Living By The Constellation

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Living By The Constellation

By: Izzy Bee Mak OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Vanessa was living a normal middle classed life of hers around her small circle of friends, until she got into a tragic accident. one that supposedly claimed her life. But some say, "Death is the beginning of life". Her death was not the end of her life, but simply a new beginning. Delving into the 'open secrets' that are unseen by the world, she discovers her true nature with a chance to live once again, but not as a mere human. With the powers of the 12 Zodiac signs, and realizing there are others like her, they intend on standing up against the Chaotic force that threatens their existence, and also imbalance in the natural world. It is time to unravel the secrets of the Zodiac Powers, or forever stay dead, Vanessa.


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Live - Die - Live Again
[SOMEWHERE IN NEW YORK]The city was blooming with life in the evening lights; a sight from above was a beauty to behold. A young lady was clad in a black jacket and regular shorts, walking alongside the road with her hands dipped into her pockets. She was quite focused on her destination; which was her home. Her apartment to be precise.Now walking up the stairs in a house, she finally stopped before a door which she opened up with a key. Sighing heavily, she pulled off her jacket and tossed it aside in this small and untidy apartment of hers.She looked into the mirror at herself for a minute; her black curly hair was a little bit rough and her skin was so smooth and wanting of scars. She should be in her early 20s.And looked closely to the mirror, touching her jaw as if something was wrong with it, but there was absolutely no problem. She was taken aback for a second, as if shocked. “I was punched right in the face”A quick flashback crossed her mind immediately.****** Earl
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The First Trials (I)
[BIANCA’S HOUSE]The next morning, they were still gathered at Bianca's house and we all up early; that was if they slept at all. The identities of the Twelve are therefore; Aries – Jenner (F) Taurus – Vanessa (F) Gemini – Allan (M) Cancer – Brandon (M) Leo – Rebecca (F) Virgo – Lauren (F) Libra – Denzel (M) Scorpio – Bianca (F) Sagittarius – Isaac (M) Capricorn – Zac (M) Aquarius – Alicia (F) Pisces – Jacob (M)They were all seated on chairs arranged in a circle. And at the center was The Grandmaster, speaking to them, “You might not have had enough sleep due to the briefing and all, but here we are, every second counts. And we must use every time we have to prepare ourselves for what's before us” Alicia, the dark skinned lady raised her hand to ask a question, “What's the next line of action, sir?” “Training has begun…,” the Grandmaster says, “I might have started out with Jenner, but you're all together now, and
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