.A young man is boarding a luxury yacht, following the arrangement of the yacht staff, he was led to a small room.After storing his luggage, he lay on the bed for a while and then walked out.The door closed, steps step by step up the stairs to the deck, step by step slowly going up.After finding a suitable place, he took out his cell phone from his pocket.Turn on the phone and open the video viewing application. Being a believer in the documentary genre and living in places where few people live, wherever he goes, he can watch without getting bored.Leonard Tremblay is an ordinary man, good-looking, 1m70 tall, not too thin nor too fat, cautious personality, and quite cowardly.Standing on the yacht, Leonard holdin
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Chapter 2: Strange System
After a while, Leonard slowly regained consciousness, holding his head and starting to look around.“This is… Am I still alive?”The sea surface is windy and calm. It can even be said that the scenery is mesmerizing, as if the storm had never appeared before.He hit himself on the arm to confirm if he was alive, and pain came. This is not a dream, and it is all real.Looking to the four sides, giving up the distant view of the sea, behind him was the forest. He dragged his tired body to the shade of the tree to rest.Leonard is also different from the type of person who is easily pessimistic. When the yacht has an unexpected accident, a rescue team will find the missing person. He can only wait, sitting with his back to the tree and looking from the sea far away.Doesn't know how long Leonard have soaked in seawater, but now the whole body is washed, the sea salt makes him feel very uncomfortable and restless, and the skin keeps sticking to his pants and wet clothes outside.He had to
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Chapter 3: Survival Skills!
Before Eirlys could finish speaking, Leonard suddenly jumped out of a small bush, grabbed the snake's tail, and swung it straight into the big tree nearby. The sound suddenly fell silent, and Eirlys stared blankly and forgot her fear. Eirlys stood dumbfounded. Leonard was a little nervous. Although he knew this snake was poisonous but not enough deadly, but poisonous anyway. Death would be inevitable if it were bitten, plus the lack of a cure. It was determined to be incurable. Come to think of it, Leonard is also very proud of himself for his bravery. He was impatient, afraid of something unexpected, and didn't have time to worry too much, so he took the snake and hit the tree directly. If it were placed on a typical day, even if he knew that this snake was not poisonous, he would not go to catch it empty-handed. At least he would prepare a wooden stick, but now that the snake was in his hand, there was no point in saying anything. After killing the snake, Leonard gently exhale
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Chapter 4: Motivating Each Other...
Time was short, and the two immediately searched along the coastal road.But with a glance at the utterly empty sandbank, even the trace of him in front of the beach had not been left. It had been washed away by the seawater.Reluctantly, Leonard could only hope to find something that could be used… He also planned to find it challenging to find something. He initially thought he couldn't find any supplies around. Furthermore, he was to find in for over half an hour without anything usable.Except for the sand, the beach is still sanding. Leonard did not expect that in this world, there is still a beach without a thing called human waste. The sea is so clean that it is hard to believe.He has just discovered something that makes him shiver. In this age of advanced science and technology, there are also places humans have not found.Leonard only had to collect a few trees to make a fire, like in the videos he used to watch. After much searching, he returned to his old position.At the
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Chapter 5: Warm Hug!
Time passed quietly, not knowing how long they slept. Leonard suddenly woke up, feeling a sudden cold."What happened? Why is it so cold?" Leonard's limbs trembled."Eirlys, wake up, wake up." Looking at shivering Eirlys, Leonard approached and shook her up.Eirlys woke up vaguely, panicked to see Leonard right next to him. Thinking he had bad intentions with her, she shouted: "Ah! What do you want to do?""Do not get me wrong!" Leonard hastily explained.“I thought you were righteous but didn't think you were this kind of person!” Eirlys, trembling and trying to resist, continued: "Don't you dare do anything wrong, though there's only a person one here..."“You… You don't feel cold?” Leonard was too lazy to explain, immediately went to the fire next to him and squatted down to warm up.On this side, seeing Leonard move away like that, Eirlys was surprised. Her mind could not react for a moment, then a cold wind blew, and she couldn't help shivering."If you don't want to freeze to de
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Chapter 6: Found The Source Of Water!
After a while, the sun rose, the forest was filled with sunlight, and the two relaxed a little, sitting down to rest on the spot.Just now, the two people's speed was slower, but after walking about a kilometer or two, their nerves seemed tense for a long time, making them feel dizzy.Before, when he watched survival programs online, he found it very interesting, but now that Leonard is in the same situation, he finds it extremely difficult. He just wanted to go home, lie in bed, and get a good night's sleep.Resting for a moment, Eirlys asked: "Where do we will to go?"Leonard made her feel like he was looking for something, so she opened her mouth to ask.“We go where there is a river or stream!” Leonard replied, which surprised Eirlys."River? This place is a jungle. How can there be fresh water?” Eirlys didn't think about it anyway, but Leonard was looking for the river."That's right." Leonard replied: "Do you still remember meeting a flower snake yesterday?"Eirlys nodded, which
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Chapter 7: Finding Mint And Lemongrass.
“Look, there are mosquitoes!” Eirlys explained as she slapped Leonard on the arm painfully.Leonard also knew he began attracting mosquitoes and threw fresh leaves into the fire. The smoke rose, causing both mosquitoes to choke on the smoke to sting their eyes. Funny look.Thanks to that, they kept the mosquitoes away. Although they knew these mosquitoes would not give up and come back for a while, they had no way to keep them from getting close.In this forest, not only are mosquitoes their enemies but there are sure to be wild animals.Leonard was about to discuss with Eirlys that they would split up the phloem, but when he looked at her, she was already asleep.They hadn't slept all night, plus they worked hard today, so she fell asleep early, but it's terrible to be able to sleep sitting down.Leonard had to go over and help her lie down, and then he returned to his old position. He had to stay up all night to guard.The long night without sleep, he had to sit, pluck the bark, and
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Chapter 8: Encyclopedia Of Making Picnic Tools.
It took a little time. They finished planting and sat down to rest for a while. Leonard cooked some hot water and put some mint leaves to become mint tea.Leonard rested for a while, took advantage of finding a log, then sat on one side using a rope to tie a sharp stone to the record."Ting ---- the player has successfully crafted the stone ax and received 500 point."Leonard thought with a happy expression, Today, he received two time bonus points! Yummy! Perhaps when he successfully made a survival tool, he would get bonus points. So the things in the store will be mine soon!Eirlys saw Leonard so excited and thought, is there any need to be so excited? Just a stone ax!Finishing the ax, Leonard turned to Eirlys and said: "Today, we will go to the sea to collect coconuts!""OK!" Eirlys immediately agreed, too, and was looking forward to going to the beach.The two of them headed to the sea to go out, still using the same way like before...After a long time, two familiar figures app
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Chapter 9: Catch The Big Eel!
But now that they had tents, food, and more time to do other things, Eirlys couldn't stand being dirty. After saying that, Eirlys did not turn around and left. Look at Eirlys, Leonard doesn't think much of it, but it's not wrong. Eirlys had just said he also wanted to take a bath. Compared to Eirlys, he exercised twice as much, his sweat-soaked clothes already smelled terrible, and the wet weather made him highly uncomfortable. Thinking about it repeatedly, Leonard turned to Eirlys in the distance and shouted: "I'm going to look around and see if I can find any useful resources!" For a long time, there was no reply. He didn't care, choosing a direction at will. Leonard took the stone ax and took it away. The forest is dense. Weeds grow in clusters, big trees and small trees, and small bushes, high and low mixed. Leonard had to use a stone ax to explore every step of the way, it was somewhat challenging to go, and once he was not careful, he would lose his way. A glance behind
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Chapter 10: How To Make Rope!
Leonard did not wait long, heard Eirlys' footsteps, immediately got up, and left. Seeing Leonard, Eirlys froze, suddenly gave a warm heart, and said: "Thank you!" Knowing what kind of person Leonard is, Eirlys doesn't even think about it. Leonard is out of concern for her, so she doesn't suspect he stayed to peek or anything. With no response, Leonard looked at Eirlys in surprise. On a desert island, after taking a shower, she can only put on her clothes right away. Still, she can't wipe her body like at home, and her skirt is relatively thin, soaked in water, so it also becomes transparent, revealing her body contours. “Why are you looking at me!” Seeing Leonard staring at her, Eirlys clutched her skirt, embarrassed. "No...! Nothing…” Conscious of his disrespect, Leonard turned his head away. But right after that, he seemed to be commanded by the devil to turn his head, look at Eirlys, and sincerely say: "You are wonderful..." As soon as this word came out, her face immediatel
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