Immortal domination: white Emperor

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Immortal domination: white Emperor

By: Daoist Xu OngoingFantasy

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"Reincarnation, that aspect of a living being starting a new life in a different physical body or form. All this has always sounded like just any other religious doctrine or fairy tale to me" Smiling wryly, Xǔ yún(John) stares at the evening sky. "with this second chance I must fight to survive and not be trampled on a second time, even if it means becoming the Devil!!". John was the typical example of the saying 'from Grace to Grass'. after the untimely death of his parents, he was tricked by his relatives into leaving his family fortune and forced to run away. He somehow ends up in the slums of England, however with his weak personality and Body it was easier for people to Oppress and control him.Till the day he died nothing ever seemed to go well for him, even his Online character "Kane" on the PC game had a better life than him!. But all that changed after his death as he is reborn with a system on Yǒnghéng Continent as the Xu family young master. Read on to Discover how John forges his path as Xǔ yún towards becoming a God.


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10 chapters
On the 3rd of march 2043, it rained heavily as if the very sky was sad.The sky was dark and gloomy with the constant rhythm of heavy raindrops, you could hear the sounds of Siren's from a distance and a pungent smell of the refuse dump and smoke in the area. This was the very slums of London, where the worst of the worst fought for dominance with different 'businesses'. Drugs,illegal firearms, human trafficking, prostitution and so on. Meanwhile, In an alley in this very place there's a body lying on the floor towered by two men in grey cover coats. "Tsk...John when people called you trash I didn't first understand but seeing your display tonight I finally understand hahaha!" The blonde man on the left clicked his tongue before speaking to the man on the floor. The man on the floor was had dirty brown hair and pale green eyes that made it seem like he was dazed all the time. he's body was injured all over with series of stab wounds while his face was swollen as he also has purpli
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A new beginning
In the city of chengdu in Yongheng continent,It was a grey afternoon with a dull sky threatening rain. A cloud, ominous and black, drifted over the mountain and released a sudden shower sending a few commoners into full sprint for shelter. In this gloomy atmosphere Only one person could be seen happy that it seemed as though She was glowing. In Southernmost wing of the Xu family manor you could see a beautiful Lady standing by the window looking like a celestial being. Long black hair, smooth eyebrows with Phoenix eyes, pale white skin as clear as jade and a smile that could move the heavens. She took a few steps towards the exquisite olive chair and sits while still staring out the window as she rubs her swollen tummy, Smiling in content. This woman was Jun zhenzhen."Husband I feel our child will be coming in a few days" she says while turning towards the man at the other side of the room. Xu Tianchi, the third Brother to the Xu family head, he was the least talented of the three br
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Xu Yun
Somewhere on Mount Yao, where the Xu family manor was located, you could see people moving back and forth in great haste. Presently in the family's main Hall, all the important figures were seated. Some were wearing anxious looks on their faces while some had Stern and rigid looks but none looked as amused as the man seated on the main seat as he took light sips from his tea." yunzao, your pacing is making me dizzy...have a seat, why can't you be like Tianchi? After all his wife is in labor as well but you don't see him so anxious! Besides Xiao Mei is the best Mid wife in all of chengdu ". The Man who had just spoken is Xu Yunzheng, he's the present Xu family head known for being strict , fueled by his ambition to eradicate evil!. He had many accomplishments tied to his belt right from his youth. Taking the Xu family black ink ruler technique to a whole new level at the time. Though he had a scholarly air around him as well easy going expression on his face it does not make him all t
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Ice elemental chi
It's been a little over a year ever since that day, Everyday since I could walk I find myself standing at this window for hours, as I love to see the leaves of the swamp tree falling down on green grass of my courtyard. The leaves of this tree have started to turn into yellowish red colour of summer as autumn season slowly approaches. I can't get my eyes of this tree because of its vibrant colour scheme,which makes me think if you put more energy in your life, then you can feel spring in autumn too just like every tree does when it gives its whole stress to its leaves to get a bright colour of autumn which seems fascinating to my eyes. Too bad no matter how much I try to lift my spirit, it never seems to work as every time I close my eyes I'm reminded of my experiences just before my death, up to the point of losing my new mother. It has haunted me like a broken record from that very day, I see the mockery in Terry's eyes as he stares at me from a distance. Though I've grown numb t
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Demon soul chasing blade
- Name : Xu yún Age: 1year 2months 17days. Power level: Lacking Understanding Level: 1 HP: 50 MP : 80 STR: 20 AGI: 35 SPR: 40. WILL: 25 DEX: 30 CONST: 20 BRE :15 STA: 25 Martial Inner: Basic true frigid Ice Chi Martial arts skills: None Equipment: None Artifact: None Feelings: invigorated, perplexed, Stunned. Titles: None. Alcohol: small Alignment: Neutral Taels : 0 Quest completion points(QCP): 800 As he continued reading through he noticed some things that were never in the game, Such As WILL stat, Feelings, artifacts and This QCP. 'I can guess what the will stat signifies and artifacts but QCP?'.after a few seconds of pondering he decided to ask the System."System, what are the uses of this Quest completion points?"-They are points gotten From completing Quest, Gaining an achievement or certain titles as well as perform actions deemed as extraordinary...-can be used to exchange for certain items, Skills, Artifact, Gear, pet and more...Listening
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11 years later
At Edges of Mount Yao, you could see Shadows dashing through the Sea of Trees as the howls of resonated around the forest. Silently a pack of wolves Trailed after a young boy, in Blazing fury and flaming red eyes as they maneuvered the Forest despite the heavy snowfall.Sui!Sui!Sui!Small Knives flickered through the air, every time the dagger striked a Wolf dropped dead, dragging through the snow before coming to a halt.+352exp +305exp +324expLevel up!At this prompt, the young boy came to a stop as he got to a high ground. This made the wolves stop as well because they dare not take this human lightly.This Boy right here is Xu Yún, donned in a White robe complimenting his smooth jade like skin, white long hair that had now grown to the length of his shoulder creating a beautiful picture standing on snow in the middle of the green and white forest. His piercing blue eyes glowing under the moon light as he stares intently at the alpha whom was standing at the very back of the pack.
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Chengdu city
"Little Lin, I think its time you head back so that Aunt Yao wouldn't worry" I persuaded Her for the third as it was almost midnight. "Okay then I'll return home but Big brother Yun, you should really take a rest because you look very Pale" Yao Lin Asserted as She headed out of the Courtyard while I could only Straight forward Smile at the retreating figure. shaking my Head as I went into my home I did a few stretches before lying on my Bed.'I need to head into the city Tomorrow for the Final thing i'll be needing...based on the time frame. today is December 18th year 603, tomorrow is the day Beggar Li Yuqiang Shows up at the side of Chengdu main market square.' thinking up to this point I couldn't help but laugh as I remembered the face of that dirty old man. he would just lie on the floor next to the steps of Luolan's Tea House entrance, Sulking and sometimes spew curses or spittle if you look at him for long. This has made many player angry and resulted in beating him up merciles
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Beggar Li
Watching the Guards behavior, people began to curse him. "What's wrong with him?, this is a clear case of fearing the strong and bullying the weak!" A merchant couldn't stand the scene and berated the Guard.""" Yes!""" The crowd agreed in unison."Pui! Coward" this time it was a lady who spat towards the floor before dishing out an insult as well.At this time, the Xu family carriage suddenly slowed down. This startled the Guard, so he decided to show off a bit as he thought whoever was in the carriage must have been angered by the crowds utterances."What?! You all must be tired of living!! Who Dares!!I dare you to utter a word". He began to shout at the top of his lungs. Sui!!!...Crash!!!A wine keg suddenly flew across the air before shattering on the Guard's heard, sending him flying by over 6 meters." Tch!...So noisy!!!" A groggy voice sounded out from a huge pile of haystack, as what looked like a corpse crawled out of the pile. with wide open eyes the crowd look at this elder
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Beggar Li 2
It was an hour passed two in the afternoon, As the streets of Chengdu were still as busy as every other day. Carts moving back and forth on the wide roads as commoners moved on the sidewalk, people of different shapes and sizes, classes as well as their products they held being of different Origins. Merchants advertising their wears and human pulled rickshaws of different colors to show the difference in status bustling about. a washed up white for commoners while the wealthy had a variety of colors. at this time, there was a commotion! the guards were chasing what looked like a Mad man Running through alleys and maneuvering through the sea of people. In fact the crazy old beggar tossed merchant goods around in order to create obstacles for the guards who kept on tripping and falling, looking utterly pathetic. the old man was all laughs but the words coming out of his mouth would make you hide away in shame.This went on till the crazy old beggar made a turn into an alley and disappea
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The hidden message behind the waterfall
It was evening and the merchants who came to buy some goods in chengdu were leaving in quick steps and some left after Going to the Changfeng escort agency to hire Guards in order to protect their goods as they head to their respective cities. the escort agency were highly respected and known for their exquisite service, with branches in all major cities is Wushu empire. A few Miles away from the western gate, just after the end of the Marble road signifying the entrance to the mountains and forest. There were a few hooded figures in black attires hidden in the bushes as they seemed to be waiting for something."old fifth, you said the white haired thrash of Xu family really came out with any Guards today?" a gruff voice sounded out from one of the hooded figures, from the way they were positioned he seemed to be their leader."I'm positive, I saw him by the fountain in Chengdu market." Old fifth replied, while rubbing his palms together."good, we can finally finish our mission of th
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