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This is the story of the little boy who grows up without knowing his real identity...And was raised by A magical beast. It's the journey of the boy who wants to know who he was and where did he come from.


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*Huff* Huff* *Rustling*Rustling* A Heavy breathing can be heard in the middle of the dark forest."God I know you can hear me ....please god ....pl...please...save my son...he has nothing to do with this... it's his misfortune to be born into this family...he is just an innocent child, please god save him from those monsters ....don't let him be caught by those people."A very young and delicate lady covered with blood and arrows that pierced through her chest prayed to god."Son...I'm sorry son I wanted to see you grow up ....little by little in front of my eyes but I don't have that luxury now...I really wanted to see you grow up as a kind and loving person like your father....but I can't see that now...I'm really sorry..son please forgive your mother...I wish you have a happy and loving life.....when you came to another side by dying in old age...please tell me about what you have done until you live...I will listen to your every adventurous story very carefully....."*Smooch*smo
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After leaving the cave lice brings the baby boy into her den."Hello, babies, Mama's home".When she said that two little Cubs came out of the Den."Mama, mama ".Two little cubs started to run around Lice."Calm down you gonna hurt yourself don't run around.""Oh and look I bring you a new little brother "."Buwadar!?" two little cubs tilted their heads."Yes, so take good care of your brother okay?"."Okay, okay ".once again the little cubs started to run around joyfully."And let me introduce you too".Lice put down the baby boy on the ground from her back"These two are my son and daughter well actually I had 4 children but..... Not too long ago, those damn humans .....killed my babies in front of my eyes."While saying that a tear fell from the lice' eyes corner."Mama, don't cry". Two little cubs look at their mother with tearful eyes."Huh!? Oh yeah let's not talk about that...so little guy they are your brother and sister from now on ... I hope you guys get along nicely."After t
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When I and TRYFING successfully form a contract. We went straight to Mama Lice."Hmm, so you finally, Broke those chains huh?."Mama lice who was sitting in her den asked me."Yes, Mama".and in return I replied smilingly."After all these years you are finally free now TRYFING how are you feeling being released by those chains?""Huh!? Oh, it feels quite good, although I'm not at my full potential right now but I will recover shortly...so it's quite good."TRYFING who was in my hand grip answered."Then good for you.""So Jen are you sure about what you wish for?"."yeah, Mama and it's not like I can't meet you guys...Whenever I missed you I will come to visit you from time to time...""Hmm yeah, that's right you can use your ability to come here.""Hehe...yeah so don't worry "."It's Not like I can stop you from going...and it's your right to know about your real parents...so I won't stop you...but you...must take care of yourself...and whenever you feel lost... you know that you have
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"They are the high elves.""So that's how they look". I never thought that elves looked so beautiful with their pointe ears, green gems eyes, and long blonde hair ...they were so pretty ... I was in a daze for a second."How are you kid? What are you doing here." there are six elves and the one who asked the question seems to be their leader."Oh, my name is Jen and I'm Just passing by.""Just passing by ?? Do you not know without our permission no one can enter our domain .""Your domain!?.""Jen looks like we accidentally entered their domain.""Sorry, we don't know that this is your domain .""So don't worry we will take our leave now." I don't wanna cause trouble on our first journey."Yeah, you better leave this instead.""O-okay.""Brother and sister let's go". When I was about to climb on my brother's back someone stopped me."Wait right there.""Hmm, why??".I don't understand why they are stopping me now..cause they are the ones who said to leave."Where did you get that magi
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Act 5
So there is only one that can save us and that is to get the hell out of here."But how can we get out of here? We can't run from that Elder ". I don't know what to do."Bro-Brother !! Don't worry about me...you guys go ahead and leave me here.""I can't do that sister....how can I leave you here to die.""But brother...""You don't have to worry sister...we all will get out of here in one piece.""TRYFING can you do something about this situation??""Hmm, well we can use your portal ability to get out but if we do that and get back to the dark forest your mother will find out about this incident ....and she will get really mad...so we can't go back"."I know that already...tell me that I don't know".well even though I have this so-called ability it has its limit ... I can't create a portal wherever I want to go...I can only create a portal to the place where I have been before."Then there is only one thing we can do now...""You have a way to get us out...then.tell me""Well, I won'
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Act 6
"Damn I'm gonna kill you".Elder rage in anger. after his hand was cut off.When the dust that was created by the explosion settled down elder yelled again."Where did that kid go damn it?"The elder didn't find Jen anywhere.*Swoosh* "He is gone, elder." "What!? Princess, what do you mean by he is gone?" Princess jumped from the tree and landed on the ground where the elder was."As I said he is gone ... I didn't see it clearly but... it looks like the ground swallowed him.""_"!?*"Yeah, I know you won't believe what I said.""But that's what I saw...the shadow around him took him under the ground...and not only him but the injured magical beast and another magical beast...they all swallowed by the shadow.""But how can that be? how can a little kid do this kind of things??."Hmm, I also don't know how he is capable to do something like that...but he is interesting!!."Princess gave a slight smile."Anyways, elder let's go back we have to treat them". Princess pointed at the elves w
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Act 7
(Two years later)*Huff*Huff* "Damn I'm out of breath.""That's it for today you may take some rest now.""It's been two years since you started training and you have improved quite a lot ....well not much but still, it's good progress...now you can gather mana every time even when you are sleeping, eating, or walking.""Y-Yeah and I can feel my body has changed drastically it's all thanks to you TRYFING.""HAHAHA...yeah, it's all because of me ...you better be grateful to me."I still did not tell him that I send shadows all around the world for me to teach him. But to my surprise ...I did not think that he will grow this much only in two years." So what's now ?? What will you gonna do brother ...we have been in this forest for two years...will we continue our journey now or not"."Yeah, sister we gonna resume our journey now.""We can't always sit here and do some training we have to move now...I have to find my family's whereabouts....and we have to find ####### for TRYFING too."
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Act 8
"I'm sorry Ella I wasn't able to help you...but don't worry we will take good care of your grandchild."TRYFING flew over Ella's body and muttered in a low voice."Jen take the egg !!""Hmm, O-Okay!!" without wasting time I went to Ella's body and take the glowing egg from her belly."What should we do now Jen?" Sister Nina asked."Hmm, let TRYFING handle this!! "."Ella, I hope you went to where our lord is.!!".TRYFING stands next to Ella's body.Even though I can't see his experience but I know TRYFING is really sad right now.But I can't do anything except watch from the side."Jen let's give her a rightful funeral.""Okay!!".After that, we buried Ella ...and pay our utmost respect to her."TRYFING don't you think that those who hurt Ella are nearby to find her?"."Yeah, they must be looking for her to see if she is a life or not.""We must get out of here..but first, let's do what Ella wishes for."Before burying Ella...TRYFING took her heart from her body and give it to me."It w
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