Lira Dragon

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Lira Dragon

By: Dian Armay OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a peaceful and beautiful land, a mother is teaching a boy to learn like any other child. But that changed when an army invaded the country. The child was forced to be evacuated to a refugee barracks to help free the country from the aggression of other countries. Asta the little child, has been in the refugee barracks for days waiting for his mother to return. The decision to find the mother became a disaster. The little boy was eaten by the dragon. What happened next?


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6 chapters
On the terrace floor of the house, a mother is sitting with a small child. In the middle there is a book containing letter symbols, while the other books are just blank sheets with black lines.A pencil is held by the child. He is Asta. From the way he holds it, he looks unprofessional. The style of holding is still not like that of other children. The mother justifies the child's hand, but it looks a bit torturous. Finally, she lets Asta hold at will."Dear, take a look at this one. Your writing is wrong," the mother said."Yes, Mam," Asta replied.An eraser is removed from the pencil case. The tip of the soft object is scraped a little so that it can erase the existing writing. A gust blew away the small trash. Scratches the tip of the pencil, leaving a trail according to Asta's weak finger movement, that's less than beautiful. The eyes move alternately to make sure the inscribed writing matches what is written in the printed book.The work of the child is supervised by the mother.
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Born from A Dragon
The wet, mushy, warm, slippery and dark area Asta walks through. A figure didn't understand anything, followed every direction of the unknown flow. The crystals inside the pants sparkle. It's the only light source for the eyes to see.The further you follow the direction of the current, the stronger the smell of meat will be. A yellowish turbid green liquid appeared before his eyes, pulverizing a lump of flesh. Hands can not be used to stop the body because of the slimy walls. The little boy's body goes into the liquid.A crystal that glows brightly in his right hand. The wielder's full concentration makes the crystal glow brighter and turn into a sword of light. Asta feels a sense of confusion about this. The sword of light was thrust into a wall, a cloudy liquid gushed out in torrents. A great shock was felt. The liquid moved without a definite pattern. The little kid's entire body was splashed with the murky liquid.One sword slips out of hand, Asta uses another crystal. The sword
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In the Enemy Palace
An unpleasant smelling little body was dragged out. Wet clothes are forcefully removed. Not to forget, the rope is opened and tied to a pole. Water spray alternately with scented soap, so that the smell that pierces the heart is gone. The woman rubbed the baby's body vigorously, including the injured area. Asta could only cry, feeling sadness mixed with pain. It wasn't the affection and understanding he got, but the swear words that hurt anyone who listened.The cruel treatment had not ended that morning. The head that was still dizzy had to get a punch in the stomach until it couldn't move anymore. The body is tied back even though the water still adorns the entire skin. Blue crystals are not left, just like that.In a room, Asta is made up neatly. Short pants combined with a matching shirt. Don't forget, a woman put the crystals in a pants pocket. But the rope was again tied to the body, which had become fragrant. The hair is neatly styled and a hat is worn.I
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Control My Dragon
“My Majesty, stop it!” a magician shouted. The mana shield has formed and withstands Asta's attack despite the crack.Asta struggles to keep his balance in surprise. He almost fell down. Crystals are used to move places very quickly in order to survive the heights. The sword of light had turned back into crystal, knowing that the one who rode the dragon was a trusted mentor of the kingdom. "What's this?" he asked.

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A room was entered by Asta. The targeted prey is sleeping. Legs crouched by sneaking. A silent sound was made. There was no one else there. Asta's chance to attack. The crystal held in the right hand turned into a sword of light. The princess's neck became the goal. A stab is done, a white dog bites Asta's hand. “Argh,” he shouted, thrusting the blue crystal in his left hand.A shout from Asta makes the princess multiply. A blanket is placed on Asta, the princess takes a kick. He immediately ran and grabbed a plasma weapon. "Dear, what are you doing?"“Your country and you have killed my mother. I will take my revenge on this." Asta jumps at the princess.The princess spat out several plasma bullets. But her attacks always fail because every time Asta is targeted, that boy always teleports. Asta is getting closer, the feet are stepping to get away. The wall became a barrier to the feet to retreat, the princess could not escape anymore. Weapons
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A Gift for Asta
Asta and the mentor clash with each other's weapons. One great sword could be resisted, but another sword could not be resisted. He was forced to teleport to another place before returning and counterattacking. Asta slashes a sword of light.The mentor's defense is not weak. In an increasingly critical state, it makes Asta even more difficult to penetrate, even though he attacks from various directions. Not to mention that Asta can only attack with one hand.The fight is getting slower and slower because the stamina has started to decrease and the blood is running out. The two of them continued to fight. The clanging sound of guns is still audible even though it's slow.The blue crystal is stepped on with the left foot. Which flow can be connected perfectly. It turned into a sword of light. Asta steps on the tip of the sword until the object floats in the air and returns to crystal to outwit the mentor. The mentor slashed a greatsword and he teleported to another crystal. The sword ha
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