Monster Slayer

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Monster Slayer

By: Pjjordan OngoingGames

Language: English

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The last thing I remember was waiting for my game to load so I could play the hot new online game that has everyone talking. Now that I’m awake, I see that it’s a whole new mysterious world filled with monsters and other creatures.


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2 chapters
I came to slowly with a groan and a pounding headache. My body felt as if it had been beaten and stuffed into another locker. I rolled onto my back, feeling disoriented. When the feeling settled, I began to wonder why my bed felt so hard, uneven, and itchy.When I open my eyes, I noticed a few things. I’m lying on the ground, even though it was daytime with not a single cloud in the sky. Which was odd for my town because this time of year was always rainy. There were also two moons in the sky and another planet?‘’Where was I?’’ I asked as if someone was going to give me all the answers.I blinked a few times, trying to fight off the disorientation.Shakily, I got to my feet and stumbled.Again, I noticed something that was very odd. I am taller, bulkier, and had long flowing blonde hair. I reached up with trembling hands to touch my face. I had pouty lips, a straight nose, and a strong jawline, and I could tell I was handsome. I even bet my eyes were blue like in those stereotypical
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Level 1
‘What is going on?!’ I thought to myself, trying to not panic.‘’Maybe I died or something,’’ I said aloud now.I’m surprised that I hadn’t passed out yet, because my epilepsy was brought on by anything that caused me a great deal of stress, and stressed out I was. I felt dazed as I span around and around, trying to find something that made sense.‘’Ok, what now? I have this stupid box!’’ I yelled, but I quickly shut up because I now hated the sound of my voice. It was rough, husky even, and would surely make women fall at my feet.As the words left my mouth, words floated before me. I stumbled back in shock before reading what they said.Congratulation! You have arrived, but will you be the hero to restore this place to what it once was?Yes………………………. No.‘’Hmm, I mean, I guess.’’More words appeared after.Race: HumanCurrent rank: Beginner.Progress: 0%Attributes: 0%Power: 20%Speed: 25%‘’Ok, so I’m a wimp. Nothing new.’’I hung my head.‘’Man, I should have never listened to Ad
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