King Solomon's Legacy

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King Solomon's Legacy

By: Ray Genus OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Daniel was a loyal follower of king Solomon. He is the ruler and king who rules over the jinn and rules with his wealth. He entrusted a quarter of his wealth to Daniel because of his service so far and had 12 children before King Solomon died. He advised that if one of Daniel's children succeeds in following in his father's footsteps and guarding the entrusted treasure, they will easily find the rest of the other treasures belonging to king Solomon and become the next king. Dave Daniel Kaleid is the only son of Daniel who managed to master 12 other sins, and he got the power of king Solomon to control the jinn and supernatural beings. He lives eternally among humans until he takes part in witnessing the lives of the prophets who were sent to earth. In 2012 he met a teenager abandoned by his parents. He was in a field summoning spirits to give a report. The circle has been broken. Some humans interfere with the affairs of the jinn, so Anisaa asks them to make a deal. "Help me avenge the family, or I will reveal your secret," Anisaa said. Dave agrees, but the teenager is bound to be a loyal underling wherever he goes. Anisaa becomes Dave's follower and entrusts the power of the jinn to the girl. Until they finally travel together.


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10 chapters
Chapter 1 – The Dark Covenant
Chapter 1 – The Dark CovenantA new story, written for those who have given up on life, always revolves around a world filled with corruption and deceit. There are many reasons why this story will be fascinating when the heart and hope for the reality of life are sadder than being slit and ending up in the dirt.This is not an action fantasy story, rebirth, system, transmigration, or zero to hero as usual, but this is closer to human feelings growing to survive. If I had the chance to play live again, it would be amusing when I could fix everything I've ever done, even as small as sand everyone wants to improve.This story may sound boring when you first read it and enjoy the plot, but the grammar needs to be corrected. However, RayGenus assures me that this is a story taken from a true story where the human imagination expects more than what is imagined. No leading male or female characters are more dominant, so as a wise reader, enjoy this excellent novel rather than other novels.T
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Chapter 2 – New life
Chapter 2 – New lifeNaomi wakes up in the early morning hours and only guesses the messy room after partying with her office mates. The girl's head was spinning as the clock still showed 4 in the morning, and unexpectedly it was time for Naomi to visit her sister in the hospital.She could only do the preparations that were used to being prepared and hanging over the door had been prepared. Without waiting a long time, she brought the items and remembered to bring the food her sister liked in the fridge. Morning still needs to show its existence, and there are still one or two people preparing for their activities.At precisely half-past five, Naomi arrived at the hospital. She was greeted by officers in a friendly manner and had time to ask for news about herself and her sister. Naomi could only reply with a smile and didn't forget to leave because she was going to work. Naomi found Nara sitting facing the window. His habit is to stare and hope that one day he will be free to go out
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Chapter 3 – Suprised
Chapter 3 – SuprisedThe officer who was there could only shake his head repeatedly. Angela burst into tears in front of Naomi and said she hoped her best friend would be accepted at the company. She did not respond to angela's words, and when it was time for Naomi to go, she asked permission for the girl to give way to her.Naomi couldn't move because Angela was still trying to hold her body and hinder the girl's movement. But when someone close to Angela called the girl, he asked her to forget about her best friend because they would soon meet again. What Angela had done made the people there feel hampered, and she finally left after being released with a heavy heart.Naomi was invited to enter and sit in the space provided. Those who became the interviewers felt strange that she didn't bring notes or writing materials when she entered. But after hearing that, she found it late and unprepared, and Naomi was ready to answer without needing it.They muttered a bit and continued the in
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Chapter 4 – She plained
Chapter 4 – She plainedNaomi's phone rings, but the girl can't pick it up. At precisely 3 in the morning, she woke up with a pain in her head. An object had struck her. Naomi tried to get up from her bed using the chair's handle and sat down. When she saw the hourglass, Naomi's memory was awakened when a scary figure visited her.She was about to throw it away, but Naomi got a flashback about her life again, and the intention to commit suicide was the primary goal. No wonder, from yesterday, she felt she had lost something just like that. When that determination reappeared, Naomi was grateful for having returned before something terrible happened to her.She was sure that before Naomi believed so much, she had given up her life to die in the forest. But now her feelings of fear were haunting her. When the two creatures had disappeared and left no traces, even though they were only raindrops, she was still shivering to ensure that what she was experiencing was not a bad dream.The hou
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Chapter 5 – She rules
Chapter 5 – She rulesAngela felt bad receiving such a gift because she had given nothing to her best friend on her first day at work. She was curious about what was in the cardboard box, and Naomi guaranteed it was something Angela would like. She hugged Naomi tightly as if she wouldn't let go, and the girl hugged her best friend back.They agreed to create this new year to be a good person in friendship and work. He couldn't go since the day that girl had betrayed and toyed with him. Angela often invites Naomi always to have a party every time she comes home from work, and at that time, she likes it when her best friend asks her. But this time, Naomi was interested in something other than following it.The man who had sat during the interview yesterday was also accepted, but he was in another section. He greeted them kindly, and Angela became a team to select marketing candidates. They would often meet on business matters."Naomi's level with us is different, Rio-san. But she won't
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Chapter 6 – Get inside
Chapter 6 – Get insideAfter ordering a particular place and some drinks, Naomi treats them to enjoy the luxury. No one who was in the room was not lulled in pleasure, but Naomi still did not follow their desire to get drunk. Angela sings erratically, her voice sounds beautiful, but she often hears hiccups repeatedly.She sat on Naomi's thigh and invited her to drink and sing. Naomi refused and just took the microphone to accompany them to sing. When it was time to go, Naomi intended to take Angela home, and Rio joined her in the taxi because she felt that the path they were going to take was on the same road.He said he would pay for the travel expenses until Naomi arrived at her new apartment. Naomi's heart was beating fast. She looked at Rio looking very mature and more manly when he was semi-conscious. The young man sat next to the taxi driver and often asked how Angela and Naomi were.Rio not only helps with things, but he is also kind to others. People call him a kind prince. He
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Chapter 7 – Nara's overseas operations.
Chapter 7 – Nara's overseas operations.Without realizing it, it was time for them to leave, and Angela, this time, accompanied Naomi while waiting for the bus to be taken. It didn't take long, the public transportation finally arrived, and they parted ways."Wow, you are very familiar with the age like now." said the bus driver. She enjoyed watching how Naomi interacted with Angela. She only smiled when she said that and sat down.Angela waved from a distance, and Naomi was quite tired after one day of caring for Angela. Without realizing she had arrived in front of her apartment, the other passengers woke Naomi because the bus driver asked them to wake her up.Naomi went down and didn't forget she thanked him for waking her up. She stared for a moment at her residence, which was better than before, and left the still bustling streets. Naomi said hello after opening the door.She didn't expect to be greeted with so much food and still emitting smoke. Naomi did not find anyone who had
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Chapter 8 – The degree
Chapter 8 – The degreeThe middle-aged man told her to sit on a chair, but Naomi sat. There were traces of their actions that were still wet, and she didn't want her clothes to be touched by them. he appreciated Naomi's behavior and was pleased with the girl's answer that it was impossible to sit while measuring the degree of their work.He gave a record of Naomi's accomplishments so far, and there was nothing the director didn't like. He wants Naomi to recruit an artist or an innocent teenager to make an ad, as suggested at the meeting. The prospect Naomi offered was appetizing at the time of the earlier discussion. Investors wanted to realize it immediately to achieve profits from the sale.Naomi prepared for this by handing over ad samples to invite young people to be selected and market them to buyers. Without waiting a long time, he agreed to Naomi's request, making it easier for the girl to ask for funds to run the ad.She brought a power of attorney as a representative on behal
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Chapter 9 – The refused
Chapter 9 – The refusedThe others greeted them and told Naomi to sit among the people. She was getting restless because there was no other reason to put the rest of the rope in angela's room. But their sensitivity has arrived until later tonight.She took the sake that had just arrived and poured it over to Angela. The girl was happy and blushed because Naomi had treated her well. They are jealous of the kindness and friendly relations that have existed over the years. Naomi took the cup and drank to relieve her restless feelings.There was no time because it was already 10 pm. Naomi asked Angela to return to the apartment with the excuse that she wanted to stay overnight again. Angela was happy with Naomi's invitation, so they went first while everyone else was having fun. Rio tried to accompany them, but Naomi refused because she didn't want anyone to disturb them."I said you don't follow us!" shouted Naomi when many people saw their fight. Rio felt uncomfortable, so Angela broke
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Chapter 10 – Her illness
Chapter 10 – Her illness "Naomi san!" Nara said. The young man's voice broke Naomi's reverie. After one day of walking around and not feeling it was already afternoon. One day Naomi took time to go about helping Nara, and when they were about to return to meet Angela and Rio on the same road.They greeted each other, but Naomi could not think clearly. She tried to avoid and took Nara away from Angela and Rio."Ah, is this the little brother you were talking about?" Rio asked Angela. Naomi did not expect Angela to tell other people about Nara's figure, even though they agreed to keep it a secret until Nara was completely cured of her illness.Nara tried to stop Naomi because she had been acting strange all along and didn't want to go because she hadn't seen Angela for a long time. Naomi prevented Nara and Rio from shaking hands, asking him to return to the room."Older brother?" said Nara. He was worried about Naomi's condition, which looked uncomfortable, so this time it was Nara who
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