Last human

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Last human

By: Kei OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The land had been damaged hundreds of years ago. Humans have become extinct because of the war between humans, supernatural beings, angels, and demons. Those who survived the war and survived were supernatural beings who could live for hundreds of years. Mythological beasts began to appear, filling all corners of Gaia. Among supernatural beings, a girl lives exiled from her own kind, the vampires. The appearance of the Excalibur sword as a sign of the coming war again, makes Eira have to look for another legendary sword to be able to defeat the demons. Hunting monsters, until looking for the legendary sword belonging to God Odin. Eira goes on an adventure to save Gaia from the dark power of the devil. She's a dhampir and the last human race.


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Last Human
1,043 decades ago, the war between angels and demons was unstoppable. An army of angels, aided by humans and supernatural beings, unite, fighting to defend their land. The demons led by Leviathan, can only be killed by the sword of the angels, Excalibur. However, the demon army that was too much forced the angels to bless the other swords.Gram, the sword made by God Odin became the sword chosen to give supernatural beings the power to kill demons with that sword. After fighting for approximately seven years, the angel army and its allies succeeded in repelling the demon army.Unfortunately, war has a very bad impact on humans, not many of them live after it, and then die because of the bad conditions. In the end, humans became extinct on their own. Remaining the supernatural beings who have a long enough life span, even immortal.It was the darkest day for angels, the source of their light was humans. The angels have no more purpose after the death of the last human in the Mortal lak
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Chapter 1
A pair of amber colored eyes entered an old bar on the outskirts of Troan. Her face was so tired, evidenced by the dark circles that were so obvious under her eyes. Her robes which were stained with mud in some corners showed she had just come from the forest, while the two swords on her back raised many questions for the Dwarves who were relaxing drinking beer.As the only remaining dhampir race, Eira had a lot of bad reputation among the nobles. Not because her temperament is sometimes uncontrollable, but because she can be a threat to several big kingdoms."Two beers, please," she asked the barmaid. She then took out a coin from her pocket and started counting.Today, not her lucky day, doesn't mean her usual days are also lucky, but rather that she just lost 3 bets in one day. After counting the remaining coins which turned out to be only enough to eat her for tonight, Eira shoved the coins back into her pocket. Tomorrow night she will eat root squirrel again if she doesn't get an
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