Love Unbound

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Love Unbound

By: Shelley Gibson Clark OngoingRomance

Language: English

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Rebellious Olivia Macdonald is being raised by her single father Alexander Macdonald after his wife dies from small pox with the help of the servants. Her youthful crush on Johnathan Campbell who is 4 years older than her gets put on hold. As she almost gets herself killed. Alexander sends Olivia to live with his sister and husband in France to return 6 year’s latter. Trying not to fall back into her childish romantic notions she avoids Johnathan attention as he seems to be involved but their common Jacobite beliefs influences events. The dangers are very real. The events they find themselves thrown in brings them together. It is as if they are destined to be together after all.


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Chapter 1 Rebellious youth
“Olivia, get yourself down here right now!” Yelled Mrs. McGill. “Your father is going to have your hide for what you’ve done!” Her face red with fury holding her hands on her stout hips as she looked up at Olivia in the top of the oak tree. Olivia refusing to come down mischievously smirking knowing full well that Mrs. McGill couldn’t get her down. “Old man Henry deserved it. He beat Rabi something terrible for dropping the eggs. All I did was hit him with one.”Olivia’s little 9 year old frame was so small in the tree. She was as quick as a little squirrel. She was up the tree and out of the reach of everyone on the ground before anyone knew it. All of a sudden heavy footsteps could be heard approaching the tree from the far side of the house. She saw her fathers regal frame and handsome face full of frustration as he got closer and closer.“Well I guess I may as well get ready for a thrashing. Papa looks pretty mad.” Thought Olivia. With a roar Alexander Macdonald yelled “Olivia B
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Chapter 2 Stalled infatuation
The next day Olivia stepped out from the stables and wiped her forehead before walking over to get a drink of water. “Madame are ye almost done with the mucking?” Ask Elliot McTavish the stable man. He new little Miss Macdonald was a handful. She could ride and climb better than any boy. He admired her for being a very capable lass at the youthful age of 9 years. Her mother could ride too. She was the spiting image of her mother. “Almost Mr. McTavish. I have one stall left. “ she said with a grin. “Father could have pick something worse for me to do.” “I,, he could have. I think he was giving some leeway while trying to tame ye..” he laughed.“I have to go meet the farrier at the other end of the field for the lame colt. You should have it done by the time I get back, so get to it..” He winked with a rueful smile. Olivia turned to go in the barn a few minutes after Mr. McTavish left to see Graham and Rory Gordon starring at her with mischief in their eyes. . They were a year older
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Chapter 3 The abandonment
“Alexander have you heard from Brielle yet? I am sure she will take on Olivia.” John Campbell said as he saw the frustration of the previous day on his friend and constant companions face.Alexander had tried to handle the running of the estate and the children as best he could after Janet died last year. Finely who was seven and Olivia who was nine needed a mothers touch. They needed the guidance and the nurturing of a woman. Alexander loved his wife more than anything. Her being gone had devastated him and the children. He knew he need a help mate to mange the castle and the children. How could he take another wife. He wrote to his sister in France to see if she would take on Olivia. Teach her the ways of a lady and mistress of a home. Educate her so that she would have a strong future. Refine what Janet had already taught Olivia “No, no word yet. I pray to hear something soon. After Olivia’s little fiasco yesterday it is more evident than ever that she needs to go. She needs a w
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Chapter 4 Last chance
As the days went by Olivia new she had to get away. She was not he q fry going to France. She could not leave all she knew and loved. She had a plan tonight would be her chance as her father and the servants would be occupied with guest in the great hall. She had stashed some food and a wine skin full of water in a bag under her bed. She had a dagger that belong to her mother to protect herself. Night quickly came. After about an hour into the activities downstairs she made her way down. She decided it was time. Quietly Olivia slipped out her room down the hall to the back stairs. She made her way stealthily step by step. Ducking into shadows and slipping past an alcove where a young maid and a man servant we’re making out. They never knew she was there. Stopping at the kitchen door Mrs McGill was instructing another cook and servant in what was next to be served to the guest. Olivia slipped behind the table and darted to the hall to the back exit of the castle. Not a soul saw he
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Chapter 5 Salvation before the storm
The castle was in an uproar as everyone search ever nook and cranny for Olivia. It was almost dawn and Mrs. McGill went to light the fire in room. When she realized that Olivia was gone.After looking in Finely room Mrs. McGill had an uneasy feeling. She looked everywhere she could think of. Hesitantly she went and woke Master Alexander. “Master Alexander!” She nudges his shoulder “Master Alexander wake up.“ Alexander groggily opened his eyes with a slight pain to his head. “What is it? “ he said “Is something wrong?”. “Sir Olivia is missing. I can’t find her.” Alexander swiftly sat up in the bed.“What do you mean missing?” Getting up out of the bed. His feet hit the stone floor. “I have looked everywhere I could think of and I can not find her. Her bed has not been slept in.” She said with fear in her eyes. Alexander stormed out and called to Edward. The man appeared almost instantly “Get the men together. Olivia is missing. Search the castle and the grounds quickly.”Edward s
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Chapter 6 Family return
Her aunt was nothing if not punctual. She arrived exactly a fortnight from the arrival of her letter. The house was all a buzz as soon as s they got word she was approach.“Go get Olivia and Finely.” Alexander told a maid. Alexander’s excitement was palpable. As the two children stood by his side. Brielle entered with the most beautiful smile from ear to ear. “Mon petit Freire, I have missed you so much.” Embracing each other so tightly. Both stepping apart and taking a good look at each other.Smiling she turned and looked at the two children before her. “Well hello there jeune maitre Finely.” With a bow and a flourish of her hand. Finely loved the attention as it was usually Olivia that got the attention. Only it was negative attention. He thought to himself. “Madame Beaumont, welcome home. It is my pleasure to finally meet you.” In a return bow. He smiled big and brightly attempting the flourish of the hand as well. “Madame Olivia, I am excited for us to get to know each other.
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You Chapter 7 The Arrival
The trip from Macdonald castle to Edinburgh was a little jolting as the wagon followed along the country road. As the castle fell away the trip offered many sights and sounds. Eventually Edinburg came into view Olivia excitement and apprehension came in waves. As Edinburgh was the capital of Scotland it was as dizzy as a beehive. People of every shape and color were all about. They finally came to a stop at the dock. Stepping down from the wagon Olivia’s senses were in overload. The smell of fish and open ocean filled her nostrils. The vision of ruff faced sailors and beautiful ships against the ocean backdrop were all about.“Come Olivia, I want to introduce you to the captain and show you where we will be sleeping while we are on the ship. “ Brielle turned towards a three masted heavy frigate. “Yes mamma,.” Olivia trying her best to be well behaved which wasn’t an easy task at the moment because all of her instincts were saying run, run for your life. This is your absolute last c
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Chapter 8 Become the Lady
As the years went by she settled into her life and did her best to do as her aunt and uncle instructed. Eventually they went to stay at her uncles mansion on the outskirts of Paris. Her days were filled with tutors and lessons. Etiquette, literature, art, riding, politics, theology as time went on Olivia became engrossed in it all. She loved to learn new things. Sculpting was like creating life itself. Only God could breath life into the images though. Her masterpiece was the image of aunt Brielle twin toddlers Camille and Claude. The beautifully happy childrens likeness reflecting the originals to a T. Monsieur Jean Pierre was a marvel in teaching the techniques to produce a masterpiece. He had also been commissioned to build Arc de Triomphe in honor of French Revolution that he worked on taking up most of his time. She would make little excursions to see how the majestic Arc de Triomphe was coming along. The tall stone arches were perfectly placed. The monument itself reaching re
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Chapter 9 Long Awaited
Six years passed and Olivia grew more and more beautiful by the year. She already had handsome men interested in her but she would not give them the time of day. She planned to go home before even thinking about marriage. She was in no hurry. “ The debut season is almost over and we will travel back to Scotland soon. “ Brielle told OliviaThe thought of it pleased her so much. Six years away from her father was far to long. She loved her aunt very much. She was blessed by the life she was able to live over the last six years. She was an accomplished painter and her riding had won her many competitions. She was educated in politics and literature. She could carry a conversation and was eloquent enough to charm everyone she came in contact with. . Though most people didn’t talk about things that really mattered. “How many more events will we attend before we leave? I love you and I am enjoying my debut season but I am ready to go see my father and Finely. “ Olivia told her anxiously.
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