Jade The Conqueror (Volume 2)

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Jade The Conqueror (Volume 2)

By: The Supreme writer OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The Armageddon War has already begun!! with the war raged on Against The Inner Region, Against the Six Great Empires..The Destructo Squad lead by the All Black and with the ultimate purpose of world domination. This is True Terror!! It's a World of Terror and Destruction!! A World filled with mysteries... it is the Rise of The Conqueror!!


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11 chapters
It's an Era of Great War and Destruction!!By the Orders of The Lethal League of Chaos, The Destructo Squad lead by The All Black has launched a brutal war Against the Inner Region.A War of Great Destruction and Terror, The Second Armageddon War upon the world!!Mysteries, Chaos and Terror has been the order of the day, There is no Justice in this world...All that exists is bloodshed and havoc.This very ground is neutral!!only the strong shall become Justice, Only The Strong shall rule over all, There is no protection from the gods.There is only War and Destruction!!!This is The Beginning of the Phase Three!!The Rise of The Conqueror!!!
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Chapter 1: The War Preparations
Continuation from The Volume 1!!...." Where is he, Where is Jace!! "The Voice of Emperor Karsas could be heard throughout the Castle, Emperor Karsas stormed into Jace Chamber to see Jace lying down on the bed with Nimrai, Layla and the rest of his teammates standing by his bedside." Is he alright, What is going on? " Emperor Karsas asked as he walked up to Jace, He touched to see Jace is still breathing and he heaved in relief, He has already seen the brutality done by Jace." Father, we were Training but Suddenly Jace's eyes went dark and his utterance changed, It's like he is a whole other being and his strength is amazing, He slaughtered our Warriors without mercy " Layla voiced out." The Effects of the Bracelet is wearing out, I don't know why this is happening, The Bracelet Should still be active, Something is wrong " Emperor Karsas said as he examined the bracelet, He removed the bracelet from Jace's wrist.Immediately The Bracelet went off, Jace opened his eyes as it we
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Chapter 2: A War Time
It's been a week since the meeting of the Six Emperors, The Six Great Empires have already begun the war preparation, Over Hundreds of Thousands of Soldiers and Warriors ready to fight against the enemies.In the Shirlian Empire, The Soldiers, Warriors and Black Sky Agents were already dressed, Prepared to unleash war and fight against the enemies, The Captains were already dressed in their war Outfit.Inside the Throne room, The Emperor Karsas could be seen standing on the Altar, Before his Magestic Throne and his Captains standing below him as they were prepared to fight for the Empire's sake." Lord Emperor, We have counted over eight hundred thousand of our fine soldiers and three hundred thousand Warriors, The Agents of the Black Sky Force are also prepared for the war that is now " Captain Yurino voiced out." And what about the Empire? How many Warriors are here to keep it from outside while we are Distracted? " Emperor Karsas asked as he turned and faced the Captains before hi
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Chapter 3: A Now Bloody War
The Sky darkens as the shrieking sounds of the Dark Creatures filled the air, The ground shook as both sides attacked, Crushing down eachother, The Inner Forces released arrows into the Midst of the Monsters." The All Black said he has a billion of this creatures but I don't see how a billion could be this amount " General Arche stated as he faced the Emperors who remains on their horses as the Lords they are." Let's focus on the War, Arche, Our enemies are before us " General Corvus said and Arche nodded, They watched as the Armies attacked the Monsters with their full strength, Spears piercing through the skins.A Bat like creature swung into the midst of the Shirlian Soldiers and he decapitated six Soldiers with severe strikes, The Creature snarled and is about to attack another set of Warriors when Two Earth Hands sprang out of the ground.A spear sprang out of the ground and stabbed the Monster from Below, The Monster fell down dead and Captain Esnusa walked into the scene, The
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Chapter 4: A Valiant Time
As the Battle raged on, Monsters unleashing their darkest forms of powers as the Warriors used their powers to the very best, Soldiers cutting through the unending amounts of Monsters that attacked them.Monsters shrieked as they were being brought down by arrows, Heads rolled and so did bodies sliced into half, The Great Empires were pulling back the Monsters as they were the dominant sides in this battle." Ohis right? Seems like the Battle is in our favor, What do you think of this? " Captain Yurino asked as the Captains of the Shirlian Empire slowly surrounded him with swords in their hands, Ready for battle." Captains of the Shirlian Empire, I have heard about your might that surpasses even the Captains of the Other Great Empires, Valiant and powerful but below my strength, This War may be on your side but we are winning " Ohis said with smiles on his face." And how are you winning? " Captain Akano asked." Our Armis of Dark Creatures are endless from of Monsters, They will nev
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Chapter 5: The Twins of Terror Vs The Swordsmen
The Five Generals and Acting General Tosu could be seen battling with the Monsters with their swords, The Creatures attacked them in their numbers but were extinguished by the force of General Corvus." This Abomination of creatures are enormously large in numbers, That member must be stopped in other to cease this Monsters from coming " General Corvus stated as he cleaned the sweats on his face." Don't you think we know that already, But it's not as easy as you try to make it seem, This Monsters will stop at nothing to protect him " General Arche said as he chopped off two Monsters heads and kicked their bodies away." This Creatures numbers aren't infinite, They are in battalions but they can be wiped out and stopped without delay " General Kotus stated, He bent down, Escaping the Claws of two Creatures an he sliced them into half.General Nironi unleashed an energy blast that sent the monsters crashing while many were burnt to ashes, Tosu smirked as he kept on slaughtering the Mon
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Chapter 6: Against the Emperors
After the Twins of Terror were defeated, They vanished into thin air to escape a gruesome death but one of them was dying anyways, His soul has been tampered with my the Soul Slicer and he has only hours to live.The Sky rumbled as The All Black could be seen marching forward towards the direction of the Emperors, Okios followed from behind as he gritted his sharp bloody fangs in fury as his claws were ready to unleashed.Morgana firmly held her spear as she followed from behind, Two Zhria Soldiers charged at the All Black but they were blasted into pieces by the spear of Morgana, Morgana hit her spear on the ground causing the ground to vibrate.And Ohis sprang out of the ground in a sad mood but he didn't show it, Morgana smirked immediately she saw Ohis, And the All Black nodded as he slowly approached the Emperors who are still on their horses." Emperor Karsas, You did well, Not sending Jace into the battlefield, It would have been easier Abducting him " The All Black stated as h
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Chapter 7: The All Black's Force
While the Battle raged on in the fields, Morgana strucked her spear on the ground as her eyes turned dark, She chanted inaubily as the sky turned dark and she could see Jace Vragon in his Chambers...Still in slumber." I have seen him, Somehow the Kid is in slumber " Morgana stated as her eyes returned back to its normal state and she grabbed her spear, She drew energy from Okios and created a Portal but Immediately the Portal opened up.It closed up immediately." Morgana, what is the meaning of this? " The All Black asked in pains as he coughed out bloods from his mouth, Morgana created the portal again but it closed up with immediately effects and the All Black growled." I don't know what is happening but someone is closing the Portal I am creating, There is someone or something that is blocking our paths into the Empire " Morgana stated as her eyes once again turned pitch black.Morgana gasped immediately she gazed at Nimrai, The Presence of Nimrai is the cause of the Portal erad
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Chapter 8: Against the Team Chad
The Sky darkens with force as heavy wind blew heavily, Scattering dry leaves all around, Before Nora could charge at The All Black, She was transfered into the woods where the Team Chad in and at the same spot were they are." Nora? Aren't you supposed to be in the Palace? " Emily called out from behind, Nora turned back to see The Team Chad standing and Jace is seen on Tero-Chan's shoulder's all this while long." I don't know how I got here, I was supposed to be fighting The All Black by now, The All Black is coming for Jace " Nora said as she removed her Mask, Layla's eyes glowed as she could sensed a powerful Presence." Let's continue running before The All Black catches up with us " Curtis said and they started running deep into the woods when the wind became Ferocious, The Sky thundered Heavily as the wind tripled." There is a force coming here, I can feel it " Layla stated as they continued running with all their mights, They were still running when a thunder storm strucked d
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Chapter 9: The Controller
The All Black walked out of the portal with his hand on his lips as he coughed out black bloods from his mouth, He fell on his knees and Morgana quickly walked up to him, She has being by The All Black's side all this while." The All Black, How did we get like this...We are supposed to be the ones winning this war and not losing " Morgana stated as she helped the All Black to his feet and He dropped the sleeping Nora on the ground." This is The Inner we went up against, Damned that brat Jace Vragon, He nearly killed me " The All Black cursed as he slowly approached the Empty field, He weaved hand signs and The Temple appeared." Are you talking about Jace Vragon? Nearly killed you, how? I thought you defeated the kid " Morgana asked as she lifted Nora on her shoulder and they started approaching the Temple which is miles away." I wouldn't consider that as defeat, The Kid was really underestimated by me, If not for my magic resistance to his great powers, I would be rotten away as a
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