Magical World Winter

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Magical World Winter

By: OmnipotentDad OngoingSystem

Language: English

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A normal youth died saving his classmates, only to open his eyes to a strange, different world! Crey Estefanya, an orphan from his previous life looked at the vast world that looked like it's frozen in time, are there other people? wild beasts? animals? or even demons? How will he survive?


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5 chapters
Chapter 1: Strange White World
It was a normal day, the sun was up brightly, showering warmth unto the people of the world, or so it should've been. City Z, 24th district.Crey Estefanya, is a 19-year-old boy, an orphan that's living his life as much as he could, working and studying for a whole day just to get by.Crey Estefanya is currently weirded out as he's looking at a little girl in the middle of the road standing with her eyes closed."Y-yo, kid, why are you just standing there?" Crey waved at the child to go to him, but no matter how he called, the child is just there standing blankly.Meanwhile, all the nearby passersby looked at him before looking at the location where he was pointing, but as soon as they looked, they just shook their heads and went their way.Crey looked at his surroundings and was quite feeling strange, everyone is looking at him like he was a weirdo.'I-is that child a ghost or something?' He thought as he looked at the little girl.He was just about to ignore her as well and move on
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Chapter 2: First Day
Crey tried to calm himself as much as he could, digesting everything that he knows so far.But after calming for a while, he found himself confused once more, what is this world, what is that window earlier, giving him some sort of mission?He breathed a massive breath before shaking his head: "Let's survive first, think some more later!""What to do first..." As he spoke these words, the wind blew rather calmly, yet, coldness penetrated his skin."Fire, I need fire first." He immediately went outside to look at where the sun is at the moment, but to his surprise, it was blocked by the clouds in the sky, it was shining rather brightly if it could still penetrate the clouds and somewhat provide a decent source of light, but to think that it's this grave.Crey made some calculations, it's probably around two in the afternoon right now."T-two?" Crey couldn't help but open his eyes wide, the color of his face almost vanished as he looked around.It's about the peak of the day when the su
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Chapter 3: Strange Creature.
As Crey dealt with two more trees, he estimated that it'll be enough to last him for a whole night, or even two.After two more hours, it's almost completely dark, if Crey didn't have a good sense of direction, he would've already been lost.He had gathered 20 rocks the size of an adult man's head.After returning back to the cave, he gathered up all of the rocks to form some blocking, covering a quarter of the cave's entrance.Up next, he started stacking some smaller branches, he had thought of something, but the branches are too dry for it.Wheeesh~Soon, the wind blew inside the cave, and Crey immediately knew that it'd be really cold later on. He'd also need to prepare himself if the wind were to blow hard enough to kill the fire later on.Also, the smoke that will go out of the cave will potentially lead to some danger back to him.Sadly, he wouldn't be able to do anything much about it.Without much to do, Crey just sat in his cave.He decided to conserve his energy for the nig
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Chapter 4: A Useful Tool
Even with a fatigued body, Crey managed to stay awake for thirty more minutes, after feeling no more danger did he finally manage to sleep once more, this time, he didn't lit up the branches and just wrapped himself with branches and covered it with snow, it's somehow warm. With an exhausted body, Crey slept for a whole fifteen more hours. As soon as he woke up, Crey looked out and noticed something weird. He looked outside the cave and noticed that the sun is only about to set, or rather... Crey looked at his watch, it should be dawn already but... He looked at the position of the sun which is on the opposite side of where it was yesterday. With a confused look, Crey sat down and frowned. "If that's the case... the difference would be..." He started calculating and finally thought of something: "Could it be... that it's more than 48 hours a day?" Since he didn't know much of this world, he could only adjust. One thing is for sure though, if the time here is more than doubl
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Chapter 5: Strangers
Crey immediately took his dagger and walked out of his cave. Now that he had calmed down, he could feel the cold breeze, although tolerable, he definitely needed to make his coat as soon as possible. After reaching the first tree, Crey didn't wait and started chopping down on it. Chak! It was his first chop, but it immediately dealt with visible results. A smile couldn't help but appear on his face as he continued chopping down the tree. In just twenty strikes, he managed to create massive damage to the tree, halving it. The tree has the same size as his waist, still, chopping it brought joy to Crey. It was just yesterday that he couldn't do anything to a tree, but he actually chopped half of it in less than a minute. Crey continued chopping, and just another minute, when there was only a quarter of it left, the tree started trembling. Crey felt joy, but it only lasted for a few seconds as he saw the towering tree with the height of a five-story building falling down. "F*ck
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