Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

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Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

By: Summer Wine CompletedRomance

Language: English

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Adina Daugherty became pregnant after being framed and gave birth to quadruplets. Her younger sister stole two of those children to tie herself to the Winters family, while Adina faced death to escape with the other two children. Five years later, Adina returned triumphantly. Since her sister loved pretending to be pure despite her rotten heart, she would torment her. As for her other two children? She would snatch them back! Duke Winters pinned her against the bed and said, “Why don’t you steal me as well?”Adina sneered. “Dream on!”But right after saying it, she puked. “So… how many children this time?” Duke asked.


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Chapter 1
The night was as black as ink. A gut-wrenching scream came from the warehouse at the backyard of the Daugherty mansion. Adina Daugherty’s face was pale, and her cracked lips bloodless. She suffered a contraction, and blood gushed out of her private parts. She had just been pregnant for eight months, so why did she feel like she was about to give birth…Was she going into preterm labor?It was extremely dangerous to give birth when she was only pregnant for eight months…The moment that thought entered her mind, she didn’t waste a single second more and crawled to the door on all four, then slammed her fists against it. “Mr. Granger, I’m about to give birth. Please send me to the hospital. I’m begging you…”A man in his forties sat outside the door while smoking. “Miss Adina, you don’t even know who the father of your children is,” he said coldly. “Do you think the master and madam will send you to the hospital so that everyone could see how much of an embarrassment you
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Chapter 2
Adina drew a sharp breath from the pain. She looked down and lifted her blood-soaked dress. Then, she saw two babies. They were covered in blood, and they clenched their fists as they wailed. They were her children, twins. Before Adina could rejoice, they suddenly stopped crying. Their faces turned black and blue. “Don’t be scared. Mommy’s here…”Her heart clenched as she crawled over. She extended her hand toward her children to gather them up, but Dew stepped on the back of her hand. “You’re amazing, Adina. I can’t believe you gave birth to twins.”Dew stared at the children coldly. “But unfortunately, your b*stards didn’t get to live long. They only survived for a few seconds.”“Shut up! My babies aren’t dead!”Adina’s heart ached at the sight before her. She reached out once more to hug her babies, touch their faces, and pat their butts. But before she could touch their soft bodies, a maid walked over and grabbed the two children from the floor with an aloof expre
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Chapter 3
While lying on the blood-drenched floor, Adina did not even have the time to grieve for her twins since the pain of another contraction crashed into her. She was all too familiar with this pain by then. It had come right before she gave birth to the twins earlier. She touched her abdomen, but didn’t sense anything strange. Could it be… that she hadn’t yet given birth to all the children?Adina’s eyes went wide. She did not dare to delay anymore and pushed again, which made blood gush out of her body. Pain flooded her body, as if she was being torn apart, but determination kept her conscious. Otherwise, she would have fainted a long time ago. But Adina knew that she could not faint. If she did, her babies would die of asphyxiation. She bit the tip of her tongue and drew blood. That was the only way she could remain awake. “Waaaahhhh…”Faint cries rose in the air. Adina’s tears mixed with blood as they slid down her face.Her eyes lit up, and with great effort, she
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Chapter 4
Four years later…A fine-dressed man lunged at Adina and pinned her underneath him. He ripped her clothes off and touched every inch of her skin, but she did not have the strength to push him away.She tried to see his face, but it was hidden in fog and appeared blurry. She could only see a pair of eyes. The man’s gaze was as sharp as a hawk’s, and even if they were doing something only couples should do, there were no emotions in his eyes. It frightened her. Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat, and she opened her eyes. “Mommy, did you have a nightmare?” a soft voice asked from right next to her.It was only at that moment that Adina realized that she had fallen asleep in an airplane and dreamt about the night of her coming-of-age ceremony. Five years had passed since she was set up by Dew Daugherty back then. It was something from a long time ago that she had put behind her, so why did she dream of it?When Adina met her son’s clear eyes, she felt a little embarrassed
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Chapter 5
Harold was brought into a VIP room by the bodyguards. A man with an imposing presence sat on a couch there. He was dressed in a black suit, and looked at them with cold and grim eyes. Even if he said nothing, his air of superiority was enough to make everyone feel inferior. He cast his gaze on his four-year-old son. “Didn’t I tell you that you’re not allowed to leave without permission?”Harold straightened his back defiantly. “I just went out for a walk. Can’t I even do that?”“No.” Duke’s voice was cold, and whoever met his stare felt a chill crawl down their spines. He stood up and walked over to Harold. “Do you have any idea how many people are after you? Do you know what fate may befall you if you run out by yourself?”“No!” Harold turned his head to the side. He remembered the woman he met just now. Once he had her information, he would sneak out again…At that moment, the woman, who had also been sitting on the couch, stood up and walked over. “Don’t be angry, Du
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Chapter 6
The Xavier family’s mansion was in Lake Bay. The scenery around it was lovely, and it was a quiet place, typical of an area where the rich lived. The servants respectfully led Adina and her two children into the courtyard. “Addy, you’re finally back…”Mdm. Xavier had been waiting at the entrance for a long time. When she saw Adina walking over, she felt as if she was looking at her deceased daughter. Her pitiful daughter had lived a short life, and her pitiful granddaughter’s life was full of hardships…“Grandmother…”Adina rested her forehead on Mdm. Xavier’s shoulder and let herself feel a moment of peace. If she had to name one other person besides her children whom she loved, it would be her grandmother. She had lived in a small town abroad during the four years, and her grandmother had often sent people to persuade her to come back. However, Adina knew that most of the Xaviers would not welcome her, which was why she delayed her return repeatedly.“You must be A
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Chapter 7
“Grandmother, I came back to make a business deal with the Xavier family.”Adina opened her bag and took out a set of documents. She placed them on the table and said coolly, “I majored in computer science, and over the past few years, I did postgraduate studies in Harfard and developed a smart chip. It’s not sold in the market yet, and I’m currently searching for business partners. I hope that the Xavier Corporation may become one.”“Hmph. Adina, aren’t you tooting your own horn? Why should we work with you just because you asked us?” Sophia pouted in disdain. “The Xaviers own one of the top ten corporations in Sea City, and plenty of companies want to work with us, but we don’t even spare them a glance! So why should you be any different?”Mdm. Xavier was about to speak, but Richard interrupted her. He took a step forward and said, “Mom, Adina is my niece, and I pity her too, but we can’t do business with her just because we pity her. Right now, Xavier Corporation is trying to
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Chapter 8
Countless pairs of eyes trained on Sophia after her words. The sharpest stare came from Madam Xavier. There was a warning in her eyes, along with displeasure. If it were not for the fact that there were so many people around, Sophia had a feeling that her grandmother would have actually struck her with the cane. She gulped and took an indignant step back, which made her step on her son, and he started crying from the pain. Enraged, Sophia slapped him. “Why are you crying so much? What happened, are you mourning someone’s passing?”Leo Gardner, her six-year-old son, began to cry harder. “You’re horrible, Mommy! You’re a witch! I hate you the most!”Sophia was already in a bad mood, so when her son said that he hated her in public, she got so angry that she wanted to slap him again. The atmosphere in the living room became hostile from their actions. Madam Xavier’s expression turned dark, and she said, “Addy, once you sign the contract, come to my study room.”Adina nodded.
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Chapter 9
Boiling water flew at Sophia and splashed all over her chest. The water was so hot that she jumped, and her palm missed Melody’s face. “Who threw hot water at me?!”Sophia was fuming. When she looked down, she saw Alden holding an empty glass. The moment she saw him, she threw all caution to the wind and ran over to grab him by the collar. Then, she swung her hand at him. Adina grabbed her hand midwing, even if it felt as if her bone was about to be crushed. “Abusing my kids while I’m not around, Sophia? It’s been years since we last met, but you’re as uncivilized as ever.”Adina flung her hand away and bent down to hug Alden and Melody. Sophia was so angry that she felt as if she was about to combust. She pointed at Melody and roared, “Your daughter slapped my son! Either let me slap her, or do it yourself!”Adina looked over and saw the palm print on Leo’s face. But Melody never took the first step to hurt others. “Mommy, it’s not Mel’s fault,” Alden said. “Leo c
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Chapter 10
Adina went to Xavier Corporation to insert the chip she developed into the company’s products. This way, the data in the chip could be inserted into the programmes of the products. Adina and her children sat in the backseat of the car while waiting to arrive at their destination. “Alden, play with your sister in the waiting room later. Once I’m done, we’ll go back home together, okay?”Alden nodded. “I won’t let anyone hurt Mel, Mommy. Don’t worry. You can just go to work.”“Good boy.”Adina stroked his hair and kissed her daughter’s cheek. The girl’s pretty face was soft, just like cotton candy. Adina could not resist pinching it. “Mommy, why are you bullying Mel again?!” Alden quickly stopped her. Adina felt a little guilty. “Well… Mel is just too cute, you know? I couldn’t resist…”Suddenly, the car came to a screeching halt. The three people in the backseat were all thrown forward. There was a loud noise from the front of the car. “I’m sorry, Miss Adina. I seem
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