My Bossy Maid

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My Bossy Maid

By: Delphic boo OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Courtney has been working as a maid to save up and accomplish her parents' dreams since the day she got her freedom. When she had lost all hope of getting another job, an opportunity came in, on a platter of gold. She jumped at it without even thinking twice. She's going to work for the famous cold CEO of Gleez's international company, Donald. Also she's known for her really bossy attitude. Will that work on the CEO for her?


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9 chapters
Beneath every tough surface is a wounded soul. I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing. I snoozed it and sat up on my bed fully awake, not that I slept deeply before. Who would by the way?? I sighed and stood up, heading to the bathroom. Today is my last day here, the contract I signed would be annulled and I don't have where after today, not even enough to stay on my own. My parents died eight years ago and I was abducted and abused by my parents' killer for five years till luck shone on me one night and I escaped. I began working as a maid so I can fend for myself and save up for college to achieve my dreams and bring her parents death to justice. I wore my uniform and went to the next compound where my boss lives. I opened the gate and took a look around, scrutinizing the environs. " Hurry she is around" my colleagues hurried about, performing their duties and keeping a safe distance from me. They're all scared of me especially after I taught one of them a
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Chapter 1
~ Donald ~ I woke up to sound of my phone ringing. The noise deafening. I groped around the bed for my phone and putting it to my ears. "Yes??" I said into the phone, my voice heavy with sleep. "It's your mother" the voice said calmly over the phone. "What?" I replied. "No greetings?" "Get straight to the point or I hang up" "Fine, I employed a maid for you to assist with your house cleaning" "I don't need one" I replied gruffly, annoyed with the fact that she dared employ one without my knowledge. You can say my mum and I don't have the best relationship. Well it's all her fault, if she hadn't disrupted my wedding, called my wife to be a fraudster and got her arrested, things would still be normal. It's nice to know that Clara was found guilty of whatever mum accused her of and she was given life imprisonment but mum shouldn't have disrupted the wedding that way! "Are you there?" She asked "I don't need a maid, I'm perfectly okay. I don't know w
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Chapter 2
~ Donald ~ I fixed bacon and eggs for breakfast to eat. I opened the door to leave for work only to find a young petite lady. Her long chestnut hair packed in a ponytail, she has green eyes and round face. I noticed how she looked at me with calculating eyes, giving me a quick once-over before meeting my gaze. When I saw she was through studying me, I asked the question that was at the tip of my tongue since I saw her. "Yes? Who are you?" I curled up my lips. "Your new maid" she said nonchalantly. Huh?? New maid?? I can't remember asking for one. I narrowed my eyes at her. "My name is Courtney and I was employed by your mother to be your maid" she introduced further, smiling. I stiffened when she mentioned my mother, I should have known she wouldn't listen to me "Get out" I said coolly. She raised an eyebrow and looked at me squarely in the eyes "Make me." WTH!!!!!!! She isn't even scared of me, doesn't she know who I am?? "
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Chapter 3
~ Donald ~ "What the actual fvck!" I swore under my breath in anger. "Didn't you say you're a maid?" I glared at the back of her head. I'm sure if looks could kill, she would be ten feets below the ground. "Doesn't mean I shouldn't relax a bit besides we both own the house. The only difference is you're the one paying the bills while I do the cleaning" she replied still without looking at me. "I'm your boss here so you should listen to me" I yelled "now clear the table" "Sorry boss, you gave the wrong order. Now why don't you take off your shoes, head to your room, remove your clothes and have a cold shower" she finally turned to me and gave me a glance before turning back to the TV. "Very good Counterknee" I replied "I want you out of my house this minute. Who do you think you are?" "It's actually Courtney" she corrected "and your maid" "Get out!" "Are you sure you want that? If I step a foot out of this house, I'm telling your mother how you claim you
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Chapter 4
~ Donald ~ Now I'm convinced that girl was sent by my mother, she isn't a maid as she claims to me. Flynn went home late last night so he wouldn't get scolded by his wife. My phone rang, I looked at the caller's ID and hit ignore. Seconds later, a message came in. " I love you too baby, you have no idea what your words mean to me. You should have told me instead of Courtney. love mum " I hit the reply button furiously " Okay ma'am, I don't know what you must have heard from your Ally. Just know it's quite the opposite. I don't love you and never will. It would be better if you tell her to leave my fvcking house " I replied and dressed up for the day's work in anger. My stomach rumbled in anger as I remembered last night. I had wanted to serve myself food when CounterKnee came over and said the food is solely for guests and since I'm not one, I have no right to eat it. I had no choice than to leave quietly in order not to cause a scene. I wore my socks and shoes, c
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Chapter 5
~ Flynn ~ "Did I tell you Eva?" I asked my wife as we sat across each other eating "Tell me what?" She replied with a mouthful. " Donald has a maid" I grinned "Tell me another joke" she said in a flippant manner. "Have I ever lied to you Eva?" I put a hand over my chest. "Yes" "When?" "Today, when I called at lunch, you told me you were eating the food I prepared for you but you were eating anothe instead" Ohgawd....why did you give me a witch as wife?? "How...di....did y-you know?" I stuttered "Call it a woman's sixth sense, especially a wife's" "Well believe me now, Donald has a maid and it was her food I was eating when you called" I felt pleased with myself to be the first telling her. "Can we visit this weekend?" Her eyes lit up. "Don't tell me you want to matchmake them." "No, I'm going to warn her to stay away from Donald so he doesn't hurt her and do exactly as he says. I hope she lives through till I get there" "I don't think s
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Chapter 6
~ Donald ~ I grumbled as made my way to my car. Personal and official phone. Hmph. I parked in the reserved place meant for me and entered the building. It's funny how I achieved things quickly after my ex left. "My office" I said to Flynn who was chatting away with the receptionist. The smile on his froze and he trailed slowly behind me. I opened my office and dropped the lunch bag on my table and loosened my tie a little. "Didn't I ask you not to eat the food yesterday?" I glowered at him. "I-I thought you wouldn't eat it and I don't want the food to waste" he looked at anywhere but me. I slumped down on my chair, swiveling it around as I pondered on if I should give in to her demands or not. Well I don't have a choice, do I? "I need phone" I said to Flynn "Don't you have one?" "Well did I say it's for me?" "You have a girlfriend?" His face brightened. "No, it's for CounterKnee" "Ohhh..." He looked at me, waiting for me to explain further.
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Chapter 7
~ Courtney ~ "Your mother said you need a wife so I brought these girl for you to choose from or you need more girls?" I queried and looked at me. He looked furious, seems I struck a nerve. "Report to her that I Donald Wilson would never accept anything from her definitely neither of these sluts. Tell her I said she's has no say over my life and if she keeps these up, she's going to cease being my mother" he fired at me and went to the kitchen angrily. I decided not to argue with him so I faced the ladies instead "Okay girls, our guy isn't interested. If he eventually picks any, I'll let you know" I saw them off and made to go to my room when I noticed the floor. I don't know where he got the dirts from within a short period of time and there was a lot of them on the floor, going from the kitchen to the hallway and to other bedrooms. He emerged from one of the rooms, still very angry. "If you had better things to do or a house to clean, you wouldn't follow her orders"
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Chapter 8
~ Courtney ~ "What condition?" I asked curiously "Never bring up my mother, never set me up with any girl and never ever ask me to take the trash out" "That's more than a condition" I raised a eyebrow. "Lastly" he continued, ignoring my remark "if you ever try what do did this night, I'm skinning you alive. Okay?" " Fine accepted" I rolled my eyes He shook my hands firmly and we both looked at each other sternly. "Cool CounterKnee, I mean Courtney" "Movies?" I asked He looked at me like I've grown two heads. "Just to seal our truce" I shrugged "go and prepare the living room, I'll make popcorns." I said and left before he could argue. ~ Donald ~ Why did she suddenly ask for a truce?? I hope she has nothing up her sleeve again though she sounded sincere. It'll take a lot of effort to call her Courtney instead of CounterKnee. We shook each other after the agreement. I was still thinking about her change when she suddenly suggested movies.
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